How to Focus Optoma Projector?

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While watching your favourite movie or FIFA world cup and then your picture get blur and lose their clarity, there nothing bad than this situation.

But no more because in today’s guide we already describe all the solution of this problem.

The focus knob is not the solution to your blurry and fuzzy picture. There are many other processes you have to do for best results because best picture and video quality is the key to enjoy your movie with the best experience. 

When you turn on your projector the focus image is not easy but when you use different processes it works and makes your picture clearer. Because from hard work the result come, and today hard work is to read till end.

The main option you can use to clear your Optoma are;

  • Sharp your image 
  • Throw ratio and many more 

So, let’s start with the main method/process which helps you to focus on the Optoma projector. In these methods there are more sub methods which you can apply and get the best result. 

Method 1: Sharpness 

The sharpness is one of the most important things you consider while trying to focus your Optoma projector. The sharpness come with various method which we describe below

These methods are easy and fast just following the steps.

By Focusing Knob 

A focus knob or wheel is available above the Optoma projector lens most of the time. This wheel is so useful and multipurpose, this wheel is not used for just focusing into the picture.

From this you can also make the perfect sharpness which gives you a vivid viewing experience because if the sharpness is not balanced in the picture, you are not able to see the beauty and attraction in the picture. 

To increase the sharpness from the knob is not as important as this, before you use the knob condor the location of your projector means your projector is placed in the perfect place. 

Most of time you place your so far from screen or wall that also cause blurriness in image, to avoid this problem you have to know what is throw distance of your projector 

In user manual there is only on figure that mean your projector don’t have zoom functionality 

Now in this situation you have to find the actual distance from the screen of your Optoma projector. To find the actual throw distance follow this simple math equation while using calculator 

Multiply your screen width with figure on user manual, from this you get the throw distance.

Let’s take an example:

Screen width: 65 

Manual figure: 1.5

Multiply both: 65*1.5 = 97.5 

97.5 inches from the screen is the throw distance.

Situation: If in the user manual there is figure like 1.5-2.1 then means you can set your projector between   97-136 inches 

Now go and set your Optoma projector according to this equation answer 

Now you find the throw distance of your projector, simply set you projector at that throw distance and then apple sharpness from knob.

To increase the sharpness with knob, follow this method;

  • Turn on your projector 
  • Display any image you want 
  • Now move the knob or wheel into any direction 
  • After you rotate it lot of time at last you see the clarity in picture 
  • After you see the best clarity move the nob little and see is picture get more clear
  • If the picture gets clearer, but if the picture gets blurred again go back again to the point where your picture seems clear. 

This is the best method from which you can increase the sharpness in your image and get the best picture. 

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Method 2: Blurred Picture

To get bet focus you have to avoided the blurry picture which is worse than picture sharpness, if you projected picture get blur, no problem 

We describe all the method from which you make your picture clear and gain more focus.

Process 1: 

If your image is blur you have to first set your image in righty place mean you have to place it according to your Optoma projector throw distance

Process 2:

With the help of knob, you can also remove the blurriness from the picture

Just turn the knob into right direction and also left direction, after you see your image get fit leave it on that point. 

Method 3: Resolution 

Lot of the time you are sending your media in the form of high resolution which is not supported by that Optoma projector, fore example if you Optoma projector support native 1080p resolution and you are sending them media in 4k resolution, in this case your projector starts showing the blur picture 

If you want to check what is the resolution is supported by your Optoma projector follow these steps;

  • Turn on your Optoma projector 
  • Display your image 
  • Go to the setting
  • Select the resolution/ picture option 
  • In this you can easily see the resolution 

Another Method

If you buy your Optoma projector from amazon then go on your projector on amazon, go to the specification part, in this specification the seller must mentioned the resolution of your Optoma projector 

Also, the resolution of every Optoma projector is mentioned in user manual you can also take help from user manual.


If you want to show your image smaller with no movement of projector, no problem you can easily do this, you can small or big the size of image just with the help of setting. 

Follow these steps to use this feature:

Turn on your projector 

  1. Display any image 
  2. Go to the menu 
  3. Go to the picture option 
  4. In picture option find zoon in or out option 
  5. With the help of arrow keys adjust the picture 

Note: before using this feature make sure that your Optoma projector is using this digital feature, you can ensure this from chant support or also consult your user manual for this purpose.

Method 4: Cleaning 

Some time when you use your Optoma projector regularly the dust starts together on color box a d lens which also cause blurriness in picture. For this projector you have to clean your lens first, but be careful because the color wheel and projector lens is one of the most sensitive parts of projector

If you want to clean your lens follow these steps;

  • First un plug your Optoma projector from electric socket 
  • Put Optoma projector on clean table and remove all the screw carefully and put it in small cup from where it can’t get displace 
  • Now put off the cover from your Optoma projector 

Now carefully put off the lamp from projector before this use the butter knife and pull out all parts above from lens (this process take time and give time with care)

Note: before remove the parts take picture from self-phone because when you reassemble the parts this picture helps you 

  • Now wipe off all the dust with the help of vacuum, be careful that power of vacuum cant heart any sensitive part of projector 
  • Now reassemble all the parts of projector and turn on the projector and see is Optoma projector stop flicking 

While doing this DIY solution be care full that none of projector part get damage 

To clean the projector, you also watch video or also outsource this work to trusted projector expert which help you in bets way. 


To focus a projector is essential thigs you must do because without this the picture is unseen able. So above we discus all the method you need to focus.

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