How Far Can A Short Throw Projector Work? – Your 101 Guide

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If you are in the market to get a new projector, you must come across many questions that make things difficult. For instance, many people ask how far can a short throw projector work? And that is why we are here!

In this article, we will discuss several aspects regarding a short throw projector, some of your best options for short throw and ultra-short projectors, and all the things you should keep in mind when buying a short throw projector.

How Far Can A Short Throw Projector Work

How far can a short throw projector work?

If you are wondering how far can a short throw projector work; meaning what is the minimal distance at which the projector will work efficiently? Well, that depends on the manufacturer and the type of projector you have purchased.

Usually, a short throw projector can work at a maximum safe distance of 5ft. anything below than this will require an ultra-short throw projector.

The throw ratio of a short projector is calculated according to the distance of the screen from the projector and the screen’s width. Therefore, if you want to calculate the throw ratio yourself, you should divide the distance between the projector and the screen by the size of the screen.

You don’t have to spend too much time calculating the throw ratio since most manufacturers have already labelled it on the box. However, to give you a clear idea of how far a short throw projector can work, here are a few rough estimates,

  • If you keep the projector 15ft away from the screen with a screen size of 8foot then the throw ratio would be 1.875:1 or 1.875.
  • If the projector is 10ft from the screen and projects on a sheet that is 8-foot wide, then the projection ratio would be 1.25:1 or 1.25.
  • If the projector is placed 5ft away from the screen and projects on a 9-foot wide screen, then the projection ratio is .56:1 or .56. This is also known as a short-throw projector.
  • Lastly, if the projector is kept away at 3ft from the screen and the size of the screen is 8foot wide then the projection ratio is estimated at .375:1 or .375. Now this is what we call a ultra-short throw projector. Because with a projector like this, the throw ratio is less than .4.

How far should I place my projector from the screen?

If you have purchased a projector and the throw ratio is given on the box, then you will not have any issue setting it up. The process of calculating the distance between the projector and the screen becomes so much easier.

You can start by multiplying the width of the screen with the throw ratio of the projector and you will have your exact figure.

Once you have multiplied both these figures, you can round off the result by 5% as it is suggested by manufacturers to ensure you have exact throw ratio. You will have your distance and then you can place the projector accordingly.

Advantages of a short throw projector

Now that you know how far can a short throw projector work, let’s see what are some of its advantages over other projectors.

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Short throw distance

One of the major advantages of buying a short throw projector is of course the short throw distance. For regular projectors, you have to either keep them hanging from the ceiling or mount them against the wall.

For someone with a limited space, this becomes very difficult and that is where short throw projectors come into play. With their wide angle lens, short throw projectors can project high-quality images while sitting right below the screen.

The fact that they can work at a short distance is what makes them ideal for living and bed rooms. You don’t have to worry about wires hanging here and there while enjoying your favorite movies or TV shows on a much bigger screen.

Not to mention, you can also save yourself from the complexity of installing a projector from the ceiling or having to direct a new power source.

Perfect for bright rooms

Short throw projectors were manufactured with the intent so they could be used in dens and living rooms. A lot of people don’t install projectors in their living because of the ambient light. Well, lucky for us, that will not be an issue with a short throw projector.

All short projectors feature an extra light source to make them as bright as possible. These projectors offer ANSI lumens higher than 2,000, making them perfect to be used in any kind of setting.

Moreover, a short throw projector is designed to work with a UST. It rejects light from all other sources while the sheet absorbs light just from the steep angle of the projector. Lastly, we think that short throw projectors are the perfect choice is you’d like to replace your TV in your living room with a high-end projector.


Another one of the major advantages of short-throw projectors that rarely anybody talks about is the fact that their light source lasts longer. They feature LED light engines and can provide straight performance for up to 20,000 hours.

Unlike the regular projectors that need to replace their life bulb, you will not have to face the same problem with a short-throw projector. Furthermore, since their light source is much stronger and long-lasting, you will also not have to worry about the image dimming between the movie.

Final verdict,

All in all, we believe that short throw projectors are very beneficial and they are surely going to change people’s perception about investing in a projector. Several entertainment enthusiasts share the opinion that projectors can only work in large spaces and offers maximum user-experience.

What you don’t know is that by buying a short throw projector, you will be able to make it work even in a smaller setting. If you are looking for a short throw projector for your bedroom then here are a few of our recommendations in this regard,

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How Far Can A Short Throw Projector Work
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How Far Can A Short Throw Projector Work
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A short throw projector definitely proves to be advantageous but there are other projectors as well that you can check out. If your room has the capacity to house a normal range projector, then we would recommend you go for that.

A normal range projector is definitely going to perform better in a lot of circumstances. But then again, your choice will entirely depend on your room’s layout and your requirement of course. Hopefully, this article was worth your time and attention. Thank you so much for reading.

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