Hush Box for Projector

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Projectors fan produces irritating humming or buzzing sound that can badly affecting your viewing experience. Well, Hush box resolve this problem by hush or dampen this noise. DIY of hush box is the great decision. There are few facts your need to keep in your mind before constructed the Hush box.

  1. Construct the path for releasing the hot air
  2. The material is strong enough to hold the projector
  3. Attach the class in the lens area.

In blew we will discuss all the important components you need to construct the Hush box. So stay with us in the whole article.

Hush Box Components

The main structure of Hush box is constructed with wood. Although wood is not the best sound insulator, but it’s the best option to construct a box. Make sure this box should be 3-6 inches larger than the projector in each dimension. This much space allows proper air flow, heat disbursement and separate section for other components.

In the case the box is exactly equal to the projector size then heat will not come out of the box, projector get over heated and suddenly shutdown. Another tip for preventing the projector from overheating is you should use two layers of wood because overheating also causes fire hazard. These two layers also helps to trap the sound inside of the box.

1. Insulating Foam

In the whole box foam plays vital role to reduce or hush the sound produce by projector. The nature of air is that it passes through the air and bounce from the walls. Why it’s too necessary to use insulating material? Let’s discuss. If you simply place the projector in the empty wooden box then the amount of noise increases ×2, because sound waves will bounce from all the direction of the box and then the loudness is actually increases. So it’s better to use the insulating foam.

The foam it’s self-made of very soft material and it can absorb the sound same like it absorb the water. The cheapest foam you can use as a voice cancellation is Acoustic foam. You will get this in less than 15$.

 The structure of the Hush box is mention below. After constructed the structure make sure the whole entire area is covered with foam, the more you apply foam the more greater result you get.

2. Fans

For moving the air quickly out of the box it’s necessary to install at least two fans in the box, otherwise the box filled with hot air which is automatically heated the projector and causes the projector to randomly shutdown. In projector there are usually multiple intakes to move the air out of it.

You should need to use two best quality noise free semi-large PC fans. These large fans tends to move more air out of box then the small one, and produces less voice. Positions the both fans inside the hush box so that air gently gets out of the box. Both fans are located on the opposite’s ends.

The fans also need energy to run their wings. So for that we have two options

  1. You may connect them with 12V trigger.
  2. You connect them with power adopter and then connect it to the smart outlet, then you can set to turn on with your projector.
  3. Filtration of Air

Don’t forget to clean the Hush the box occasionally because when dust stuck into the wings of the fan, they produce more voice and also there are some components of the projector which are too sensitive. So it’s important to take care of the hush box from dust.

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You may add dust filters too the intake fans, they can prevent the internal system with mess amount of dust. But still they can’t block 100% dust.

Should You Buy or Build Hush Box?

Definitely you should go with Build Option! Why? Let’s discuss.

There are commonly two issues with buying the Hush Box:

  1. They are not commonly sold in the market
  2. There price is around 500-600$.

That’s why we highly recommend you to spend little time on planning and building your own Hush box rather than wasting that much money. At that price you can easily purchase a projector whose fan produces less voice.

Why Hush Box for Projector?

1.      Extent Projector Life:

Projector hush box can extend the life of your projector by preventing it outside dust, damage, and from moister. By using it correctly, the hush box provide the clean and fit environment to your projector. And you will never face the problem of overheating causes by dust and dirt. All these factors reduce the maintenance cost of your projector.

2.      Protect the Lens:

Projector lens play vital role in the image quality, the mirror of the hush box prevent the lens of the projector from moister, accidental effects and from environmental factor. That’s how your projector lens still clean and sharp. The projector hush box not only helps you in these cases but also makes your work more convenient.

3.      Improvement in Your Work:

When you have a presentation in your office, school or university, on projector. You or your classmates get distracted from projector voice in that case Hush box is so essential. Due to it you keep concentrated on your work and presentation without any distraction.

Question-Answer Series

Q:  What is hush box?

A:  Hush box is an enclosure in which you put your projector to prevent yourself from it’s fain noise.

Q: Does hush box is safe for my projector?

A: Hush box is definitely a good option to not only reduce the voice but also save your projector from external harm.

Q: Does my projector get over heated inside the Hush box?

A: Hush box is maximum 3-6 inches bigger then the projector size so that heat can easily pass out through the fans of the Hush box.

Q: what if we don’t use foam inside the hush box?

A: Well, the purpose of using foam is to reduce the voice of the projector. If you don’t use it then the purpose of hush box is fail.

Q: Why projector fan produces loud voice?

A: The components inside the projector get heated after use, as temperature increases the fan has to work harder that how projector gets louder.

Q: Can we use Hush box outside of our home?

A: Definitely Yes! Hush box is made of solid material that allows you to use it even outside of your home to.


Hush box is the great option for those projectors that produces loud voice and heat. It will take little time and investment but at the end its worth.

If you have kids in your home and you are worried about your projector, then leave your worries and invest your time on building this box because it just not prevent you from projectors voice but it also protect you projector from outer harm, dust, and flying objects. These all factors provide your projector save and fit environment.

If you don’t want to build a Hush box then spend your money to purchase a brand new projector that have low voice instant of purchasing a Hush box from market. You also save money from its repairing cost.

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