Optoma vs BenQ vs Epson Projectors – Who Wins? Find Here

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Although the market is full of thousands of projector brands, today we are reviewing the best of the best-renowned brands, i.e., Optoma, BenQ, and last but not least, Epson. For your ease, we selected the best three projector models from each of these brands; some are best for outdoor entertainment, some for home theatre, and some for offices. 

Before going further, first, have a look at these three brands:


Optima is an excellent and big brand; they cater projectors for Movie theatres, Supports Venues, Churches, and for businesses. Their features included interactive flat panels and a large LED all-in-one display. This brand has 3.2 stars based on 99 reviews. You don’t need to worry about security and customer support because Optima provides you data privacy policy and 24/7 support via chat or call.


People prefer BenQ projectors because they provide good Quality and polarize enjoyment. Their brand provides LCD monitors, LED lamps and Home projectors. Products are eco-friendly and have innovative technology. BenQ receives 3.1 stars on 1,252 reviews; they provide security through a data privacy policy, data security with WPA2-Enterprise and McAfee protection against malware. If we talk about their customer support, then BenQ offers 24/7 support via chat, call, and e-mail.


 Epson provides their customers many home, outdoor, and office gadgets. But if we are talking about projectors, then Epson mainly focuses on home theatre projectors. Comparatively, their prices are a bit higher than other brands. Customer support and security are both super good and satisfactory. All Epson projectors provide fantastic color, incredible detail, and reliability through its 3-chip LCD technology.

Now let’s get into the product-by-product comparison:

Optoma vs BenQ vs Epson Model’s Comparison

Best Optoma Models:

  1. Optoma UHD50X: Best for home theatre.
  2. Optoma GT1080HDR: Provide pure 3D content from almost any 3D source.
  3. Optoma UHD60: Best projector under 2000$.

Best BenQ Models:

  1. BenQ HT2050A: this projector is good but not as good as Epson or Optoma
  2. BenQ W1070: Good for home theatre
  3. BenQ TK800: High quality

Epson Best Models:

  1. Epson 2150: outstanding projector for home theatre
  2. Epson 5050UB: Amazing picture quality
  3. Epson 3800 4K: latest technology for 4K movie experience

Comparison Optoma GT1080HDR VS BenQ HT2050A V/S Epson 2150

FEATURESOptoma GT1080HDR                     BenQ HT2050A                      Epson 2150    
Brightness3,000 ANSI Lumens                         2,200 ANSI Lumens                2,500 ANSI Lumens
Aspect Ratio16:9 (HD)  16:9 (HD)  16:9 (HD)  
3D ModesFull HD 3DFull HD 3DFull HD 3D
Lamp Life5,000 hours                                                                                               3,500 hours4,000 hours
Display Type2 cm DLP x 1                                                                            DLP x 13LCD Chips
  • Optoma GT1080HDR: Optoma is such an impressive projector; it provides excellent color accuracy, flexible instalment, Contrast ratio and higher lumens.
  • BenQ HT2050A: BenQ provides incredible 4K UHD resolution, 100% DCI-P3, which is best for the home theatre experience.
  • Epson 2150: The fantastic thing about this projector is that they provide incredible clear and bright image compared to to the other projectors.

The overall Winner is: BenQ HT2050A (it’s affordable and provides excellent features at that price)

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Overall Comparison Between The Brands

Here we will make the overall comparison of some more points between Optoma, BenQ, and Epson!

Material and Quality

When it comes to quality and material, then all these three brands have something great to offer:

  • Optoma:

Optoma focuses on providing their customers a high-end quality and functions. It ensures you can experience the most excellent and unmatched image quality. But it can’t focus on user-friendly setup and projector design.

  • BenQ:

BenQ focuses on eco-friendly and go-green materials. Production Information Control System or PICS, BenQ assures that they provide their customers with a superb quality through their products.

  • Epson:

Epson projectors have outstanding metal body it focuses more on outer designs, that’s why their projectors fit anywhere in your living area and external environment.

The overall Winner is: BenQ as it focuses more on material and quality.

Customer Support

  • Optoma:

You probably experienced excellent customer support from Optoma, they have a great staff that calmly understand the problem of their customer, but its doesn’t mean that it’s 100% great. Some persons experience poor service from the staff.

  • BenQ:

 Overall, BenQ doesn’t have as excellent customer support as Optoma. People experience poor unresponsive service while dealing with the issue with their projector. Customer reviews that they wait a long time to contact their staff or agent. Sometimes people have a warranty on the top of their product, but they can’t avail of it due to poor customer support some have wonderful experiences with their product repair.

  • Epson:

Epson customer support is also pathetic. People sometimess receive the broken products but can’t replace them due to inadequate customer support. 

The Winer is: Optoma. It’s a challenging game because BenQ has overall excellent quality and material, but its customer service is poor.


These three brands provide dependable security to their customers. According to these brands ,your permission is the priority. No one can easily use your data. That’s how your information is safe ans secure.

  • Optoma:

Optoma respects the privacy of their customers; their privacy policy outline is to protect any personal data that they receive from you or you provide to them is protected. Optoma also changes the privacy policy from time to time; after every change, they mention them on their website.

  • BenQ:

BenQ scan and block malicious websites through their mobile security, which comes with McAfee protection against malware. BenQ also scans unsecured WiFi connections; you can easily secure your data through WiFi network when you set up WPA2-Enterprise. You can configure your device’s identity, connection security, and encryption of data through because its display also comes with Certificate Authority (CA) certificates

  • Epson:

Epson is conscious of the security of their customers that they secure the projector through password system, which can help prevent the projector from being turned on and control changes to startup screens and other settings. Through button lock security, you can block the operations of the projector.

The Winer is: BenQ. Once again, BenQ edges out Epson and Optoma in this round. As BenQ generally provides more than what it promises.

Frequetly Asked Questions

1: Which one provides better Quality for the projector, Optoma, BenQ, or Epson?

Personally, BenQ and Epson are the top priority; another decision depends on you.

2: Is there a projector from Optoma, BenQ or Epson that produces less voice?

All projectors produce voice; there is no such silent projector exit, but these brands offer some models that make less voice, those are Epson 2150, UHD60 etc.

3: Which brand is cheaper?

BenQ offers excellent quality at less price compared to Optoma and Epson.

4: Which brand is suitable for portable projectors?

Epson focuses more on looks and portability than Optoma and BenQ.                  


In this article, we compared top brands like Optoma, BenQ, and Epson; all these brands offer great projectors, but which brand is bests of all? Well, after completing our comparison, we finalized that the is BenQ. It’s comparatively cheap, has higher brightness, offers outstanding lamp life and ,last but not least provides better services than the other two brands.

Stay healthy, stay strong.

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