Optoma vs Sony Projector – Who Wins the Game!

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Optoma vs Sony projectors are both famous brand in the projector world. Sony is not too famous compared to Optoma especially in US according to google trends .


Both companies offer top quality projectors. They are often seen battling in the ‘Who-Wins’ arena on YouTube.


In today’s article we’re going a bit off-road. We will be discussing both the companies along with their projector too.

This guide will help you to make the best buying decision. So, let’s start with our detailed comparison.

Our today’s comparison is based on;

  • Quality
  • Material
  • Features 
  • User review 
  • Customer service

These are the key point which help you to find out which is the best for you.

The Comparison Charts – Optoma vs. Sony!

MaterialMostly in plasticMostly in plastic
FeaturesGood color, best gaming, quiet fanGamma adjustment, brighter Era
User reviewSatisfied but can’t with rainbow effectSatisfied but can’t with low lumens
Customer serviceNot too goodNot too good

Little About Both the Companies

Before we move to the comparison, let’s have an overview of both the companies and their image in the market.


Sony was established in 1946 and represented him globally in 1960 according to Sony.com.hk, Sony is a Japanese brand which sells their products worldwide.

Sony market image:

If you want to buy the least expensive and good quality projector then Sony is the best brand for you 


Optoma is a US based brand who has been struggling to maintain their position in the projector market since 1992, they launched their brand globally in 2002 and sell their products to all the world.

Optoma market image: 

Loved by people who love brand name with best quality projector 

Comparison Sony vs. Optoma

Now it’s time to start the comparison of both the brands’ projectors to see who is the winner.

Quality, Feature and Materials

Quality, features and material of the projector is the main pillar to compare with others and make good buyer decisions because these are the main points where the projector stands in marker, so let’s start with these points. 


  1. Light source:

Light source is an important point to discuss, Optoma provide different type of light source in projector for example 

  • Laser 
  • Lamp 
  • LED 

The LED technology allows you to use the projector for a long time and also in less energy consumption.

  • Brightness:

If your projector has less brightness then the light in your room, no chance to enjoy your movie, brightness is a key point which allow you to watch movie on heavy light environment.

In this case Optoma is so fast, this company give you chance to enjoy your movie with 10 thousand lumens, most of their model has brightness more than 7 thousand lumens.

  • Color match:

Good projector always nominated with its display color, cause main motive of projector is to give you best display.

In this point Optoma is on top because it provides you true 4K of resolution which 4 time best then native 1080p resolution.

  • Material and out design:

Most of the time you see the Optoma projector in a plastic body with a metal panel, both materials are easy to clean and maintain. Help your projector to look good.

  • Portability:

due to the plastic case and lightweight Optoma projector is highly portable, also some of their features are also built for outdoor use. 

  • Input source:
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Optoma very latest projector allow you to connect every device with them and enjoy movie, it provides you dual HDMI, USB, VGA, and 12v trigger

  • Reliable:

Optoma is also a reliable brand on which you can trust, their product runs for a long time if you maintain them.


  1. Light source:

Sony projector also gives you light source in LED, laser (famous), lamp. These light sources provide you high quality, especially laser 

  • Brightness 

Brightness is an important point to discuss, if the projector has less brightness you can’t use them every time especially in heavy lit places. Sony top models are too low in this case, they provide you so less brightness than Optoma projector

  • Color match:

Sony projector gives you true 4K resolution and HDR dynamic and high color contrast which provide you super sharp image with best clarity 

It also provides you with a 4K gaming experience which is best. 

  • Material and out design:

Like Optoma some projector also come in a plastic body mostly because it is easy to maintain and clean, maintaining and cleaning allow your projector to live a long life. 

  • Portability:

Sony gives you a good portability option, there are fewer options available for outdoor use which is the size of your pocket, you can take it everywhere.

  • Input source:

Sony projector provides you with every input source which allows you to watch every movie on Sony’s expensive projector. It allows you to connect devices with them through:

  • USB 
  • HDMI
  • VGA 

But in their some top models they can’t allow you to connect the devices wirelessly, for this problem we have solution, HDMI wireless kit 

Bov box- wireless HDMI kit

This wireless HDMI kit has up to 4 device connections with one receiver. Connecting is also strong with faster transfer speed 


High quality:

This kit gives you 1080p high deficiency Resolution also supports the 60 time per second update which give you clear and smooth playback

Long distance transmission:

Wireless kit comes with long distance transmission ability cover up to 200 meters easily in Barrie free environment no cable is required for this purpose

Work with all HDMI device:

 Wireless video and audio transmitters work with all HDMI supported device for example

  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • DVDs
  • Game console
  • DSLR camera

And may more devices.

Up to 4 device connection:

Wireless kit cone with minimum 4 devices of connection. In every connection the coverage gets shorter 

  • For 1 device= 200 m 
  • For 2 device= 60 m
  • For 3 devices= 30m 
  • For 4 device= 20 m 


  • Package dimensions: 7.87 x 6.02 x 2.24 inches
  • Brand: Bov box
  • Coverage: 200m 
  • Items weight: 1.28 pound 


  • Low latency 
  • Dual antenna
  • Full GD support
  • Plug and play system 
  • IR transmission control 


  • Some people find up to 2 connections less efficient. 

User Review

User review is important to know about any company. 


Many users are happy with Optoma projectors; however, a substantial range of people believe the devices are overrated.

One positive reviewer was affected by the color and distinction of those machines. The user was happy his projector worked well in twilight lighting.

Clients additionally appreciated that the projectors don’t frustrate once it involves recreation which it’s fairly straightforward and less pricey to interchange the projector bulb. different execs embrace nice HD quality, long lamp life, and a quiet fan that doesn’t emit irritating sounds.

Some of the negative user reviews of this projector completely embrace the dearth of lens position adjustment and an apparent rainbow result.


On average the user of Sony projector is happy with company, although the price is much higher than other 

The brightness is the downfall of projector because their top models give you brightness less than 2500 lumens. 


Both companies are at top offering one of the best projector models. Both have their own pros and cons. But if you want to buy a high-priced projector with less brightness then buy Sony. And if you want to buy projector with good brand name and is budget friendly then Optoma is the best choice. 

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