How to Watch 3D Movies on Optoma Projector?

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I know you are a lover of 3D movies— that’s why you spend hundreds of dollars on theatre tickets.

Not you! Lots of people spend hundreds of dollars— yes, hundreds of dollars.

So, basically what you want is to cut that money and still enjoy premium 3D movies that too from the comfort of your home? Not a big deal man!

But wait! How to watch 3D movies at home? Optoma 3D projector— yes!

Thanks to Optoma it provides us with an amazing 3D content feature! 

I know you are thinking, how to watch premium 3D movies on your Optoma projector? Well, we know!

Here is the full fill guide to you! 

Now you need to set up your Optoma projector for displaying 3D content. Let’s dive in!

Setting Up the Process…

Watching 3D movies at home is a life changing experience! Lot of the time you see your favourite celebrities, rich friends and famous bloggers chilling and enjoying 3D movies in the home theatre!

They don’t use some heavy cost projector that you can’t afford— you can afford everything to watch 3D movies!

Are you ready to know, I think you are!

If you want to enjoy the 3D experience! Normal home equipment can’t work anymore!

Now! In this time, you need to do one time investment and enjoy it more than investment. This one-time investment saves your bank account.

The things in which you have to invest are:

  • Optoma 3D projector 
  • 3D player 
  • 3D content 
  • An HDMI 

Let’s Combine Everything!

Now let’s start with steps to help you enjoy your 3D movie at home! These points are not long to read for better results.

  1. Plug the projector power cord in power inlet 
  2. Put the 3D source near your projector 
  3. Plug the HDMI in projector HDMI port 
  4. Now it’s time to plug and another end of HDMI in 3D source 
  5. Turn on the 3D source 
  6. Turn on Optoma 3D projector

Congratulations 🎉 you are just few steps away from watching 3D movie! It’s easy don’t feel tired. You are fresh man! 

  • Now pay your attention toward projector screen and go on menu 
  • Choose the display option 
  • Now it’s time to scroll it like FB and find 3D option (find it like your best friend id)
  • Now! Change DLP link setting in case you are using Optoma DLP 3D glasses 


If you are using an RF Optoma projector then change the setting to VESA.

Now here is the last step you should take!

  1. Now it’s time to connect your emitter!

So now, take the large end of sync cable and carefully plug it on the back of your Optoma projector 

  1. Last step, take smaller end of cable and plug it into emitter


If your emitter is blinking blue light mean your 3D option is off go back read guide again, and follow steps

If your emitter blue light gets solid meaning no blinking means your 3D option is on. 

Now you set up everything, it’s time to move on Optoma 3D glasses!

Optoma 3D Glasses

To turn your 3D glasses simply do this:

For DLP:

  • Press the power button of glasses in the middle

For RF:

  • Simply press the on and off button 

Caution: I know you are thinking can I use regular cardboard and cereal box red and blue glasses.

The answer is no, do one time investment and buy Optoma 3D glasses and enjoy 3D movies forever. 

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If you don’t buy the glasses, there’s no problem!

After extensive research I brought to you the best 3D DLP glasses for you.

BOBLOV – 3D Active Shutter Glasses 

These glasses are based on modern technology and allow you to recharge the glasses in less time and use it for a long time. 



Glasses work with DLP link projector and provide you amazing 3D view, glasses work 


Optoma/BenQ/Acer/Vivitek/Panasonic/Dell/Optoma /LG/Samsung/Mitsubishi dlp-link projectors but these glasses can’t work via popular brand Epson and soni also d9nt work with TV. 

New Technology:

Glasses come with new technology which deliver you the fastest refresh rate with high deficiency and allow you to watch movies in real time 3D, new shutter technology delivers a great 3D mode. 

Eye Rotation:

If you are not viewing in 3D mode no worry, just give a single click to the power button and flip the left and right eye view for synchronization and enjoy your move now without using DLP projector settings. 

Long Battery Life:

If you change your glasses, full glasses allow you to watch movies for 45 hours, you can charge glasses with their own lead, just connect lead with any adapter and charge your glasses. 

Note: if you want to confirm your probe for a model, simply go on Amazon and check your model. 


  • Working hours: 45 
  • Battery included: Yes 
  • Pack of: 2 


  • Long battery life 
  • Light Wei
  • Fast refresh rate 
  • Work with all DLP projector 


  • Don’t work with TV.

After you do all these simple steps I have a recommendation for you, take a bowl of popcorn and start watching Wakanda forever 😉


1. Can I connect my Optoma projector with my laptop?

Yes, you can, mainly there are 2 methods from which you can connect.

  • Wired Connection:

In wired connection you need an HDMI cable to connect or you can also use VGA cable if your laptop can’t support HDMI 

  • Wireless Connection:

In wireless connection we have a wireless HDMI kit which provides you the best signal transmission of both audio and video. 

2. Can I use a simple player instead of a 3D player?

No, you can’t. Buy 3D compatible player which provide you 3D premium movie. Yes, a normal player works but it does not work like a 3D player. Also, the graphics look so ugly. 

3. How do I connect my laptop with an Optoma projector at a cheap cost?

You can connect you Optoma projector with laptop in cheap cost through HDMI cable, 

Buy and cable and follow these steps.

  • Shut down both devices properly
  • Insert one end of HDMI in projector HDMI port 
  • Now insert another end of HDMI cable in laptop HDMI port 
  • Now turn on projector 
  • From remote select the source option and select HDMI as input 
  • Now turn on your laptop
  • If it can’t project laptop screen, press fn key with F and enjoy your movie from laptop 

Note:  while inserting HDMI in the HDMI port, you can’t insert a lot of force on it because if HDMI blades get bent the cables are not more useful. 

  • Can I use simple cloth instead of projector screen?

I recommend you to buy a normal projector screen because it will provide you better color contrast than normal, and the projector screen is also crease free which provides you with the best resolution. 


Amazing! Isn’t it? 

Instead of wasting your money like water on petrol, overpriced theatre tickets and high price popcorn, invest one time in a 3D Optoma projector and for its equipment and enjoy your premium 3D movie at home with your family.

Thanks for reading a whole guide, if you have any query we are here just comment below.

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