How to Mount Optoma Projector?

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Mounting an Optoma projector is not a great thing, a great thing is that you mount it correctly and according to your situation. 

Look there are several ways from which you mount your Optoma projector but I tell you best method with   also give you guarantee of 0 whole and 0 drill and keep your home whole free 

In today’s guide we discuss all methods, if you also want to mount your Optoma projector then stay with us in this guide. 

Incredible Ways to Mount Your Optoma Projector

Let’s take a start with typical projector mount process and then we will move to some special processes.

Setting 1: Ceilings Mount 

Ceiling mount is one of the famous methods from which you can easily mount your Optoma projector. 

Before we start to mount our projector with a ceiling, we must consider some points in our mind. 

Place for your Optoma projector:

Before hanging your projector with ceiling make sure to decide best place for it.

Choose the place where light can’t fall on the Optoma projector screen directly, otherwise the picture quality gets lower than you expect because not every Optoma projector has the ability to fight against light, especially natural light.

After you choose the right place then choose right size for your screen 

Screen size:

Typical projector comes with 80 to 100 inches of projected screen, if you don’t buy a projector till then our recommendation is to hang or paint 100 inches of screen.

hang or paint screen of 100 inches if you are going to use projector in room, if you are going to use it in home theatre where set are placed in row then I recommend you to hang or paint minimum 150 inches of screen. 

From this, the people who are sitting at the end are able to enjoy the movie with the best experience. 

Painting a screen:

If you want to paint the screen in your room or anywhere and light is falling then use the paint which rejects the light, this type of paint is easily available on hardware stores.

Same like with screen, if you are going to use it in heavy lit places then buy the screen with light rejection feature. These features help you to watch movies in the best color. 

Tip: if heavy sunlight is coming on your room, then we recommend you to buy black thick curtain which block sunlight and provide you vivid viewing experience 

Before we mount projector, we must know on what distance to mount Optoma projector. 

Throw ratio:

Throw ratio is the thing about projector you must know because when you don’t know it, will be a big trouble for you.

In simple the throw ratio is the distance from which you have to mount your projector from screen, if you mount it far away from this ration then the picture gets blur and unseen.

To know your Optoma projector throw ratio I recommend you to first consult user manual.

If in the user manual there is just one specific figure like 2.3 or something else means you have to find a throw ratio on your own. 

Before finding throw ration you must know what is the width of your projector screen 

Follow these steps to find throw ratio:

 To find the actual throw distance follow this simple math equation while using calculator.

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Multiply your screen width with figure on user manual, from this you get the throw distance 

Let’s take an example:

  • Screen width: 65 
  • Manual figure: 1.5
  • Multiply both: 65*1.5 = 97.5 

97.5 inches from the screen is the throw distance.

Situation: if in the user manual there is figure like 1.5-2.1 then means you can set your projector between   97-136 inches 

Now go and set your Optoma projector by using the equation above.

Setting 2: Your Placing Area 

Most of the time you can’t hang your projector with ceiling because most projector are designed for table but some time table mount give you very tuff time.

When you place your projector on soft surface or placed it on cloth, they start absorbing dust and they can’t allow heat to get out from projector.

When the dust starts togethering in projector it causes many problems, for example your projector starts flickering, the image get blur, and picture quality get down.

And when heat can’t get out from projector, they heat the whole projector which affect your Optoma projector lens and many other sensitive part.

So, place your projector in a table where nothing is blocking the Optoma projector ventilation fan. 

Now you find the best place where you hang your Optoma projector and also at what distance to hang it know it’s time to mount it.

Things you Need

But before we mount it, we must know the thing we need to mount Optoma projector, so here is the list you must need.

  1. Ladder 
  2. Measuring tape 
  3. Pencil or marker 
  4. Screws 
  5. Mount brackets 
  6. Drill 

1.    Mount with Ceiling 

Mount a Optoma projector with ceiling is most famous, follow these steps to mount with ceiling.

Step1: Set the ceiling 

Give a look to your ceiling where you are going to mount it, if there is any obstacle or extra thing available remove it also the dust. 

Step 2: Mount kit 

Now it’s time to attach the mount kit with ceiling, for this purpose you have to consider the the kit user manual and attach with projector 

Before buying kit make sure it works with your ceiling, if you have suspended ceiling the buy suspended ceiling kit or if you have cathedral ceiling then buy the cathedral ceiling kit.

Step 3: Attach with ceiling

Now with the help of drill make the appropriate whole according to kit in ceiling and tighten the screw and make sure it tightens in bets way. 

Congratulations your Optoma projector is now mounted with ceiling 

 Now it’s time to attach the projector, so attach the projector with kit as shown in kit manual.

2.    Mount without Holes

If you don’t want to mount your Optoma projector with wholes no problem we have solution, you can easily mount without wholes and drill 

After extensive research i don found any tac tick or gadget from which you don’t have to do wholes

The solution is projector stand which is not too expensive and you can use it for multipurpose 

Projector stand is available under 20$ on amazon and you can use them for your Optoma projector, mobile and camera, this tripod is best solution for this, 

After long research we found the tripod stand for your projector stand 

Coret – Long Tripod Stand 

This tripod stand allows you to use it for multipurpose with adjustable height, you can move it about 360 degrees without any hassle, it also has good capacity to bear the load of projector, if your Optoma in under 8pound then this is the best choice. 


Before mount the projector you must need some equipment’s, some settings, some measurements to mouth your Optoma correctly, all these methods are described above.

Lot of time you are not in condition to make drill whole sin your home/rental property the n i think projector tripod stand is the best option to use. Hope you enjoy it if you have any question comment below.

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