How to Connect an Optoma Projector to a TV?

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Suppose you want to connect your tv to an Optoma projector but don’t know how to join; no problem. We know how to connect.

For this process, we use two mediums; both have the same function, but one medium allows you to connect your Optoma projector to the tv wirelessly, and the second one allows you to connect it with wire (the name given in the guide). 

Today’s guide covers both mediums and their connecting processes. So, stay with us and know the connection process and medium. 

How to Connect Optoma Projector with TV?

Let’s dive into the steps and medium from which you can easily connect your Optoma projector to your tv without wasting time.

1.     Wired Connection

A wired connection allows you to connect your TV with an Optoma projector easily and provide real-life transmission. In a wired connection, we have the option of 2 cables. It’s your choice which you select.

2.     Via HDMI Cable 

HDMI is the most popular cable, widely used in every connection of media transfer; it is mainly used in projectors, laptops, and TV. HDMI cable is famous for its high transmission speed. HDMI port is readily available on every projector and TV panel. 

HDMI cable transfers both voice and image. You can use this cable to connect your Optoma projector to the TV easily and quickly. 

To connect your tv, follow these steps;

  • Turn off both devices 
  • Plug one end of the HDMI cable in tv port 
  • Plug another end of the HDMI cable into the projector HDMI port
  • Now turn on the tv and Optoma projector
  • Enjoy your favorite shows on the big screen

Note: If you need some big size HDMI cable to connect your tv with an Optoma projector from a long distance, we have got you this;

Possta – Signal Boost HDMI Cable 

The giant cable ensures the best signal transmission with a high conductor specification. The cable connector comes with 24k plated gold. 


 High-Speed HDMI: 

Possta cable comes with a 2.0v cable made with copper (oxygen-free). Copper is the best conductor for image and sound. Signal Transmitter is more stable and durable.

Signal Booster: 

The cable has a signal booster that supports 4k, 3D, and Ethernet channels. You can enjoy the 18 Gbps transfer speed, giving no transmission lag. 


Cable allows you to connect devices with every device. While using this cable, you can hook every device with a projector that supports HDMI. Some Compatible devices are: – 

  • Blue ready player
  • Tv
  • Projector
  • 3D tv and many more. 


Cable uses high-quality PVC material (CL3). The CL3-rated line is mainly made for wall installation. This material is also environmentally friendly. Wear-resisting material ensures a more secure connection in the process.

  • Product length: 75 feet.
  • Connector gender: male-to-male. 
  • Data transfer rate: 18 Gps 
  • Items weigh: 3.75 pounds


  • Gold plated connector
  • High-quality materials
  • 99.99% oxygen free
  • 1-year warranty


  • In the start, may they lag?

3.     Via Composite Cables 

Composite cables are widely used to connect DVDs, computers, TV, and projectors. Composite cables are not too compatible with new projector models, but still, some brands provide you the port of composite cable. If your tv and projector support composite cable, you can also connect these cables. Lines offer both voice and image.

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Follow these steps for connection;

  • Turn off both devices 
  • Plug the composite cable in tv port
  • Plug another end of the composite he rt 
  • Turn on both devices 

And now enjoy your movie. 

4.     Wireless Connection

In today’s modern world, most wired connections is converted into wireless. The same case with HDMI cable, a lot of companies offer you wireless HDMI kits; with the help of these kits, you can transmit signals from one room to another.

If your tv is placed in another room, no problem; you can set up your projector with the tv in a nearby room. 

5.     Via Wireless HDMI 

Follow these steps for connection;

  • Turn off both devices 
  • Connect HDMI transmitter with tv 
  • Connect HDMI receiver 
  • Turn on both devices 

And enjoy your movies.

Note: If you want to buy the wireless kit but don’t know which one, we have already found the best wireless HDMI kit. 

Bov Box – Wireless HDMI Kit

This wireless HDMI kit has up to 4 device connections with one receiver. Connecting is also strong, with a faster transfer speed 


High Quality:

This kit gives you 1080p high deficiency Resolution and also supports the 60 times per second update, which give you clear and smooth playback

Long-Distance Transmission:

The wireless kit comes with long-distance transmission ability to cover up to 200 meters easily in a Barrier-free environment. No cable is required for this purpose

Work with all HDMI Devices:

 Wireless video and audio transmitters work with all HDMI-supported devices. For example

  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • DVDs
  • Game console
  • DSLR camera

And many more devices.

Up to 4 Device Connections:

Wireless kits come with a minimum of four devices of connection. In every relationship, the coverage gets shorter 

  • For one device: 200 m 
  • For two devices: 60 m
  • For three devices: 30m 
  • For four devices: 20 m 
  • Package dimensions: 7.87 x 6.02 x 2.24 inches
  • Brand: Bov box
  • Coverage: 200m 
  • Items weight: 1.28 pound 


  • Low latency 
  • Dual feeler
  • Full GD support
  • Plug-and-play system 
  • IR transmission control 


  • Some people find up to 2 connections less efficient. 

The Best Setting to Use with a TV

After you connect your unit with tv, here are the best settings which give you a better viewing experience. 

1.     Focus Knob:

The focus knob is the best physical setting from which you can enjoy your movie much better. The focus knob is available on every Optoma projector; you can find it in the user manual. Rotate it till you get full focused projection. 

2.     Four-Corner Adjustment:

adjustment is a fantastic technology that allows you to adjust your screen from four sides without moving the projector, go to the picture option in settings. And change your picture. For this purpose, you can take help from YouTube. 

3.     Zoom Feature:

Zoom feature technology is now available in most Optoma projectors; it allows you to change the size of your projector screen without moving the projector; this is the best feature you can use while your Optoma projector is ceiling-mounted. 

To use this, rotate the zoom knob till you get your desired screen size.


  1. My tv did not connect to the Optoma projector. Why?

After following the steps listed in the guide but still getting no response, contact some expert or chat support.

  • How to connect the tv to the projector wirelessly?

You can wirelessly connect the tv to the projector through the HDMI wireless kit. 

  • Alternative cable for HDMI?

A composite cable is the best alternative for HDMI cable. 


To connect the Optoma projector to the tv, we have mainly three mediums, two mediums provide you wired connection, and number 3 gives you a wireless connection, with the recommendation of the best product. If you want to connect your tv to an Optoma projector, follow the guide. 

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