How to Install Optoma Projector Ceiling Mount?

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Yes, you can mount the Optoma projector with the ceiling; all you need to do is read the guide carefully.

Mounting an Optoma projector with a ceiling is not a great thing; the great thing is you mount it correctly (giving you accurate projection). 

Don’t worry if your projector will not fit your screen because we have already listed the solution.  

To mount your Optoma projector, you need these essentials;

  • Optoma projector 
  • Manual 
  • Ladder
  • Mount kit 
  • Drill machine 
  • And your time 

If you already have these things available; let’s start to mount the projector correctly.

1.   Projection Spot

Before we mount it, we must know ” is this spot is good for projection. If the projection spot is high in light, you must change it. If you can’t, then;

  • Use the thin black curtain on a window 
  •  Use the light rejection paint if you are painting your screen/ or buy an ambient light rejection screen

If your projected spot is too bright, the image gets low in quality because not every Optoma projector is designed to use it in bright light. 

2.    Hanging Screen 

When you select the spot, it is time to hang or build your screen; the main thing is the screen’s height.


  • If you are going to use it in the bedroom, the ideal height is 24 to 36 inches high from the floor
  • If you use it in the home theatre (chair placed in a row), hang or build it at a certain height where the back seaters can easily enjoy a movie

3.    Screen Size 

After you select the height, then it’s time to decide the screen size; if you have already bought the screen according to your projector, good, but if you don’t, then buy the screen minimum of 120 inches because it is the ideal size which gives your eyes more relax because the higher light hit your eye, they get tired faster.

Note: it’s not the size you should buy; you can buy the screen by your own decisions.

4.    Projector Mount Spot 

After you decide on the screen size, you now have to find the best spot to mount the projector. Before you see, keep this thing in your mind; the throw ratio.

Throw Ratio:

The throw ratio is the distance which you have to maintain while place your projector from the projection spot. This is important to know if you put your projector far from this, the quality gets low, and the blueness gets high. 

To find, follow these steps;

  1. Open the manual, find the throw ratio if there is just one figure like 2.3, then apply this formula 
  2. Projector screen width × manual figure 
  3. Now you find the throw ratio 

 Instantly mark the area where the Optoma projector will get mounted on the ceiling. 

Tips for the Final Best Mount Spot

Keep these tips in mind before you mount it. This will help you mount better and provide you best viewing experience;

  • Don’t place the projector above your head if the Optoma projector is heavy plus the mount kit is not too good in materials.
  • The projector needs two types of cable. One is power, and second is HDMI; make sure the power plug is near the projector; if not, you must install it. In today’s modern world, you don’t need to connect anything with wires, same with HDMI; you can use the wireless HDMI kit
  • Don’t mount the Optoma projector with the ceiling before checking it; turn on the projector and stand beneath the Mount spot and check is the image is good in quality or not ” if good, then select that place; if not, move a little forward and recheck it
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5.   Mounting with Ceiling 

We know it’s your favorite and essential topic; now it’s time to install an Optoma projector on the ceiling.

Follow these steps to mount it;

Step 1:

We know you have already bought some high-quality mount kit because good quality ensures that your projector can’t fall over time and give you accurate projection (without moving)

Now take out the mount kit with its manual, read the instructions carefully, and attach the mount with a projector (carefully). Make sure that all mount kits are fixed correctly with a projector.

Note: confirm that the screw is tightened in the best way before attaching it to the ceiling.  Take help with kit manual.

Step 2:

Make proper holes with a drill in the ceiling, stand on the ladder if needed, and carefully drill it. Mount it according to the user manual and also maintain the throw ratio.

Note: wear glasses to prevent the eye from healing. 

Now your Optoma projector is mounted successfully.

6.    Secure All the Cables 

Now connect your projector with a power inlet; before connection, make sure that the wire does not get too bent and mount it neatly. 

Tip: connecting your laptop with HDMI is too hard, and you get blocked at one place, but here is the solution.

Bov Box – Wireless HDMI Kit

This wireless HDMI kit has up to 4 device connections with one receiver. Connecting is also strong with faster transfer speed.


High Quality:

This kit gives you 1080p high deficiency Resolution and also supports the 60 times per second update, which give you clear and smooth playback

Long-Distance Transmission:

The wireless kit has long-distance transmission ability to cover up to 200 meters easily in a Barrier-free environment. No cable is required for this purpose

Work with all HDMI Devices:

 Wireless video and audio transmitters work with all HDMI-supported devices. For example

  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • DVDs
  • Game console
  • DSLR camera

Up to 4 Device Connections:

Wireless kits come with a minimum of four devices of connection. In every relationship, the coverage gets shorter 

  • Forone1 device: 200 m
  • For two devices: 60 m
  • For three devices: 30m 
  • Forfour4 device: 20 m

Solution to the Problem – Placing the Projector

Most of the time, you mount a projector in not correct place means the picture does not fix the screen; for this problem, the solution is here.

1.      Keystone Correction 

Keystone correction is one of the most used digital features to adjust your projector according to your screen 

From this feature, you can adjust your screen in just a few steps; it is available mainly in every Optoma projector and allows you to fix the image from 2 sides. 

2.      Four Corner Adjustment

Four-corner adjustment is one of the easiest and best ways to set your screen; this feature allows you to adjust your projected image according to the screen.

Keystone correction allows you to adjust the picture from 2 sides, but four corners will allow you to change the image from 4 sides.

This feature is mainly used in the new Optoma projector model; if you have a new model, you can use it. 


Installing the Optoma projector ceiling mount is easy; you can do it in just 5 phases; in this guide, we give you step-by-step instructions which help you to mount the Optoma projector correctly.  In the end, we have also described two features that help prove you fit the screen and provide you with the best viewing experience.

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