How to Unlock an Optoma Projector?

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Most of the time when you set up your Optoma projector to watch best movie and spend your best time with your family the first thing in your mind is the security of your projector 

Most of the time your younger party of home (children) want to also operate your projector but instead of operating they mostly disturb major setting 

Typically, you lock your Optoma projector first but after some time when you want to use your Optoma projector, it’s not working.

But no need to worry, because in today guide we cover all the solution of this problem, stay with us 

Steps to Unlock

Before we learn how to unlock Optoma projector we must know why Optoma projector get lock, for this problem there is mainly 2 reasons.

Reason 1: keypad lock feature 

Reason 2: security code setup 

These are the main 2 reason from which your projector get lock, now let’s dive in their steps to unlock your Optoma projector.

Reason 1: Keypad Lock Feature 

Lot of the time your Optoma projector remote get locked, but not a big deal because this is the issue which is faced by many Optoma projector owners 

So here are the main two methods from which you can able to unlock your Optoma projector remote easily. 

Method 1: With Enter Key 

You can easily unlock your Optoma projector remote from the enter key which is available near the arrow key of remote, 

So simple press enter key on your Optoma projector remote and hold it for 7 – 10 second at least 

Method 2: With Optoma Projector Keypad 

You can also unlock your Optoma projector remote from projector keypad, follow these steps to unlock from Optoma Proejctor keypad 

  • Go on the menu page 
  • Select the option 
  • Select keypad lock 
  • Now select off and it give you warning message press the yes 

Reason 2: Security Code Setup 

Most of the time when you enable, you’re the security feature on Optoma projector, when you setup your projector again they ask for a password, but no need to worry if you don’t know what is the password.

Because The default password of Optoma projector is simple (1 2 3 4) but also some time it may be (0 0 0 0), if you are a person who take the security seriously then you have to change this week password into best strong password.

To change the password of your Optoma projector follow these steps: 

  • Turn on you Optoma projector 
  • Dial your password (1 2 3 4 or 0 0 0 0)
  • Now go on the setup option 
  • Select the security option 
  • Now re put your old password
  • Now dial four digits long password that you remember 
  • Now enter new password again to conform 
  • Now enter to confirm the password  

After these steps you are now able to reset your password easily 

Condition: If someone already reset you Optoma projector password no problem we have the solution to this problem 

The solution is that you have to reset your Optoma projector, and there are many processes from which you can reset your Optoma projector, but we listed the easy and fast method from which you can easily reset your projector and enjoy your move again 

How to Reset Optoma Projector?

Ready to do a hard reset to your Optoma projector, it is hard for you because from this all settings you made no longer remain. 

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Actually, hard reset, also known as factory reset, means all settings will change to factory setting. Mean all previous data which you add will be removed.

To do the factory reset follow these steps;

Enable OSD via remote control or from control panel if available 

  • Go to the main menu 
  • Go to advance setting 
  • Select the factory reset 

On several Optoma projector model this method is different in this case we have the solution 

Different Reset Method 

Follow this method if your Optoma projector is different from above guide;

First go to the service mode 

  • Turn on the power 
  • Wait until logo disappeared 
  • Press power button 
  • Press left key twice
  • Press up key
  • No, you reach to service mode 
  • Now select factory reset 
  • And chose yes 

from this you done your factory reset

For this process you need remote in good condition, if you don’t or old remote is not working, I recommend you to buy this remote for your Optoma projector 

HONONJO – Remote ontrol for Most Optoma Projector

Using projector in mid night give you fantastic experience but when it’s come to use remote in the dark may be tricky for you but not more. 


Bright Keys:

Remote comes with bright keys which get lighted in dark and help you to use remote in dark with no hassle.

Sensitive Button:

Key of this remote is so sensitive that they immediately give response on one click you do t need to press keys again and again.

Power Saving:

Like other remotes this remote don’t drink the battery but use the battery. Remote comes with a battery saving feature.

No Program Needs:

You don’t need to install any type of program to use remote just put the battery and use it.


  • Product dimension: 3.94 x 1.38 x 0.59 inches
  • Maximum range: 26 FT
  • Battery included: not included
  • Items weight: ‎2.29 ounces
  • Connectivity technology: infrared


  • Backlight function 
  • Strong signal by infrared technology
  • ABS white material
  • Look and feel like original


  • Not paired with Optoma HD141X

Before buying this remote make sure that this remote worked with your Optoma projector model.


1: What to do if my Optoma projector gets locked?

If your Optoma projector get locked most of the time you don’t know what is the lock, simply call 1234, or 0000 if first can’t work 

2: What to do if my Optoma projector remote get locked?

No need to worry, simply press the enter button from remote at least about 7 -10 second 


You can also do this from projector keypad, menu/option/key padlock/ change password 

3: What is the first password of Optoma projector 

If you don’t set the password from your own and projector, get locked, the simple password is 1234 if it doesn’t work then 0000 must work 

4: What to do if I forget my Optoma projector password?

Lot of times you forget your Optoma projector password but no need to worry, just do a factory reset of your Optoma projector, keep in mind all data and settings which your store in the projector will delete. 

5: What to do if my Optoma projector remote stops working?

If your Optoma projector remote stops no problem, remove the old battery and replace it with new, if still not working you have to buy new.


If you stuck in the problem of (Optoma projector, get lock), no problem because most of the options owner face this problem.

For this issue you have to do reset the Optoma projector if you don’t remember the password if you don’t set the password then the password is must be 1234, or 0000. Hope you find this guide helpful.

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