Best Long HDMI Cable For Projector

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For long connections, the HDMI cable is the best option because every latest technology-based laptop and computer supports it.

Using this cable, you will get a high deficiency of audio & video. Not all sizes will resolve your solution. But buying the cable one time with a long length may solve all problems.

Luckily, in this list, you get all your problems solving cable. Problems you might face using short-size cable are;

  • Will keep the laptop near the projector.
  • Cause distortion in connection (little force on cable affect connectivity)
  • Don’t allow you to move.

Top 5 Long HDMI cable for Projector

After ample research, we found the best long HDMI cable for you. Don’t trash your money and time; pick one from the list. It will give you the best results and resolve all your problems.

1.    Possta – Signal Boost HDMI Cable

The giant size cable ensures the best signal transmission with high specification of conductor. The cable connector comes with 24k plated gold.


 High-speed HDMI:

Possta cable comes with 2.0v cable made with copper (oxygen-free). Copper is the best conductor for image and sound. Signal Transmitter is more stable and durable.

Signal Booster:

The cable has a signal booster which supports 4k, 3D and Ethernet channels. You can enjoy the 18 Gbps transfer speed, giving no transmission lag.


Cable allows you to connect devices with every device. While using this cable, you can hook every device with a projector which supports HDMI. Some compatible devices are;

  • Blue ready player
  • PS3
  • Xbox
  • 3D tv and many more.

Cable manufacturer uses high-quality PVC material (CL3). CL3-rated cable is mainly made for wall installation. This material is also environmentally friendly. Wear-resisting material ensures a more secure connection in using process.


  • Product Length: 75feett.
  • Connector Gender: male-to-male.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 18 Gps
  • Items Weigh: 3.75 pounds


  • Gold plated connector
  • High-quality materials
  • 99.99% oxygen free
  • 1year warranty


  • In the start, they lag.

2.    Ablink – Fibre Optic HDMI Cable

Ablink HDMI comes with Ultrahigh-speed fibre optic material, which is also certified. You can enjoy ultra–HD Ecology.


8k Fibre Optic:

 The Cable comes with high-quality optic material, giving you a fast possible signal. Cable has the latest technology chip, which supports all devices.

CL3 Rated:

You can easily install this cable in the wall permanently. The cable has a 20mm bending radius which allows you to curve in any direction.


When it comes to buying the money loss risk falls to 0% because the seller gives you a lifetime warranty and chat support. If you have any problem, you can contact them any time.

Enhance Gaming Features:

Enhancing your game experience, this cable provides quality feature;

 VRR (variable refresh rate, ALLM (auto low latency mode) and QFT (quick frame transport). These all-technical terms ensure to give you a smooth and lag-free experience.

Dynamic HDR:

Cable delivers dynamic HDR pictures which are super sharp and crystal clear. You enjoy the best viewing experience everywhere (using this screen).


  • Product Length: 50 feet.
  • Connector Gender: male-to-male
  •  transfer Rate: 48Gps
  • Items Weight: 1.7 pound


  • 8k resolution
  • CL3 rated jacket
  • Enhance audio return channel
  • Dynamic HDR


  • Some people found problem in sound

3.    IBirdie – InWall HDMI Cable

While using this cable, you get fireproof material with twenty thousand+ durability tests, which ensures the best viewing experience everywhere.

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CL3 Certification:

The cable is also CL3 certified, which allows you to fix the cable in the wall without tension because the material used by the seller is mainly designed for this purpose.

Universal Compatibility:

This cable works with every HDMI cable-supported appliance. You don’t need any other device and power for it. Just connect both connectors with both devices

Frequent Bought Deal:

The seller offers a deal on amazon. The discount is super icy; they offer you to buy the male-to-female converter one adapter for phone connection. You can use this adapter to connect your phone to your projector. And one 25 feet long HDMI cable.

Realistic Picture Display:

While using this cable, you can enjoy the 3D movie experience. The impressive and realistic visual effects make the film’s surroundings more enjoyable.


  • Product Length: 25 feet
  • Connector ender: male-to-male
  •  Transfer Rate: 18Gps
  • Items Weight: 1.19 pound


  • Gold Plated connector
  • PVC jacket
  • 4k transmission
  • CL3 in-wall rated


  • Some people find poor quality

4.    Highwings – Long HDMI Cable

This cable delivered their best; that’s why it is also a choice of Amazon in HDMI cables. It is mainly designed for gaming people.


Thrilling Technology:

The cable delivers 8k transmission, which is the most cutting-edge technology. This technology displays every particle with clearness and process every signal accurately.

Boosted Resolution:

High-wing cable confirms the 2.0 version of HDMI. Its transaction speed so fast (48Gps), which is not supported by most of the typical cable. Cable also achieves advanced-level audio signal control, which does not get stuck or stopped while watching a movie.

Game Enthusiastic:

The HDMI cable is not limited to 4k regulations, but it breaks the wall of 4k and reaches 8k ultra-high image display. It also fulfils super smooth 4k@120HZ—the latest game mode support maximum refresh rate, which enhances your gaming experience.

Outstanding Quality Material:

Thai cable is so famous at high wing because this cable comes with a new smart chip. The connector is made of an aluminium allow shell, which is so tough and anti-bending. The cable is made with military-grade tensile nylon, which extends the cable life.


  • Product Length: 15 feet
  • Connector Gender: male-to-male
  •  transfer Rate: 48 Gps
  • Items Weight: 11.7 ounces.


  • Multiple mode support
  • Open 8k resolution world
  • Ten thousand+ times of bending
  • Gold plated interface


  • Fifty feet version doesn’t work.

5.    Caps – Universal Compatible HDMI Cable

The high-speed cable with HD shielded cord, this cable is compatible with every device, from small appliances to large devices, especially for the projector.


Building Material:

Caps cable is designed for heavy duty. Its connector is made with 24k gold. Chrome-plated shell is anti-dent material that ensures to give long life.

Wide Compatibility:

This cable is compatible with every HDMI version, e.g., 1.3, 1.4, 2.0. This compatibility supports every multimedia app, streaming app, even with blue ray players.

Plug n Play:

You do t need any driver software or extra power for connection. Just connect the transmitter with the primary device and one head with other devices and enjoy your movie.

Service Support:

The seller provides you with the best lifetime chat support. If you have any query, you can contact with them. When it comes to buying the money loss risk falls to 0% because the seller gives you a one-year warranty.


  • Product Length: 35 feet
  • Connector Gender: male-to-male
  • Transfer Rate: 18Gps
  • Items Weight: 1.39 pounds.


  • Give you mirror mode
  • Dolby audio
  • 4k HDR regulation
  • CL3 material


  • It does not work great with TV

Buying Guide – Bluetooth HDMI Adapter for Projector

Let’s start with some essential points to ensure the best purchase regarding long HDMI cable for projectors;

Output Quantity:

The picture quality is so important when it’s come to seeing anything on the device. Try to buy the cable with 4K or full HD resolution support.

Device Connectivity:

Try to buy a cable which is connected to every device which is available in today’s world.


The size of the HDMI is essential; the long length gives you ample space. Try to buy the cable with a minimum 25ft length.


Material is also essential if the material is low in quality, this effect the cable life and signal.


In last choice is your but we recommend you to buy high wing HDMI cable because this cable give you awesome features which is best for you.

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