How to Turn Up Volume on RCA Projector Without Remote?

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There are many situations in which we can get ourselves involved. One of them could be turning up the volume of our presentations when we don’t have a remote. Such a situation could be at any time, anywhere. Imagine yourself in a class presentation or business meeting where you are in a situation with no remote.

You have to handle the projector manually. Things can get quite interruptive and even embarrassing for some people if they don’t know the proper use of the projector. Set aside class presentations and business projects. It is essential to know the use of your projector so you wouldn’t get stuck at any time.

Being stuck sometimes ruins the presentation and can also be very irritative for some people. But wait, there is no need to worry because if you are thinking about how to turn up volume on RCA Projector without remote, this article is definitely for you.

Turning Up the Volume of the Projector Without Remote

There are many ways a projector can be used and operated. A very easy and simple way is to use and manage it with the help of a remote. This method is most used because it is user-friendly, and remotes can be easily found in any marketplace. The second way is about handling the projector manually.

1.      Manual Handling

If you lost your remote or just don’t have it right now, then manually operating the projector would probably be the best idea. Following are some ways to tell you how to turn up the volume of an RCA Projector without a Remote. Don’t think learning it would be difficult for you because this article will guide you through the most straightforward steps.

2.      The Button Method

Yes, you guessed it right. The easiest way to turn up the projector’s volume is by using the buttons you have been provided. Give a sharp look to your projector. It must have an additional sign indicating an increase in volume. The moment you press it, the projector’s volume starts to increase.

There can be issues with this idea if your presentation or projector use happens in a big room. There will be uncertainty about the proper volume adjustment causing you to change the volume repeatedly.

However, this tiny problem can be solved easily in a simple way. You can ask a friend or someone near you to change the volume constantly for a short time. The moment you think it is perfect, you should ask him to stop. This way, you won’t have to move again and again because of the volume.

3.      Changing the Volume with the Help of the Smartphone

There might be a little problem with the first idea if your projector doesn’t have any buttons. There are a lot of models which don’t come with volume up and down buttons. The only two buttons they have are the power on/off buttons which can only be used for on and off for the projector.

Suppose you see someone posing their phone towards the TV or projector. That means he is using the infrared blaster, also known as the IR blaster. It’s an infrared technology that is used for remotes. Some mobiles have it pre-installed, while you might need to install it separately.

4.      IR Blaster

IR blaster is another feature by which you can change the projector’s volume. There are various applications over the internet to check out if your mobile has the feature or not.

 But since the majority of mobile phones have it. Let’s come on how to turn up the volume of an RCA Projector without a remote using an IR blaster.

·         Plug the IR blaster into your smartphone

Mobile phones that have pre-installed IR blasters don’t need any other extra extensions; however, mobiles without any IR blasters might need additional installation.

·          Next, you need to download any app that suits your mobile phone

There are various apps on the google play store and Appstore as well. Anymore, Unified TV, Sure universal remote TV are some of the most famous mobile applications for android. You can search for iOS apps as well.

·         Run the application which you installed

You need to open and run the application. It would have some guidelines at the start; follow them, and you will be good.

·         Check by pointing the mobile phone toward the projector

Now just randomly pose your mobile phone towards the channel and try changing the channel according to the guidelines mentioned in the application you have just installed. 

If it works, then it’s fine. If it doesn’t, you might need to check for some errors.

5.      iProjection Method

Did you know about the Epson projector? Well, another option to change the volume is by using Epson’s own launcher app, the iProjection app.

The iProjection app was launched by Epson, and it was designed to make web browsing easier for its users. It allows you to wireless project photos from the library of your computer. The best thing about the app is that it is user-friendly and secure.

Now that you know what projection is, let’s explain how to turn up the volume of an RCA Projector without a remote with the help of the iProjection app.

  • Download the Epson projector app. It is possible to download the app from any browser, but chrome is the best one out there because it is fast, easy to use, and reliable.
  • Launch the application.
  • Connect the projector with the same access point which is connected to your smartphone.
  • Look for the name of your projector in the search list. Your projector must have a specific name. If you don’t know it, you can quickly check the methods for finding the name of your projector online.
  • Once done finding the phone, connect your phone to the projector.
  • Now the volume buttons will appear on the projector. Volume can be increased or decreased with the buttons that appear on the screen. It is recommended to check before applying this in a meeting or so.
  • You can easily adjust the volume without worrying about problems.

Suppose you don’t know about access points and want to skip this part. There is no need for worrying because there is a solution for that as well.

  • Open the app on your smartphone.
  • Connect the projector with a wireless dongle via a USB port.
  • There will be an option by the name of the quick mode. Once you find it, then click on it.
  •  Now, like the previous Method, you need to look for your projector’s name in the search option.
  • Once you’ve found the name of your projector, click on the connect option, and it’s done.
  • You can change the volume on your mobile phone.
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6.      Quick Access

This method is known as the quick Method for a reason. The reason is simple: it eliminates unnecessary objects and gets the job done in the shortest time.

Based on customer reviews and user experiences. This application has made their life accessible and is one of their best picks. You should also consider using this application if you have an Epson projector. Both audio and video can be transmitted simultaneously.

