A 101 Guide to How to Straighten Projector Image?

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Facing problems to adjust rectangular projector and square screen image. Well, that’s not a big deal. You can’t get anything perfect in this world but yes’ you get the solutions to all your problems because you have to focus on the solution, not on the problem. so why not get straight into the solutions to fix the problem?

Here we go!

Assume that your projector is hanging with the ceiling, and causes problems regards how to straighten projector image. Below we’ve discussed everything regarding this problem!

1.    Picture Fails to Fill the Screen

You get two ways to fix the problem of the projected images not filling the screen.

Here’s How:

  1. You may zoom in through the projector to make the projector picture large.
  2. You may move the device where it’s mounded to adjust the display screen.

Choosing the first option is easy to go with. But if you fail to zoom in or you don’t have space to move the projector, or if you can fill the width and not adjust the height or vice versa then you have to purchase either the projector or the screen with a mismatched aspect ratio.

2.    If the Picture is too Big for the Screen

This is the opposite issue of the upper one. We will solve this problem with opposite two solutions.

Here’s How:

  • You can either zoom out
  • You may move the projector closer to the screen

3.    Top Picture of the Projector is Wider than the Bottom One

Here’s how to resolve the issue:

  • In case your picture looks like a trapezoid then it’s meant your projector pitch is off.
  • If the image gets wider from the top than the bottom you have to pitch down at the front.
  • If the image gets wider from the bottom, then you need to pitch up from the front.

4.    If the Picture is Sloped

If the picture gets sloped its means the projector or screen isn’t leveled well from left to right. But, you can level your projector. And,

Here’s How:

  • Firstly, adjust the Screen level
  • You have to be perfectly aligned with the edge of the screen

5.    Lens Shift

If the picture is distorted, then you have to focus on lens shift. Lens shift provides uniform focus, straight edge image with no loss in the quality of the image.

Here’s how:

  • If you want to move the picture up and down then you may use a vertical lens shift
  • Move your picture side to side then you may use a horizontal lens shift
  • you can fix the off-center too, without moving the projector just using the knob or dial.
  •  In some high-end models you can adjust your screen by just using a remote.

Lens shift corrects the distortion of the image. And provides the focus edge image.

6.    Keystone Correction

Keystone Correction or Key stoning is the function in the projector that made the projector image perpendicularly perfect & distortion free. Here’s how to do it!

  • Keystone correction is done automatically or manually.
  • Automatically keystone correction detects the distorted image and then corrects them.
  • Vertical Keystone Correction corrects the distortion on the top or bottom of the image.
  • Horizontal Keystone Correction corrects the distortion from left to right of the image.
  • It can fix all types of images that are narrow or wide from any side.
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You can easily access this setting in your projector went into the menu and also getting the option in your remote. Try to use Keystone Correction rarely because it degrades the resolution of the image.

7.    Optional Lenses

Some projectors have the option to change the lens, through which they can enjoy flexible benefits.

Here’s How:

  • You can choose the motorized lens that suits your environment
  • Projector can easily handle projection near and far by using the optional lens.

8.    Lens Shift V/S Keystone Correction

Both lens shift and ketone correction make the projector perpendicularly perfect and distortion-free. But they have slight differences.

Here’s How:

  • When the projector is perfectly perpendicularly lined up with the screen you can then fix the problem with Lens Shift.
  • If the projector is not perfectly lined up with the screen and the image is narrow and wide from one side then you consider ketone correction.

Always remember that lens shift and keystone correction both are very important functions in every projector and they are not available in all models.

9.    Handle Four Corners of the Image

You can handle four corners of the image with a quick corner.

Here’s How:

  • Through remote you can handle four corners of the image by using the quick corner feature.
  • That’s so beneficial to create a perfectly rectangular image by just using a remote.

10.    Adjust the Angle of the Ceiling Projector

If your projector is hanging with the ceiling then you don’t need to adjust its feet to level both top corners, the ceiling projector has its settings to deal with these issues. These settings will allow you to adjust the angle. If you still fail to adjust the angle then you have to deal with lens shift or keystone correction

11.    Adjust the Angle with Lens Shift

The first thing you have to consider is that your projector contains a lens shift setting, if so, that would be great you don’t need to move the projector by feet or with the mount you simply adjust the angle digitally. You just need to move the lens assembly.

Moving the lens assembly is not a common feature, mostly you haven’t gotten this feature in budget-friendly projectors, so make sure your projector has a lens shift setting. With this setting, you have to enhance your lens’s actual position and align the corners as well.

If your projector is already aligned with the screen image then you just need to fix the odd angle issue with the lens shift. If you want to fix the bottom, top, narrow, or wide you may consider keystone correction settings to fix your problem easily.

Final Words

To get the perfect straighten image you have to focus on these points:

  • Make sure that in your projector there must be a lens shift or keystone correction option both are so useful for the perfect straightened image
  • Before using these tools make sure that your projector is installed correctly without any lineup issues.
  • If you want to buy a new projector then make sure, that projector contains all important features that tackle nicely all problems.
  • Try to avoid low-budged projectors that don’t have the latest features and cause lots of problems and run your happy time.
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