How to Clean an Optoma Projector?

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Yes, you can easily clean your Optoma projector at home. Blurriness in image and downfall in picture quality all happen because, for a long time, you can’t pay attention to cleaning the projector. 

The Optoma projector is fantastic and cheap hardware allows you to watch movies betters than a small-size TV, but it also wants regular maintenance and cleaning.

When the dust and dirt start living in your Optoma projector, the overheating starts with low picture quality, but don’t worry.

In today’s article, we are going to share the essential cleaning methods that an Optoma projector must require.  

  • Screwdriver 
  • Compress air duster 
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Old small brush 
  • Lens cleaning solution with a lint-free cloth (available in the camera store)

Why Cleaning is Important?

Every device needs cleaning and maintenance, especially the projector, because they gather dust and dirt. 

When dust builds up at the Optoma projector lens, the image quality gets low, and the projector may start flickering.

When dust is set up on the lamp, it causes the projector to overheat and destroy its lifespan. 

If you want to keep watching movies in the best-projected image with a long-life span, you must take proper care of the Optoma projector.

So, let’s start the cleaning steps, allowing you to clean your Optoma projector better.

Uncovering the Optoma Projector

Dust is always built inside the projector, not outside; you must uncover your Optoma projector cover. I know this may be hard for you but not more. Follow the steps to find it properly.

  • Unplug the Optoma projector, and allow them to cool (minimum for 30 min)
  • Uncover the lamp or LED 
  • Now place your Optoma projector upside down and loosen the lamp cover screw; sometimes, the screw is hidden under labels
  • Carefully discard the lamp or LED
  • Loosen the two screws of the lamp assembly
  • Instantly hold the metal piece and carefully take the lamp out

Note: if you feel the lid is not lifting, then use screwdrivers to rip it off.

  • After you remove the lamp, loosen the screw present at the bottom of the Optoma projector 
  • Now remove the screw at the backside
  • Now carefully open the cover by pulling the little plastic clip at the side of the projector. For this purpose, we use the screwdriver

After you follow these steps and remove all the screws, you will see the dust on the entire interior of the Optoma projector.

How to Clean the Interior of an Optoma Projector?

Now it’s the main work you have to do. To remove the first inside the projector, we will use an air compressor duster; this will help you clean the projector fast and without damaging the sensitive parts. 

Using an Air Compressor Duster 

After you open the Optoma projector cover, it’s time to use the air compressor duster. Follow these steps to use it. 

  • Hold the air compressor 2 to 3 inches away from the projector 
  • Now use the short air shot and kick off all the dust 
  • If somewhere the dust is remaining, use the nozzle to target it and remove all the dust 
  • If there is still dirt, use the microfiber cloth and remove it carefully
  • With the help of a moistened cloth, remove all the dust traces
  • With the same moistened cloth, remove all the first layers available on the cover; if you can’t, then when you reassemble it, the dust again falls on the projector’s interior
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How to Clean the Dust Filter of an Optoma Projector?

After you remove the interior dust, you must remove or clean the dust filter. The dust filter is an excellent feature in the Optoma projector; it is a piece of cloth that prevents the dust from coming in. from this, the dust can’t enter the projector interior and prevent the Optoma projector from overheating or starting flickering. 

According to Optoma, you must clean or replace the dust filter at least once every three months. If you use your Optoma projector in a dusty environment, do this often. 

Follow the steps if you want to remove the dust layer from the dust filter. 

  • Unhurriedly remove the dust cover present at the side of the Optoma projector, and pull it without damaging any part
  • Remove the layer of dust present on the dust filter; for this, use a small brush or vacuum cleaner if available. If the filter is full of heavy dust now, you have to replace it with a new one
  • Now place the filter in its place

How to Clean the Lens of the Optoma Projector?

Often, the picture gets blurry because scratches and fingerprints are available on the lens, which makes the projection worse. To get rid of this, follow the steps. 

  • Now take the lens out
  • Pour some drops of cleaning solution on the lint-free cloth
  • Wipe the cloth carefully in a circular motion on the lens
  • After you clean the interior, now reassemble the parts of the cover


  • Don’t touch the bare finger on the Optoma projector lens because the finger contains the oil which gets burned when the lens gets heated up. Fingerprints are the worst to remove from the lens. 
  • Please don’t use another cleaning solvent because they are strong and may damage the lens. Don’t use alcohol either on the projector lens.
  • And also, don’t use the paper towel or tissue because they have rough fiber which leaves scratches instead of removing them. 

Here is a helpful video showing how to clean a GT1080 Optoma projector lens:


Don’t clean your projector interior or lens daily; clean it when you feel the downfall in picture quality or after a month. 


  1. Can I clean my Optoma projector at home?

Yes, you can easily clean your Optoma projector at home 

  • What things do I need to clean the Optoma projector?

You don’t need something special to clean the Optoma projector. You just need a screwdriver, compress air duster, microfiber cloth, old small brush, and the lens cleaning solution with a lint-free cloth (available in a camera store).

  • Do I have to clean my Optoma projector?

Yes, you have to clean your Optoma projector; this will allow you to watch movies on the best display and increase the projector’s lifespan and lens. 

  • Can I use alcohol to clean my Optoma projector lens? 

No, you can’t use alcohol or alcohol-based cleaning agent for your Optoma projector lens. 

  • Why is my Optoma projector blurry at the bottom?

Because your projector lens is dirty a. lot of times, the bottom of the projector gets blurry because the lens is dirt, and you have to clean it. 


You can easily clean your Optoma projector without going to a projector shop and paying a high cost. All you need is small essentials which will help you in cleaning. 

Cleaning it regularly gives you the best viewing experience with an extended lamp and projector life.

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