How to Mount a Projector without Drilling?

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If you are facing a problem with mounting a projector in a rented home, or you don’t have the freedom to drill holes or make extra shelves for your projector at any place, worry not! As we are here to solve your problem regarding how to mount a projector without drilling.

Mounting your projector with drilling is expensive. And you have to compromise your building stability too. So why not consider other ways which are affordable and reliable too?

Mount a Projector without Drilling

Well, there are various ways you can mound your projector without drilling. But the thing you must have to consider is to take a tabletop type of projector. You can easily place it near the table or any bookshelf.

Various ways will help you mount your projector quickly and affordably without drilling.

So, let’s look at the main 5 easy-to-do ways to mount a projector without drilling.

Here we go!

1.      Use a Shelf Mount

Shelves are your best problem solver. It can help you to mount a projector without drilling. That shelf may be your bookshelf or floating shelf on your wall, or a rotating wooden shelf in the middle of your sitting area.

Make sure your shelf provides different portions to adjust your projector height and angle according to your demand. Books can also help you to increase the size of your projector. That’s why the bookshelf is our first recommendation.

If you want to invest money in getting a proper projector shelf: then that’s a great deal, but you have to keep some points in your mind before going for a projector shelf:

These are:

  • You can easily stand your projector shelf anywhere you want
  • They get an adjustable portion with unit shelves so you can easily adjust the height according to your need.
  • Your projector shelf must contain ample space for cable management, so that’s why your cable can’t lay on the floor.
  • If you want that your cables can’t look worse or messy in your entertainment area, then you may buy a cable cover that gives a uniform shape to your wires, and then you are good to go.

2.      A and L Shape Stand

A and L shape stands will be your best friend if you are in a rented apartment. This stand is budget friendly and adjusts anywhere in your apartment. This type of stand is recommended for large-size projectors; it contains a hook that helps to mount a projector. If you have a small projector, then don’t worry. We also have a solution for this problem too. You can take a camera tripod stand with a hook to mound your projector. It’s also a budget-friendly way that you may take. You can also use your side table for this purpose, but make sure your side table has the ideal height you need for your projector.

3.      A V/S L Shape Stand

L- Shape stand is preferable to then A -shaped stand. L shape stands with an attached hook provide a large projector area. This type of stand helps to prevent wire mess with their L- shape style.

4.      Projector Tripod Stand

If you don’t have a camera tripod stand and want to buy one, you may consider a projector tripod stand. This great gadget will also help mount a projector without drilling. This stand is portable. You can easily place it behind the couch or bed.

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 Its shelf is a perfect square, providing ample space for your projector. It also contains portions that will help to keep projector wires. It’s suitable for both small and large-size projectors. It offers good looks, so you can keep it in your office and even in your backyard.

5.      L-Shape Stand V/S Shelf Stand

L shape stand is more stylish and easier to handle. It’s specific for the projector, so it contains various portions to maintain the height and the angle of the projector easily without using different books. Also, you can easily change the lenses all time you want. The most crucial feature of L shape stand is its ventilation setting. This setting will put your heart at ease when your projector gets overheated during prolonged use. And you can place this stand near the screen as much as you want.

Although a shelf stand is a budget-friendly option, you can easily place your projector on a flat surface. You can adjust the height of your projector by placing books. However, book stands have a large area, so you can quickly put a large projector on it.

6.      DIY Plywood and Drywall Anchors

Still, you are unsatisfied with the previous options or may be looking for more variety to mount your projector without don’t worry, we have more options too.

This option is not much recommended but yes! You have to go through it first; maybe it suits you.

Mounting a projector with a drywall anchor, you must ensure that your wall is dry, and there must be no proximity of water or any other liquid because it’s not working well on any wet surfaces or walls.

To mount your projector, you will need two dry anchors and a plywood section where you can place your projector. Now you can cut your Plywood section in a DIY way, and then you will tie it with a dry anchor by rope or with some cloth.      

Now is the time to place your projector on a Plywood piece and ensure that rope or cloth is strong enough to bear your projector weight easily. If yes! Then wait for more than 5 min to confirm. If it works adequately, congratulations; you are now good to go.

Final Words

In today’s technological world, we most of the time prefer portable things. We don’t want to consider the drilling option to mount our projector. Firstly, the equipment is expensive. And secondly, it’s not portable, taking your liberty to enjoy the big screen out of your home.

And if you don’t have the freedom in your home or office to mount your projector with drilling, then don’t worry. You can also mount your projector without drilling.

So, now is the time to enjoy movies, cartoons, and games with your family and friends inside the home, in the backyard, or even in an office environment without portability problems.

Consider the following steps to mount a projector without drilling:

  • You can easily mount your projector on any table shelf in your home.
  • If you want to spend money to get a proper projector stand, you may consider a projector tripod. It’s a most beneficial gadget.
  • L shape or A-shaped stand is also a great option that you may consider. It also provides impressive space for your projector. These stands are more stylish and portable too.
  • DIY Plywood and Drywall Anchor is also a viable option. But it’s not the most recommended one.

All these steps are affordable and easy to implement.

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