DMD Chip for Optoma Projector 

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Yes, you can replace the old DMD chip from the Optoma projector.

White dots on display, the most annoying problem happens with the Optoma projector, but not more.

Today’s article will list the five best DMD chips for Optoma projectors with projector models. These chips will help you to get rid of white dots. 

Five best DMD Chips for Optoma Projector

Let’s start with the first DMD chip for an Optoma projector. 

1.    Voltaren – Optoma EP761 DMD Chip

This DMD chip is provided by a voltage company that works with a specific Optoma projector, EP761. 



Buy this chip and use it for 60 days. If you can’t satisfy, no problem, you can send it back to the company because the company provides you with a 60-day warranty and a 30-day back guarantee. 

New Chip:

Chips can’t be used before they are sent to you; the company sends you a fresh piece made in factories.

Compound Pad:

While buying this chip, you get a high-quality compound pad with the best picture quality. 


The company sends you a chip in a high-quality plastic bag, preventing the chip from scratching. 


  • Product dimensions: 5×5×1 inches 
  • Product weight: 2 ounces 
  • Compatible Optoma projector: EP761
  • Manufacturer: Vlotarea 


  • Protected bag 
  • Quality pads
  • Best mirror positioning 
  • Protected paper pasted


  • Work with a specific model

2.    4EVER – DMD Optoma H100

This DMD chip is compatible with the Optoma projector H100 and HD600X-LV models. This chip only works with a projector with a native resolution of 1280× 800 pixels. 



This chip is specially designed for replacement; you can use it to eliminate white spots. 


The company will send you the DMD chip in a smooth plastic bag, which ensures that the DMD chip will come scratch free and give you the best viewing experience.


The seller provides you 90-day trusted warranty and 3m days return promise; use this chip if you are not comfortable returning it. 

Work with specific:

This chip works with a particular projector with particular features. For example, it works with Optoma H100 or a projector with a native resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels or an aspect ratio of 16:10


  • Product dimensions: N/A 
  • Product Weight: N/A 
  • Compatible Optoma projector: H100
  • Manufacturer: 4EVER


  • Quality packaging 
  • Long warranty time 
  • You Also buy an old one 
  • Free Shipping


  • Work with specific features of an Optoma projector.

3.    Meprolight – DMD Optoma DLP Chip

This chip provides you with the best viewing experience with a trusted seller. While buying this, you can also subscribe to a 2-year protection plan. 


Chat Support:

The seller brand provides you best chat support which ensures to reply to you fast and solve your every problem.

No Risk:

While buying this, you have no risk because the seller provides a three-day warranty with a 30-back guarantee. 

Tested Before:

The manufacturer passes the chip from the test to ensure there is no white spot and that pixels are working well.

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No Scratches:

Manufacturers ensure that there is no scratch on the glass, which gives you low picture quality.  

2-Year Subscription:

The seller also provides you a 2-year protection subscription which claims that “0$ for repairing, you can claim the file online anytime which is accepted chiefly within a minute and many more “you can also check it on your own.


  • Product dimensions: 4.1×3.5×3.3 inch
  • Product weight: 3.2 ounces 
  • Compatible Optoma projector: not maintained. You can check it from chat support.
  • Manufacturer: Meprolight 


  • 2-year protection subscription 
  • Fully tested 
  • 100% 30 days money back guarantee
  • Not used before 


  • A compatible model is not mentioned

4.    Second – Multi Brand Compatible DMD Chip

This DMD chip is multi-brand compatible, especially with Optoma; it has impressive features, including trained chat support. 


Two Options:

Sellers provide you with two options for this DMD chip, one is used, and one is new. The cost is different, but the quality is not too different. 

Money Back Guarantee:

Sellers provide you with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which reduces the risk. It also provides you with 180 good day warranty. 

Truly Tested:

The seller satisfied you with the tested chip. The chip is tested before sending you and ensures there are no dead pixels. 

Fresh Piece:

Vendors promise to give you knew factory-tested components which have not been used before. 

Fully Working:

Before sending you, the manufacturer ensures that every part is doing its job.


You can check the compatible projector version on Amazon or confirm it from the seller. 


  • Product dimensions: 4.1×3.7×3.4 inch
  • Product weight: 2.39 ounces 
  • Compatible Optoma projector: not maintained. You can check it from chat support.
  • Manufacturer: Second 


  • Best In quality
  • Best pads
  • Best packaging
  • Satisfied review


  • No specific model described

5.    Visdia – Brand New DMD Chip

Sellers ensure to give you brand-new chips that provide the best viewing experience.


Two Options are Available:

Sellers provide you with two options, one new and another user. The used one is perfect in condition and ensures no scratch on the chip. You can also compare it on Amazon.  

Warranty Policy:

Sellers provide you with 180 days satisfied warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee because they sell all items alone, not by third parties. 

Thermal Pad: 

The manufacturer comes with new technology (thermal pad). The thermal place helps the picture to display more accurate and clearly.

Anti-Plastic Bag:

The chip comes with an environmentally friendly anti-plastic bag that ensures no scratch on the glass. 

A + DMD Chip:

The chip comes in new material, ensuring the best-projected image with no white spot. 


  • Product dimensions: 4.1×3.6×3.4 inch
  • Product weight: 0.634 ounces 
  • Compatible Optoma projector: not maintained. You can check it from chat support.
  • Manufacturer: Visdia 


  • Super quality DMD chip
  • New thermal pad technology
  • Eco friendly
  • No risk 


  • The model is not mentioned

Buying Guide – DMD Chip for Optoma Projector

Now let’s start with some essential points which help you buy the best DMD chip for your Optoma projector. 


But the chip should be delivered in proper packaging; if not, the DMD chip glass will face scratches.

Clear glass:

Make sure you buy the DMD chip with clear glass with 0 scratches because the scratch disturbs all the projected images, and using a projector gets worse. 

No dead pixel:

If your DMD chip has a dead pixel, immediately return it because one dead pixel disturbs the picture.

Used but good in quality:

A lot of the time, the seller offers you to buy the used one, but make sure that the used one is good in quality, the glass is crystal clear, and there is no white spot with 0 dead pixels. If there is anything mentioned above, don’t buy that DMD chip because these are the main feature of a DMD chip that you must consider while buying. 

Compatible projector:

Ensure that the DMD chip is compatible with your projector model because not every DMD chip is compatible with every projector model. To confirm the compatible projector model, contact the seller.


After extensive research, we found the best DMD chip for you, but today we can’t recommend one because every scrap is sound in quality. First, make sure that chip is compatible with your unit and buy it.

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