How To Turn On Projector?

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Have you just bought a projector to watch movies with fun? But, don’t know how to turn On projector? Why worry when your guide is here?

Just follow these steps to turn on the projector more easily and quickly 👇    

1. Uncover the Lens Cover

First, you have to remove the cover over the lens. Carefully rotate the cap on the lens. And placed it on the table. To make it remember.

2. Plug the Power Wire

Electricity is the essential thing to turn on any machine. Make sure there is electricity to turn on the projector.

Now plug the power cable in the projector and power supply line.

Tip: You must use the 220 V power cable to get the best result. Using a 100 V power cable almost reduces the 56% brightness of the projector.

Cation: Putting plug-in power supplying switch can use short circuit.

3. Turn on the Power Button

 When you successfully plug the power wire. Now on the power button.  You see the blinking of the light near the projector power inlet. This mean, the projector is receiving the electricity successfully.

4. Turn on the Projector Button

Now press the power button on the projector’s control panel or on the remote. To turn on the projector.

5. Choose the Display Content Type

Now see the labelled button on projector control panel name with:

3BNC port
5 HD base
6Source network
7Input port
8Input port (port 1)

Select the type of content you want to display or select the ‘Quick Start’ Button. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press the quick start on the left. Choose the content display type (PC, HDMI, VGA FOR LAPTOP, 3BLUE –RAY and etc.

6.  Adjusting the Volume

The volume is essential to adjust. So, make sure you set the volume before using the projector.

7. Adjust the Volume Using a Projector

On the back of the projector, you see the control panel—Button labelled with volume. Adjust the volume according to your need.                                      


8. Adjust the Volume Using the Pc

Suppose you don’t want to adjust the volume from the projector control panel. No problem. You can right do it with your PC. Now go and adjust the volume from the status bar.

9. Fix the Height of the Projector

When you put the projector on the table, the displayed image may get distorted. Cause the height of the projector is not uniform. you adjust the size using this method

  1. Extend the feet of the projector
  2. Retract the projector feet

Try this method until your image height gets normal

10. Set the Image Position Using the Screen Position

If your image displayed position is not fixed. Just follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the projector
  2. Display any image
  3. Go to the main menu
  4. Enter on extended menu
  5. Select display and screen position
  6. Now, you use the arrow on the remote to fix the image position
  7. After fixing the position go to the main menu and enjoy
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11. Fix the Image Aspect Ratio

If you want to resize the image, you follow these step

  1. Turn on the projector
  2. Select and display the image you want to show
  3. Now press the button label with ASPECT on the control panel
  4. Resize the picture according to your need

12. Fixing the Image Shape with a Quick Corner

If you’re displaying an image that is not in rectangle shape, try this:

  1. Turn on the projector
  2. Select and display the image
  3. Now see the control panel button labelled with geometry
  4. Now select the quick corner
  5. Use the arrow button on the remote to adjust the image in a rectangle shape

Tip: If you want to reset the image, press Esc for 3-4 seconds, and the picture gets

13. Fixing the Projector with Remote

Sometimes you put the projector on the table or you hang it on the ceiling. To get the image correctly on the wall, you must use the projector mode.

  1. Turn on the projector
  2. Select the image you want to show
  3. Put a finger for 8-10 seconds on the shutter button of the remote

After this, the image seems top to bottom for the ceiling,

 if you want to reset the picture again, put the finger on the shutter for 8-10 seconds.

14. Controlling the Volume Using Remote

If you don’t want to change the volume again and again from the PC or Projector. You have to use the volume button on the remote. You see the + sign on the remote. This helps you increase the volume, and – sign to decrease the volume more easily.

15. Fixing the Brightness of the Projector

If you want to fix the brightness of the projector according to your need, follow these steps:

  1. turn on the projector
  2. Select and display the image
  3. Press the menu button
  4. Go to the setting
  5. Select the brightness option

And adjust the brightness according to your need

16. Choose the Color Mode of the Projector

The modern projector provides different types of color modes according to your environment. You can easily select the color mode according to your environment. More efficiently, follow these steps

  1. Turn on the projector
  2. Select the image option
  3. Press the color mode
  4. Select the color mode according to your environment.

17. Select the Language You Understand

If you are not comfortable with your projector menu language. You can change it. just follow these step

  1. Turn on the projector
  1. Go to menu
  1. Go to extend
  1. Select the language that you want    

Is There Anything in Front of the Projector Lens?

Much of the time, the projector hangs on the ceiling. Little wire or anything in front of the projector lens makes a big shadow. Cause distortions in the image on the wall.

Don’t See in the Projector Lens!

Sometimes the projector takes a little time to turn on. During this time, a projector is in process, and a blue ray gets out and harms human and animal eyes very severely. Make sure you don’t see in the projector lens.

Some Important Points to Remember

  • If you mounted the projector on a wall or a ceiling, you must hire some expert to do this task
  • Don’t use the projector near the heating system, water, or high voltage electrical wires
  • Mount the projector near the electrical inlet
  • Don’t insert the plugin rusting and dusty inlet
  • Don’t put out the plug while the electric switch is on
  • Use the dry cloth for cleaning
  • Don’t put flame-able things near the projector
  • Don’t insert the plug-in power inlet when the projector can’t use for a long time
  • Don’t block the lens. May this cause the fore
  • Don’t place any heavy objects on the projector
  • Don’t operate the projector on a sofa, bad
  • Don’t put the projector outside for a long time
  • If you are using the two-projectors side by side, you have to give a distance of 60 cm between both. This helps the projector in ventilation.
  • Don’t use the projector where the flame-able gases are. This may cause the fire


If you buy the projector and face the problem of how to turn on the projector. follow these steps:

  1. Uncover the lens
  2. Turn on the power
  3. Connect the device you want
  4. Select the content you want to see
  5. Now watch movies and dramas and enjoy

If you still face problems turning on the projector, read the guide for better results.

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