How Many Lumens for Outdoor Daytime Projector

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 Projector’s significant usage is its portability. You can use it anywhere at the office, your backyard, your vacation destination and so on. But the tendencies of light vary in these areas. That’s why knowing how many Lumens of light your projector requires for your site is essential. Here we have the answer to what you are seeking. When your lumens queries get clear, y can easily play your favorite game, movie, or show when the sun comes out in full force.

The myth surrounds us that projectors are only suitable for the dark environment, like home cinema theatres, living areas, and bedrooms or camping under the twinkling stars. Well, that’s not the truth; nothing can stop you from enjoying the full sunny day, even projectors to. So don’t worry; your entertainment level depends upon the projector’s lumens. Our guide may provide all information related to the projector’s lumens. Without further ado, let’s get straight into our directory.

Importance of Projector Brightness in Daylight

Several points affect the projector to project an image, video, game or user interface in daylight. Using a projector in direct daylight will make any projector’s light weak and faded. But in general, daylight, using the right amount of lumens, creates an outstanding image.

  • Brightness Measurement

The light should be measured in Lumens or lux. The projector’s brightness directly depends upon Lumens; the more lumens they have, the brighter image you get. Direct sunlight has 120,000 lux of illumination. That’s why you need more lumens of projector brightness to get the visible image. The brighter your projector is, the more you enjoy it in the daytime; otherwise, the low-light projector requires a reflected screen or pitch-blackness to get a clear image.

  • Lumens Application

How many lumens are required for your projector depends on where you are using it and where it’s located. Although 25,00 to 3,000 lumens or more is a worthy minimum requirement for use in abundant light. The dark theme games require more lumens, and the presentation area is also more lighted than the normal one, so again, lumens also depends on the site where you are using the projector.

  • Considerations of Typical Room Brightness

In the home and commercial cinemas, the typical room brightness ranges from low to pitch black, but in the conference room, the brightness is medium, in which light fixtures turn on high brightness, like projecting a movie in the backyard in the daytime.

  • Home or Commercial Cinemas

In homes or commercial cinemas, you can use a weak or low-lumens projector. In classrooms, meeting rooms, and boardrooms, high-lumen projectors are recommended. But the super duper ultra-high lumens projector is used in the daylight, or it may help to keep your happy moment in the direct daylight.

Ideal Lux for the Projector

To protect the screen in daylight, you must consider lumens in thousands, not hundreds. The projector that emits a high amount of brightness actually wins the heart of you and your family members.

  • Cinema Dark Rooms

From 2010-2020 projector should have only 1000 lumens of brightness for watching movies in a dark room. You can quickly get away from the projector that has hundreds of lumens if you have as long as you have an extra reflected screen. But today’s projectors have higher brightness which is necessary to keep the higher resolution. High-resolution projectors require more lumens so that they provide you latest pixel and crystal clear image.

  • Brighter Room
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If you project a projector in a lighted room or a bright living room, then you definitely require more than 1000 lumens of brightness. Otherwise, you end up in your movie with bad mood swings. The minimum brightness should be 2500 lumens to 3000 lumens in the lighted room, so the abundant light can’t destroy the sharpness and vivacity of your project.

  • Dealing with Daylight Projection

If you are watching your favourite show on your favourite platforms of Netflix, YouTube, and Disney on the big screen of a projector where daylight surrounds all around, then you may focus on the lumens of your projector. The projector’s lumens should be 3000-4000 or above for daylight projection. If you throw a party in the morning in your backyard, the lumens must be around 5000.

  • Projector Screen for Day Light Presentation

Most of the time, presentations are set in the morning, when there are high chances of abundant light. ALR projector screen helps you to prevent this abundant light or daylight. ALR screens play a vital role in redirecting the light elsewhere. But on the other hand, the projector maximized the abundant light to be reflected directly to the audience.

  • Best Way to Get the Outstanding Image form Projector

Not only lumens affects the image brightness, but the high resolution, contrast ratio, and lens quality are also essential for crystal clear images. If you blow up an image on the screen, then the display is naturally faded.

The List of Best Projectors for Daylight

Although the industry is full of millions of products that have more than 2500 lumens of brightness, but which product is actually the best is still a struggle. We have grape 6 best projects with high lumens on the basis of top amazon reviews. Without further ado, let’s get straight into our list.

  • Optoma ZH406ST

Optoma ZH406ST is one of the best projectors in the market. It provides 4200 lumens of the brighter image, which is enough for a brighter environment.

  • BenQ TH671ST

BenQ TH671ST is also the top-rated projector on amazon. Its 3000 lumens of brightness is so suitable for your outside camping, enjoying in the backyard and so on.

  • ViewSonic PX706HD

Get the immersive theatre-like experience with full HD (1920x1080p) on a screen with 3000 lumens of brightness. This projector takes your happiness to the next level.

  • ViewSonic LS920WU

It’s another model of the ViewSonic, which is a super duper fantastic choice for you if your work is mainly in the direct light of the sun.

  • LG HF85LA 

LG HF85LA provides full HD resolution (1920 x1080) with 1500 lumens of brightness which is a nice choice for a kind of dark room. Must go through with this option

  • WZATCO Alpha 2 Smart Projector

Last but not least, the most unique and powerful projector is the WZATCO Alpha 2 Smart Projector; this projector provides incredible 9500 lumens of brightness.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How many lumens are suitable for a cinema room?

For the cinema room, 1000-1500 lumens are enough.

  • What are the excellent lumens for a projector?

If you want to project a projector in daylight, then go with thousands of lumens.

  • How many lumens are necessary for a lighted room?

For a lighted room, 2500-3000 lumens are ideal.


The ideal lumens for outdoor daytime projectors vary from place to place. If you need a projector in the morning time meeting, then 3000 lumens are enough. If you project a screen under direct sunlight, then 4500 or more lumens are necessary. Always remember that the more lumens, the more significant result. For more information, go through the article in detail.

Stay blessed, Stay Safe.

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