Best Speaker for Optoma Projector and Why Do You Need it?

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Without sound your projector is useless because sound is the main thing which attracts any one, maybe your Optoma provides sound but the sound which is provided by Optoma internal speaker is not too impressive than budget friendly external speaker which connects easily with your Optoma projector.

You can easily connect an external speaker with your Optoma projector, the process is fast and easy, for this you just need an external speaker and an audio or RCA cable and a full guide.

All processes are described below with some tips with the best budget friendly speaker for

I Optoma your projector.

3 Best Speakers for Optoma Projector

So, let’s start with top 3 best speaker for Optoma projector which provide awesome experience of sound because we found these speakers after extensive research which is also budget friendly.

1.    Cambridge Sound Work – Angel 3 Wireless Speaker 

Speaker comes with an awesome feature that’s why it gained more than 42 million+ just reviews, while buying this speaker you also get wireless feature which is mind reading. 


Loud Volume:

The Speakers come with so loud sound that you can easily use it in the family room and enjoy your movie because it delivers you 14-watt output which works like a hammer on your family voice. 

Geo Unlocks:

Speaker comes with a geo unlock feature which means if you buy two speakers you can place both at different places but both play the same voice, for this purpose you have to use the OontZ1 app.

Note: this feature works when you order two speakers separately because the seller provides you one product at a good price.

Powerful Range:

Speaker comes with power range of transmission which allow you to use this speaker with the range 100 mater, 100 meter of wireless transmission, 

Water Proof: 

Don’t worry about water dust and splash because this small and budget friendly speaker comes with fully waterproof dust proof and splash proof features which allow you to use this speaker for a long time, all these features are tested from IPX7.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and wires 
  • Control type: App control 
  • Speaker type: Indoor and outdoor 
  • Special feature: Portable 


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Portable design 
  • Easy to carry 
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor.


  • Not too much waterproof 

2.    Bob Top – WIFI Speaker for Projector 

Another amazing speaker is here which is shaped like a bar sound bar work like a speaker. This speaker provides you powerful bass which allow you to enjoy your movie full of experience. 


Wireless Connectivity:

Speaker allows you to use it with Bluetooth technology. If your Optoma projector supports Bluetooth then this is the best option. 

High Quality: 

Speaker come with high quality of speaker with 6W of dual output. The bass remains mellow all time and allows you to enjoy your movie all time with the same experience.

No Hassle:

The Speakers are designed in a way that they keep your tank neat and clean, no extra wires which affect the beauty, just need to connect and enjoy a powerful voice.

Long Life:

speakers digital power amplifiers with low energy consumption, high efficiency, energy saving made and Built-in Dual 3W high- best drivers for full range audio allow you to use it for a long time with no hassle. 

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  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and wires 
  • Control type: button 
  • Speaker type: indoor and outdoor 
  • Special feature: bar design 


  • Wireless connectivity. 
  • Best design 
  • long life 
  • USB powered 


  • Light can’t turn off some time 

Some Common Questions and Steps

In upper section we short list and described best speaker, now let’s give a look to some questions and step you must know 

Does all Optoma projector come with speakers?

As we said above that not all Optoma projector come with built-in speaker

There is mainly 5+ projector which come with built-in speakers, not all, for this problem you have to buy a new speaker for the projector. 

The main 6 Optoma projector are;

  1. Optoma Cinemax 
  2. Optoma ML800
  3. Optoma HD30HDR
  4. Optoma UHLL5
  5. Optoma X318ST

From the list, only a few Optoma projector models come with sound.

Methods to Connect Your Optoma Projector with Speakers

Now it’s time to discuss some methods from which you can easily connect your Optoma projector with speakers 

Method 1: use laptop as medium 

You can easily use a laptop as the medium to connect your Optoma projector with speakers.

Follow these easy steps for connection 

  • Turn off both devices 
  • Connect one end of HDMI with laptop and connect another end of HDMI with laptop, now both devices are connected 
  • Now take an audio wire of 3.5mm and connect one end with laptop and another end with speaker 
  • Now you all device are connect and start work

Note: this is the simplest way from which you can connect both devices and this is the easiest way which always works. 

Method 2: via HDMI 

The good news is that you can also connect your speaker with an Optoma projector via HDMI cable in case your speaker supports the HDMI or HDMI ARC port. 

This is the cheap and simple ways for best connection, if you speaker or soundbar support then follow these steps;

  • Turn off your both devices 
  • Connect one end of HDMI with sound bar and other end with Optoma projector 
  • Now turn on both devices and select the input HDMI as input. 

Note: HDMI option mostly come with new gen or models of speakers, if you are going to buy try to buy HDMI.

If you want to buy HDMI cable then here is the recommendation;

Highwings Long HDMI Cable  


Thrilling technology:

The cable delivers 8k transmission, which is the most cutting-edge technology. This technology displays every particle with clearness and process every signal accurately. 

Boosted resolution: 

High-wing cable confirms the 2.0 version of HDMI. Its transaction speed so fast (48Gps), which is not supported by most of the typical cable. Cable also achieves advanced-level audio signal control, which does not get stuck or stopped while watching a movie. 


  • Multiple mode support
  • Open 8k resolution world 
  • Ten thousand+ times of bending 

Method 3: Bluetooth 

Blue tooth is very popular to connect any device with each other same thing with Optoma projection, most of Optoma projector come with blue tooth technology and you can use them.

If your Optoma projector also support blue tooth then follow these steps;

  • Turn on both devices 
  • Turn on the blue tooth of your speaker from button 
  • Turn on the blue tooth of Optoma projector 
  • Now go on the setting of projector 
  • Go to audio 
  • Select the input and select Bluetooth
  • Now go and pair you both devices and enjoy 

Note: make sure your speaker also supports blue tooth.

Tip: Instead of using wires you can also use the wireless transmitter which connect your Optoma projector with your speaker with no hassle. If you don’t have blue tooth technology with your projector and speaker no problem because these transmitters don’t need Bluetooth for wireless connection.


In last choice is your but if you want our recommendation then we recommend you to buy 1 remote which is truly universal remote for Optoma projector.

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