Bring Your Entertainment Anywhere: Can I Bring a Projector in my Carry On?

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If you wish to take your projector along on your next work trip, you probably have a good reason for carrying it. However, you must consider a few things to ensure your projector remains safe during travels.So, in this article, we will address one of the most frequently asked questions, can I bring a projector in my carry-on? If so, how to do it in a more effective manner that ensures your equipment doesn’t sustain any kind of damage.

Can I Bring a Projector in My Carry On?

Whether you’re traveling by air or road, there is a particular set of rules you must follow to ensure the safety of your belonging. In the case of air travel, some airlines might not even allow you to bring projectors in a carry-on.

As far as your question is concerned, the answer is yes. In the last decade, the size of a projector has decreased considerably. In addition, manufacturers enhanced the projector’s portability during the process, making traveling with a projector much easier.

There are few restrictions for taking along gadgets and electronic equipment when traveling. First, however, you must contemplate the risks and rewards of making this journey, which we will do below.

Things to Consider When Carrying a Projector in a Carry On

To give you a clear understanding of what you will be signing up for if you take a projector in your carry-on, we have mentioned the following points you must remember.

Cost of the projector

If you plan on carrying a professional-grade 4K projector that costs thousands of dollars, you must be very careful. This is because there are different variables of your luggage you cannot control when traveling by road or air.

If you decide to check your bags at the luggage portal when traveling by air, you will never know who will handle your bags. This increases the risk of your property getting damaged during transit. Many people check their strollers or car seats in the luggage to prevent the hassle. By the end of their journey, the property became so deformed that people had to lodge complaints with the airline.

So, that is a risk you might have to take if you must bring your projector along. However, keeping it in your hand-carry may prevent damage, but you cannot always be sure.

Size of the projector

The next thing that you must consider is the size of the projector. Remember, the only way you can keep a projector in your carry-on is when it is lightweight and portable. The journey will be challenging if it has a large size that will hardly fit in your suitcase or if it weighs a lot.

Here are some of our top choices for best portable projectors,

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BenQ GV30 Portable Smart Projector
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So, only decide to take a projector along if it has a compact size and it won’t weigh over your carrying capacity.

Checked Vs carry-on luggage

If you have decided that you’re going to bring your projector along, then you must evaluate all the luggage you’re going to carry. Compared to 90% of the things in your luggage, a projector will be the most fragile equipment. So, instead of putting it in your suitcase, you better adjust it in your hand-carry.

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Once you’re on the bus, store your projector either in the overhead luggage space or below your seat. This will ensure maximum security of your equipment and will be under your sight at all times.

Since you’re only allowed to bring one hand-carry on an airplane and even on a bus, you will also have to consider other things you want to take on the journey. There will not be a lot of space left in your carry-on. So, be considerate of your luggage and evaluate wisely.

Bringing anything else?

Are you going to bring anything else with the projector? Perhaps a screen? If so, you’ll make your journey all the more challenging. It is already difficult enough to carry a delicate projector. And if you have a screen, you will have to be more vigilant and spare a lot of free space.

We don’t suppose you can keep the screen and projector in the carry-on. So you will have to keep the screen in your suitcase. Also, airlines charge extra luggage. So you may want to check with them about the additional cost.

However, if you’re traveling by bus, there won’t be an additional charge.

Rent a projector instead

After reading all of these considerations, in case you have decided not to take your projector when traveling. Then maybe, you can try and rent it out. There are several rent-based projectors available that you can sign up for on Google.

Just do a quick search, and Google will present you with all the available options at your disposal. Choose the nearest rental, and you can return the projector before traveling home. This way, you can minimize the damage caused and won’t have to worry about traveling with a delicate device.

How can you secure your projector?

If you want to make sure that your projector doesn’t get damaged during your travel, then there is one thing you can do. Invest in a solid and reprehensible projector case.

Projector cases are just like your phone cases. They fit your projector like a glove and ensure its safety at all costs.

There are two types of projector cases available in the market. Either they are hard-shell cases or soft-shell cases. We recommend hard-shell cases for traveling purposes. They are solid, can be easily carried with the help of the handle and ensure maximum security.

In case you wondering what are some of the best hard and soft-shell cases, don’t worry, we have enlisted a few options below.

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Luxja Carrying Bag for DR.J Mini Projector
  • High Quality Fabric
  • Protective
  • Double Layer
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CASEMATIX Projector Travel Case
  • Hard Shell Protection
  • Shock Absorbing Form
  • Easy to Carry
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USA Gear Projector Case
  • High Quality Durable Exterior
  • Spacious Interior
  • External Zippered Pocket
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There are plenty of other options for projector cases as well that you will come across if you start researching. You should also consider following factors when buying a projector cases,

  • Should be waterproof
  • Durable and solid construction
  • Multi-layered foam interior with shock-absorbent exterior
  • Dustproof
  • Should offer snug fitting

So, this is how you can secure your projector in the most optimal way while traveling. Projector cases have varied costs and you can easily get one even under a tight budget.

Final thoughts,

So, this is everything we could gather regarding can I bring a projector in my carry-on. As you have read, carrying a projector in a hand-carry does have its risk factors. But it is also the safest option when traveling with a projector.

If you choose a to buy a projector case, you can surely minimize the chances of sustaining any damage to your equipment. Other than that, keep a close eye on your projector and make sure it is at your arm’s reach at all times.

Hopefully, this article has been worth your time and attention. If there is anything else you would like to add to this conversation, do leave us with your feedback below.

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