How to Adjust the Optoma Projector to Fit the Screen?

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When it comes to adjusting the picture of an Optoma projector which fits the screen, in your mind, there must be some digital projector features from which you can adjust your Optoma projector image.

But digital projector features can’t always help, you can first set the physical setting/ manual setting of the projector.

There is one downside of using digital features to adjust the screen, your image quality sometimes gets distorted and then you have to also set those fixes.

In a physical setting thing may include the distance of the projector from screen, height of projector etc.

In digital features you use the keystone correction or quick corner from your Optoma projector.

In today’s helpful guide we shortlist all these methods from which you can adjust Optoma projector to fit the screen.

As we discussed above about 2 methods e.g., physical and digital method, now let’s start from physical settings.

Method 1: Physical Settings

In physical setting you can go through some essential physical setting you must do to fix screen;

1.     Distance from Screen (Throw Distance)

While using your projector screen mostly of the time you don’t know how much far i set my Optoma projector, for this purpose i recommend you to read the user manual.

In user manual there is only on figure that mean your projector don’t have zoom functionality.

Now in this situation you have to find the actual distance from the screen of your Optoma projector. To find the actual throw distance follow this simple math equation while using calculator.

Multiply your screen width with figure on user manual, from this you get the throw distance;

Let’s take an example:

  • Screen width: 65
  • Manual figure: 1.5
  • Multiply both: 65*1.5 = 97.5

97.5 inches from the screen is the throw distance.

Situation: if in the user manual there is figure like 1.5-2.1 then means you can set your projector between   97-136 inches

Now go and set your Optoma projector according to this equation answer

2.     Level your Projector

 when you mount your projector with ceiling it also causes the picture get distorted, for this issue you can use levelling tool, from this make sure your projector is level

After you level the projector according to projector screen hope so now the Optoma projector for the screen.

Till now the screen is not for then it’s time to use digital features.

3.     Lens Shift

Lens shift is also an easy and annual process from which you can easily adjust your image and fit your screen.

Lens shift feature is mostly used manually, and also used in most of the Optoma projector.

To use lens shift, follow these steps;

  • Turn on your projector
  • Display any image you want
  • Now realise the dial lock of lens shift
  • Now turn the horizontal lens shift and fit the image according you want
  • Now turn the vertical lens shift and adjust th3 image according you need
  • Now turn off the dial lock of lens shift

Note: For the best use the lens shift after 30 minutes, you on the projector.

4.     Zoom In or Out

Zoom in and out is another best feature which is include in optimal projector and help you to fit screen according to your need. The steps are simple and result are also great, if you can’t want to move your projector and also want to big or small the size of projector screen image you can use this feature.

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Follow these all step and fit your optimal projector through zoom in or out features.

  • Turn on your projector
  • Display any image
  • Press the zoom button on the remote
  • Now with the help of remote arrow adjust your image according to your need
  • Now press escape and enjoy your movie

Note: Wait a minimum for 20 minutes when you turn on the projector for best results.

Method 2: Digital Settings

Digital features are also great which is provided by Optoma projector while using these features you can easily fit your screen without any hassle, these features are quite easy to do, now just follow these steps to use these digital features.

1.     Keystone Correction

Keystone correction is one of the most used digital features to adjust your projector according to your screen.

From this feature you can adjust your screen in just few steps, follow these steps to use this keystone correction:

  • Turn on your projector
  • Go on to settings
  • Go to picture
  • Select keystone correction option
  • While using the remote adjust your picture on screen according to your need

2.     4 Corner Adjustment

4 corner adjustment is one of the most easy and best ways to set your screen, this feature is provided by Optoma and allow you to adjust your projected image according to you screen from 4 side.

Keystone correction allows you to adjust the picture from 2 sides but 4 corners in Optoma allow you to adjust the image from 4 sides.

This feature is mostly used in nee Optoma projector model, if you have ned new the good news is that you can use this feature.

Follow these steps to adjust your picture;

  • Turn on your Optoma projector
  • Go to the setting
  • Find the option 4 corner adjustment option
  • Select that option
  • With the help of your remote now adjust your image.

Problem —Solution

After using all these methods to fit screen, you can find an image with perfect rectangular shape but some time when you use any method describe and listed above cause the image blurry and fuzzy.

For this problem I have a solution, just follow these steps if you face blurry and fuzzy image problems.

Before you follow these steps make sure to read these tips.


  • Clean the lens of optimal projector well
  • To avoid fog on optimal projector lens, make sure that projector lens gets warm on room temperature if you take projector from cold place (condensation)

Correct image through focus ring:

If your optimal projector support focus ring, great— now follow these steps to correct image

  • Turn on the Optoma projector
  • Display any image
  • Now rotate the focus ring on the projector top body, move the wheel until the image gets correct.


Image sharpness is also important which effect image quality much, so follow these steps to adjust sharpness of your Optoma projector

  • Turn on Optoma projector
  • Display any image
  • Now open Optoma projector setting
  • Now select picture
  • In picture find sharpness
  • In sharpness option select the sharpness which make the image more eye-soothing and more next quality deliver


To adjust the Optoma projector to fit the screen there are mainly two methods from which you can adjust the image according to your screen. In these two methods there are more sub method which you use for best result.

All these methods are a good solution for you, if your projector screen can’t fit till now, go back and read every point carefully — hope this stress less and easy guide will help you.

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