We also have the Method of using speakers. It is further explained in the following paragraph.

7.      External Speakers

Compatibility is one of the biggest problems that you can face when it comes to using external speakers. A lot of modern projectors that are coming in this gen are compatible. 

There are tons of advantages to using external speakers, not only because that is possible without a projector remote but also because the sound quality and bass from the speakers are exceptional. 

Build quality depends on what you buy, but the best part is that it will never leave you alone in big rooms with big presentations. Certain events have big halls, and if you think you don’t have a projector big enough to support you, you should definitely consider an external speaker.

Other than that, a lot of people personally don’t prefer to use a projector for multi-purpose. Like they don’t want the projector to work for them as an audio server, regardless of how loud its audio transmission will be, it can never compete with an excellent external speaker.

Projector Compatible Speakers

Here are three good external speakers that you won’t regret after purchasing.

1.      ZVOX SB500

One of the best options to go for out there. It has a built-in subwoofer system, making it bass cross level after level. It has a single anodized aluminum cabinet bar that performs exceptionally in big rooms. There is nothing to be amazed by since it was designed for this.

But another significant part comes in with the exquisite design of the speaker. It looks like a random bar with no purpose, but who knows, this everyday-looking bar would sound like a beast. Having the Accuvoice technology installed in it. It makes the sound crystal clear, leaving no room for errors. 

It works with amazing projectors ranging between 50 to 90 and TVs where sound explains it’s worth spending each penny. It has Bluetooth connectivity and three speakers with amplifiers as powerful as 140w Class D. This is the best option.

The dual built-in subwoofers won’t disappoint you but will only continue to be amazing if you have recently switched from a projector to external speakers.

2.      Logitech Z906

Many brands around the world stand for themselves, and let us tell you that Logitech is one of them. A brand that needs no introduction. Logitech Z906 is a speaker that was made to keep the sound on. With such crispiness and purity in the quality, you would never wish to turn the projector off so you could hear more and more.

The Logitech Z906 is also a speaker that can amaze you regarding sound quality. It provides you with a setup looking precisely like a studio: stunning black color and a good option for people to prefer to go with style along with quality.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this speaker is only dedicated to conference rooms. You can use it for home theaters as well because its extra audio clarity makes users well known of everything. The excellent powerful speaker has 500W RMS, and this can be increased up to 1000W.

This speaker isn’t limited to anything at all. It supports up to 6 devices at a time. This means you can connect gaming consoles, pcs, mobiles, and projectors and still have room for 2.

3.      VMI 2.1

We know people nowadays love to cope with fashion and style, so we have brought you one of the best-looking speakers right here. Don’t get fooled by the idea of looks and no performance.

If you think this speaker is on the 3rd number and must lack in performance, then you are wrong. Not only this speaker has unique looks, but it also has one of the best performances according to its price range.

The speaker comes with a powerful 120W sound system, which is decent if you look at its price. It has an extraordinary sound pressure of 120dB, which can blow the walls.

It comes with all the modern technologies such as Bluetooth 5.0 and DSP technology and fast audio transmission, this is an excellent option.

It can give a decent performance in both modes. Wired mode and wireless can also be used in the mounted position if required. You can connect any device with it using options such as USB, AUX, and HDMI.


1.      Are there other ways to turn up the volume of your projector?

Yes, there are other ways. You can always take a deep dive into various topics; on your way back, you will have more knowledge and answers. The ways mentioned above are one of the easiest ways to change the volume of your projector.

Only some ways are model-dependent, while the rest of the other ways are universal. This means you can apply them on any projector by using some gadgets.

2.      Can we connect our projector with external speakers if they aren’t high quality?

It’s a clear NO. External speaker not made of good quality or resources always gives a red flag. It’s just like buying a car from an unknown company offering you something cheaper than a well-known company with a good profile in the market. Its reliability would always remain a question mark.

As we have listed above are some of the best speakers till now. The sound quality of their product quality everything is good and promising. A lousy product would only waste your money, giving you some short time relief that is not permanent. In contrast, a good investment remains for a longer time.

3.      Why is the Epson method considered the best among all?

The thing that is most valued in the modern era is time. If you can understand the value of time, you can value the most important thing on the planet. As the saying goes, time is money. This means if you save time, you can save money also.

Relatively if there is a method that wastes a lot of your time would be useless or acceptable to many people. Similarly, many people, without reason, want to save their time because it is simply something that can help them invest their time in other valuable tasks.

We are not saying other ways are useless. The projection Method works with Epson’s projectors only. So, if you don’t have an Epson projector, then it’s no use. Hence this method is only helpful and time-saving to the people with Epson projectors.

Final Words

The speakers listed above are one of the best speakers in their respective tiers, and we can say that this purchase won’t disappoint you. Never go for something which you don’t know about. The reason for explaining the speakers was so you could know the quality of what you are purchasing.

We can only hope that your query about how to turn up the volume of an RCA Projector without a remote was solved without any confusion. Everything was explained briefly, yet if there is still a question, you can check for answers in the FAQ.

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