Optoma Projector – How to Connect to Laptop?

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Connecting a laptop with an optimal projector may be tricky for you because, for connection, you need proper guidance and equipment.

No more worries about guidance and equipment for connection because in today’s article, we cover all the steps and methods from which you can connect your laptop with an Optoma projector. 

Mainly, there are two methods for connection:

  • Through wire 
  • Wirelessly 

We cover both methods and equipment which you need for connection.  There are different methods for mac and window laptops in wired connection. We also discuss both.

If you have old model of Optoma projector and want to come t with laptop no problem we have the solution

Don’t jump like a rabbit from one part to another. Read the article carefully for the best connection.

Wired Connection

So, let’s start with wired connection which also allows you to connect your old model optimal projector with a laptop. In wired connection there is 2 main option you can select 

  •  From HDMI cable 
  • From VGA cable (for old model projector)

1.     HDMI Connection:

HDMI cable is the most famous cable for connection. You can connect your laptop with an Optoma projector via this cable. Follow these steps for best connection 

Note: before buying HDMI cable make sure which HDMI size is supported by your laptop and projector e.g., mini size micro size or standard size.

Step 1:

Press the power button of both laptop and Optoma projector, weight till the laptop and projector shut down totally.

Step 2:

Plug the one end of HDMI cable in your Optoma projector.

Note: when you plug the HDMI in projector port don’t insert force on it, if port can’t fit in port change the side of cable.

Step 3:

Now plug the other side of the cable into the laptop ‘s HDMI port, be careful while inserting if the blades of the HDMI get bent, and the line is not more helpful.

Step 4:

Now press the power button of the optimal projector and wait till the lamp/LED gets warm up and the projector starts displaying the picture. 

Step 5:

Now use the remote and press the source option on the projected picture, select the HDMI source. 

Step 6:

Now press the power button of your laptop and wait until it turns on completely. 

Note: If your projector can’t project anything don’t worry there is mainly 2 cases:

  • HDMI 
  • Keyboard 


If your projector supports dual HDMI then select the HDMI 2 from source option 


If it can’t be projected yet, press FN key with F if still can’t press CRT with F, most of the time every laptop has their own keyboard combination.

2.     VGA Connection

If you have any old laptop which can’t support HDMI, use the VGA cable. Follow these steps for connection.

This method is used for window laptop, for mac laptop follow guide 2.

Guide 1 – For Window Laptops

Step 1:

Press the power button and turn off both laptop and projector. 

Step 2:

Connect one end of VGA with laptop VGA port. If there is a screw port, tighten the screw until it gets tight. 

Step 3:

Now connect VGA cable with Optoma projector and if there are screw holes tight it well and turn on the projector. 

Step 4: 

Now turn on the laptop and press window + p after this function and menu pop pop  . select how to use the connected laptop.

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Step 5:

  • Now click on the computers only 
  • Clock the extends from this primary display start work
  • Click duplicate 
  • Now click projector only 

from this method your laptop starts projection properly. 

Guide 2For Mac Laptops

Follow these steps to connect your mac laptop with Optoma projector. 

Step 1:

Turn off your laptop and projector. 

Step 2:

Pin the small end of your adapter on mac laptop carefully.

Step 3:

Pin the other end of the VGA cable in VGA port of Optoma projector.

Step 4:

Now turn on the projector.

Step 5: 

Now wait until the lamp gets warm, if the connection is not established press the source button till it recognizes the laptop. 

Step 6: 

Click on the apple icon in top left and select the system preferences.

Step 7:

Select the display and then hardware.

Step 8:

Now select the detect display.

Wireless Connection

Wireless connection is an easy go-to with multiple features option. In this method there is most popular and easy device take place which is wireless HDMI.

Wireless HDMI helps you to connect your laptop with an Optoma projector, even every projector. This method is so easy and quick, transmitting both video and audio signals.

The HDMI Connection

To connect wireless HDMI with a laptop, follow this method. 

Step 1:

Turn off both Projector and laptop.

Step 2: 

Connect one receiver with projector and connect the power adapter with receiver and plug the adapter in power inlet.

Note: some of the wireless HDMI kits come with a battery back pack you need to just charge it. 

Step 3:

Now plug another transmitter into the laptop HDMI port. 

Step 4:

Turn on the projector and wait till the lamp gets warm and start projection. 

Step 5:

Now select the HDMI source in source option from the remote and enjoy your movie on the Optoma projector. 

Now in this stage I have found the best HDMI wireless transmitter for you, don’t waste your time just buy if you select wireless HDMI as connection method 

YAOMAI – Wireless HDMI Transmitter

This device gives you Wi-Fi transmission technology which gives you point to point connection between transmitter and receiver. 



This device gives you uncompressed video 4k quality. Stream video is almost real time. Device gives you better output from the 1080p resolution kit.

Multi Connection:

This kit gives you 8 connections with one transmitter. This is best for business meetings. Multiple devices option allows you to use it everywhere in house 

Plug n Play:

You don’t need any type of driver software to connect using this kit. Just connect the transmitter with the main device and receiver with other devices and enjoy.

Nano Card:

If you have a Huawei phone then this nano card is the best solution for you to transfer file, pictures without any hiccups.


  • Package dimensions: ‎3.9 x 2.3 x 1.2 inches
  • Video support: 4k HD
  • Coverage: 50 m 
  • Items weight: 1.52 pounds


  • Connect with every device
  • Easy installation
  • 4K ultra-HD resolution
  • No lacking video 


  • Nano card don’t work in some models of Huawei phone


1: What is the main method to connect your laptop with Optoma projector?

The main method to connect are: via HDMI, VGA cable, wireless HDMI transmitter.

2: What is the easy way to connect your laptop with Optoma projector?

The easiest way for connection is wireless HDMI. 

3: What is the cheap way to connect your laptop with Optoma projector? 

The cheap way for connection is HDMI short length cable.


In last choice is your but my recommendation is to select a Wireless HDMI because it gives relief to your mind, no complicated installation, fast and high-resolution transmission, deliver both video and audio and many more.

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