Top 5 UPS for Projector 2022 – Make a Wise Purchase!

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Do you require a best UPS for projector? Whether a UPS matches your budget or long-term investment in a projector depends on how you see the UPS’s function.

When it comes to the consequences that voltage surges, dips, and sporadic outages can have on your projector, the UPS is a life-saver, a time-saver, and a money-saver. Your projector may become even more damaged by bad weather and electrical storms.

An all-in-one UPS is a worthwhile investment due to these advantages. You don’t want your projector to stop working before it needs to, whether you’re a business owner or consumer. The expense is justified if purchasing a UPS allows you to use your projector for a few more years.

5 Best UPS for Projector

You can choose the best projector by using the recommendations provided below.

1.    CyberPower – System Outlets Mini Tower UPS System

This is the best Acer projector if you want a 4K projector that supports HDR and delivers a wider variety of color details.


Battery Back-up:

Provides electricity when utility power is unavailable for long enough for equipment to properly shut down. reduces component stress brought on by a harsh shutdown and assists in preventing data loss.

Internal Networking:

During blackouts and power outages, keep your smart home gadgets linked to your Wi-Fi.

Devices for Individual Use:

Keep playing after the power goes out. Gaming consoles, stereos, and chargers are all powered by backup batteries.

Household Theatre:

Avoid power spikes and surges by shielding delicate TVs, projectors, satellites, and cable boxes.


  • Dimensions: 13.25 x 4 x 9.75 inches
  • Weight:  20.9 pounds
  • Wattage: 560 watts
  • Amperage: 15 Amps


  • Best Ups, awesome software
  • Reliable UPS that provides enough backup power for the projector
  • Easy to set up and quiet


  • Lasts up to 2-3 hours

2.    APC – UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector

For laptops, wireless networking devices, gaming consoles, TVs, projectors, and security systems, dependable battery backup and surge protection.


Green Mode:

In order to achieve extremely high running efficiency without compromising any protection, a patent-pending operating mode skips unnecessary electrical components when there is adequate power.

IoT and Wireless Router Devices:

When your power goes out, you can still stay connected online. If your router is connected to a UPS, the Wi-Fi signal may still be active.

The Gaming System:

Even when the lights go off, consoles, gaming computers, attached hard drives, and your Twitch stream continue to operate.

Television, Cable Box, and Projector:

When there are power outages, don’t lose your DVR recordings. Even after the lights are turned off in the house, a linked cable or satellite box will keep recording.


  • Dimensions: 10.79 x 4.13 x 5.47 inches
  • Weight:  7.5 pounds
  • Wattage: 330 watts
  • Amperage: 2.7 amps

3.    TrippLite – Smart Line Interactive Projection 1500VA

Your precious equipment is shielded from harm, downtime, and data loss by this line-interactive UPS system.


Powerful Battery Backup:

During a power outage, this UPS system will maintain a low-power desktop computer and LCD monitor for up to 90 minutes.

Noise Protection:

To safeguard your equipment from damaging transient voltages and electromagnetic line noise, Tripp Lite UPS systems now come with integrated surge protection and noise filtering.

Protection against Data Line Surges:

This UPS system protects your equipment from surges on its AC power line, as well as linked coaxial, phone, and network connections.

 Multifunctional LCD Display:

The lighted LCD makes it simple to access specific UPS settings and data.


  • Dimensions: 19.29 x 9 x 11 inches
  • Weight:  27.3 pounds
  • Wattage: 900 watts
  • Amperage: 12


  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Solid, Stable Line-Interactive UPS


  • Not support 200w load

4.    Vertiv Liebert – PST5 200W UPS Projection

Your office’s electronic equipment can be cost-effectively protected with the Vertiv Liebert PST5 standby UPS.


Control of Power:

Vertiv Liebert PST5 UPS systems buffer against power supply interruptions brought on by blackouts, lightning strikes, brownouts, and other power supply difficulties, offering crucial protection for your business equipment.

Accurate and Simple to Use:

Systems like the Vertiv Liebert PST5 UPS are built with basic controls for straightforward use.

Equipment for the Office:

For reliable and affordable power protection from power surges and outages, Vertiv Liebert PST5 UPS systems are available for critical devices.


Eight outlets and several mounting options, four of which are reserved for protecting delicate gadgets without battery backup, let customers customize protection to individual device needs.


  • Dimensions: 6.24 x 12 x 3.82 inches
  • Weight:  6.6 pounds
  • Wattage: 200 watts
  • Amperage: 0.5 amps


  • easy to set up
  • Great backup for the Wi-Fi and TV
  • Excellent value for the money


  • The beeping cannot be stopped in any way

5.    Eaton – Electrical External Black 5S1500 LCD UPS

You can manage and monitor your power source with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Protector software, and connected equipment will be gracefully stopped as a result.


Operating Quietly:

When a battery is present or when there are significant voltage changes, an internal fan only runs.

Easy to Use form Factor:

With its tiny form factor, you can fit the 5S comfortably into small locations. It is possible to utilize the adaptable 5S as a tower or a monitor stand for a desktop.

Available LCD:

Utilize the user-friendly LCD to get important UPS data such as battery life and outage tracking in a single-screen view.

Replaceable Batteries:

You may easily remove the battery to increase the 5S’s lifespan.


  • Dimensions: 15 x 3.4 x 9.8 inches
  • Weight:  26.1 pounds
  • Wattage: 900 watts
  • Amperage: 7.5 amps


  • Superior Warranty Protection
  • Able to manage a 750W power source and a 4K monitor
  • long battery life


  • Continual fan running

Buying Guide – UPS for Projector

Getting a UPS for your projector is a big decision that needs some thought and money. Here is why a UPS is necessary for your projector.

  • Cooling: During a blackout, those fans won’t function, leaving a projector overheated. The projector can continue to be cooled down to safe temperatures with a UPS.
  • Continued Use: Despite a power outage, some users will wish to keep using their projectors. They can do it because a UPS can supply backup power for at least a short time.
  • Devices that go with it: As with computers and hard drives, projectors frequently work in conjunction with other hardware.
  • Warnings and alarms: Alarms on UPS systems can alert you to potentially harmful situations like overloading and overheating.


The finest option for your projector and other devices is the CyberPower UPS. APC is a great substitute as well. For its long battery life, TrippLite is a fantastic alternative. Projectors are vulnerable to interruptions from power outages because they depend on power from a wall socket to function. In that case, a UPS battery backup can be useful.

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