Optoma vs Viewsonic Projector

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Optoma and view sonic is the top leading brand of projectors in today’s market and both have amazing features and come with their own pros and cons. 

In today’s article we will discuss all the features and cons of both projectors which help you to make the best buying decision.

Our today’s comparison is based on these points;

  • Quality 
  • Material 
  • Features 
  • User reviews 
  • Customers service 

These are the main point which help you to do the best comparison.

Here are the main comparison chart highlights for you:

Customer reviewNot too goodGood support
MaterialMostly in plasticMix material
User reviewSatisfied but can’t with rainbow effectSatisfied but can’t with focus out.
FeaturesGreat color, best gaming, quiet fanGood media quality, affordable, long lamp life

Little About Both the Brand 


Optoma is a US based brand who has been struggling to maintain their position in the projector market since 1992, they launched their brand globally in 2002 and sell their products to all the world.

Optoma Market Image: 

Loved by people who love brand name with best quality projector 


Viewsonic is also a US based brand who is also struggling since 1987 and also maintains their position in the best ways. This brand also delivers their product to the whole world.

Viewsonic Market Image: 

Loved by people who wish for a quality projector at affordable cost.


Now it’s time to start the comparison of both brands and try to see who is the winner.

Let’s start with each point 

Quality, Feature and Materials

Quality, features and material of the projector is the main pillar to compare with others and make good buyer decisions because these are the main points where the projector stands in marker, so let’s start with these points. 


  1. Light source: 

Light source is an important point to discuss, Optoma provide different type of light source in projector for example 

  • Laser 
  • Lamp 
  • LED 

The LED technology allows you to use the projector for a long time and also in less energy consumption.

  • Brightness:

If your projector has less brightness then the light in your room, no chance to enjoy your movie, brightness is a key point which allow you to watch movie on heavy light environment 

In this case Optoma is so fast, this company give you chance to enjoy your movie with 10 thousand lumens, most of their model has brightness more than 7 thousand lumens 

  • Color match:

Good projector always nominated with its display color, cause main motive of projector is to give you best display

In this point Optoma is on top because it provides you true 4K of resolution which 4 time best then native 1080p resolution 

  • Material and out design:

Most of the time you see the Optoma projector in a plastic body with a metal panel, both materials are easy to clean and maintain. Help your projector to look good.

  • Portability:

due to the plastic case and lightweight Optoma projector is highly portable, also some of their features are also built for outdoor use. 

  • Input source:

Optoma every latest projector allows you to connect every device with them and enjoy movie, it provides you dual HDMI, USB, VGA, and 12v trigger

  • Reliable:
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Optoma is also a reliable brand on which you can trust, their product runs for a long time if you maintain them.


Viewsonic is also a trusted and leading brand, let’s discuss it.

  1. Light source:

Same like Optoma view sonic also make the LED, laser, and lamp projector which give you best viewing experience

Viewsonic also provides you laser LED hybrid technology, which is an ecofriendly and energy saving option for you. You can use it and save you energy, 

  • Brightness:

Viewsonic also have bight lenses but not too bright then Optoma, they main focus on other feature, their top model also has less brightness than Optoma top models 

  • Color match:

Viewsonic is known for gig high color contrast, they deliver you a DLP projected image which is super crisp and sharp. 

From this technology you watch movies at every time, day or night. The gray scale makes more accuracy in image 

  • Material and out design:

Same like Optoma Viewsonic provide you plastic body which easy to maintain and clean. 

  • Portability:

Viewsonic mostly develop palm size of mini projector which is used everywhere, these are mostly designed for outdoor as because they also give you batteries backup. Some mini portable projector come with metal which is crack resistance. 

  • Input source:

You can use every media and device with Viewsonic projector, possible every device, it provides you AV HDMI, HDMI, VGA S-video and RCA Composite video connectors in every projector model. It also allows you to connect your device with them wirelessly, Bluetooth. 

  • Reliable:

The projector brand is lot reliable and trusted; you have any problem you can easily contact with their professional chat support which try to resolve all your problem.

User Review

User review is one the most important point from which you can’t know about the company and particular model.

Optoma user review:

Many users are happy with Optoma projectors; however, a substantial range of people believe the devices are overrated.

One positive reviewer was affected with the color and distinction of those machines. The user was happy his projector worked well in twilight lighting.

Clients additionally appreciated that the projectors don’t frustrate once it involves recreation which it’s fairly straightforward and fewer pricey to interchange the projector bulb. different execs embrace nice HD quality, long lamp life, and a quiet fan that doesn’t emit irritating sounds.

Some of the negative user reviews of this projector complete embrace the dearth of lens position adjustment and an apparent rainbow result.

Viewsonic user review:

ViewSonic projectors looked as if it would score quite well in most aspects. Long battery life, a formidable image and video quality, and audio-keystone adjustment ar a number of their most praised options.

One reviewer confessed that she likes her projector higher than her TV owing to its quality, clarity, and easy-to-use device.

Many also are proud of the devices’ affordability, sleek style, and spectacular sound quality.

However, a number of their projectors don’t seem to be while not fault.

There are some discontent users who’ve claimed the projectors usually fall out of focus. Also, one should be positioned ahead of the projector to use the device.

Customer Support

If you have any problem customer support is available for you in every company let’s, see, is it available in these 


Optoma, provide you chat support option which is not active very much, they are not too professional 


Viewsonic provide you professional and active chat support which help you in every problem, just message them and get your answer.


After extensive point comparisons we came to the point that both are the top-notch companies, both have their own pros and cons; not too much differences to be found.

If you love brand name with high cost then choose Optoma obviously for getting quality projector. And if you love quality with best budget then choose Viewsonic.

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