Best Settings for Optoma Projector

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While using a projector on a normal setting, not a good thing because the Optoma company made another fantastic setting for you, these hidden settings give you the best picture quality with relief of mind. 

Some settings are not made for every situation, these specific settings apply to particular situations which are already described below.

From these best settings you get the best picture quality with less energy consumption features and many more, all other features which are used in Optoma projector help you in many ways. 

Did you know! 

In most cinema houses, owner can’t use least expensive and top nosh projector which provide you best experience, they simply use other settings which are available in projector already

You can also do the same and enjoy your cinema at home with your family at less cost and with more comfort. 

So, stay with us and learn the best settings for Optoma projector. And enjoy your movies with more brilliant experiences, the same as cinema.

The Best Settings

So, let’s start with the best settings. You should try and enjoy your Optoma projector more than what is offers normally. 

But before we start, you should know this:

These setting are not only digital settings which are given by company. It also includes physical setting.

The physical settings are equally important as digital settings are. 

Now let’s start with physical settings first!

1.    Physical Settings

So, let’s start with some essential physical settings that are going to help you a lot.

Setting 1: Throw Ratio 

Lot of the times when you placed your projector far away from and thinking I placed it on right, maybe you have placed it on right place but, most of the times you placed it wrong. 

If you place your projector more than away from its throw ratio, it displays a blur picture.

Mainly throw ratio is the distance from which you have to place your optimal projector from the wall or projector screen

most of the time you don’t know how much far set Optoma projector, for this purpose i recommend you to read the user manual 

In the user manual there is only one figure that means you have to find it by your own self. 

To find the actual throw distance follow this simple math equation while using calculator.

Multiply your screen width with figure on user manual, from this you get the throw distance.

Let’s take an example:

  • Screen width: 65 
  • Manual figure: 1.5
  • Multiply both: 65*1.5 = 97.5 

97.5 inches from the screen, is the actual throw distance.

Situation: If in the user manual there is figure like 1.5-2.1 that means you can set your projector between   97-136 inches.

Now go and set your Optoma projector according to the above equation’s answer.

Setting 2: Your Placing Area 

Most of the time you can’t hang your projector with ceiling because most projector are designed for table. And some time table mount give you very tough times.

When you place your projector on soft surface or placed it on cloth, they start absorbing dust and they can’t allow heat to get out from projector.

When the dust starts togethering in projector it causes many problems, for example your projector starts flickering, the image get blur, and picture quality get down.

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And when heat can’t get out from projector, they heat the whole projector which affect your Optoma projector lens and many other sensitive parts.

So, place your projector in a table where nothing is blocking the Optoma projector ventilation fan. 

Setting3: Projector Room Light 

If you buy a projector with less lumens and you are going to use it in heavily lit places or rooms then it’s your fault. 

Most of the projector can’t be designed to fight with heavy light, so place your projector in a dark room and convert your room into more darkness as you can, from this the picture quality gets better and you experience also. 

Setting 4: Focus Dial

Another most important setting that help you lot in picture quality, most of Optoma projector comes with focus daily which is no of the most popular feature.

From this feature you can return the sharpness in your picture and make your picture more beautiful and attractive.

Focus dial is wheel like circle on the top of lens of your Optoma projector and may be named with focus.

Follow these steps to make your picture is sharper:

  • Turn on your projector 
  • Display any image 
  • Now move the focus daily into any direction 
  • Do until you feel the picture get much better than before also soothes your eyes 

From this method your picture becomes more focused. 

Setting 4: Remote Safe 

If you are using your projector to spend best time with your family then there must be some children who wants to operate your Optoma projector, but instead of operate the projector the do the thing which disturbed your projector setup.

If you want to feel free while place remote everywhere then you have to lock your Optoma projector remote.

If you lock your remote there is none of method from which child, use it to operate projector.

To lock, just press the enter button for 7-10 second, to unlock again press enter button for 7-10 second. 

2.    Digital Settings

In the upper section we describe all the necessary physical settings which are best for an Optoma projector but there is also a digital setting which helps you a lot.

Setting 1: Zoom Feature 

Zoom feature is on the most useful digital feature you have to use; it is mostly used when you mount your projector far away from screen and the picture get blurry

From this feature you can big or small the size of your phone easily without do any movement with Optoma projector 

Today’s modern optimal projector also come with zoom wheel which is fixed above lens and before the focus wheel 

Follow these steps to use the zoom feature: 

  • Turn on your projector 
  • Display any image you want 
  • Go the main setting 
  • Go to the settings 
  • Go to the zoom feature 

With the help of a remote, do zoom in or out.

Setting 2: Energy Saving 

Some of the optimal projector come with energy saving mode called Eco mode, in this mode you can save lot of energy 

To enable this, follow these steps 

  • Turn on your projector 
  • Go to the main menu 
  • Go the settings 
  • Go to the Eco mode 
  • And enable it. 

Note: if you enable this mode, it may affect your experience because while using eco mode louder the sound of the cooling fan. It also consumes less power which may cause projector flecking. 

Our recommendation is that don’t use eco mode instead of this use the Optoma projector with low resolution in dark room. 


The best setting about your optimal projector is already listed here, all these features help you to watch best movie, 

All these features provide you same experience like cinema where you spend lot of cost. 

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