How To Turn Up Volume On RCA Projector Without Remote?

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Have you lost your remote on the sofa? Are you having a movie night and the remote is not working? Are you giving a presentation but the sound is inaudible? Don’t worry there are plenty of ways to raise the volume without a remote.

Are you aware there are a variety of non-remote ways to increase the projector’s volume? The best way to increase the volume on a projector may be via remote control.

The market is flooded with companies that manufacture projectors. That explains why each projector operates a little bit differently.

Some projectors require a remote control to operate, while others have controls on the device itself.

There are instances in which you wish to adjust the projector’s volume but don’t possess a remote. If this applies to you, we already have the answer to all of your queries.

What is RCA Projector?

The RCA projector is a gadget that displays information on a surface. Presentations, movies, and photos are displayed using it in both corporations and education.

The sound from the presentation or movie may be heard by the viewer thanks to the projector’s built-in microphone.

Additionally, a USB connector is available for connecting a laptop or flash drive. The projector possesses a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a resolution of 1280×1024. Additionally, it includes an internal speaker that produces crisp sound.

How to Increase the Volume of RCA Projectors?

With an RCA projector, you may utilize your Wi-Fi wireless router and a Mobile app to turn up the volume without a controller.

First, establish a Wi-Fi network connection for your projector. Next, install a projector configuration tool on your Android mobile by downloading it.

After installing the app, please launch it and choose your projector from the list of supported devices.

The software may also be used to adjust your projector’s volume.

Other Ways to Increase the Volume of RCA Projectors

If you know how to use a projector, they are great for demonstrations, theatre and so much more.

Let’s dig into the specifics and examine each component of projectors to determine how to obtain the finest audio output from them for a smoother ride.

Use Buttons On The Projector

Without a controller, it is the simplest way to increase the projector’s loudness. Most projectors feature buttons, which are often found on the body’s base.

These buttons indicate the purpose they carry out. To increase the projector’s volume, all you have to do is push the volume + button.

It functions in the same way as pushing a remote-control button. Just one distinction is that you need to step closer to the projector to push the buttons in this instance.

If your space is ample, this approach could be a pain as you need to figure out how many levels of intensity you need.

You can simplify this method by asking another person to increase the volume. In this instance, all you need to do is remain seated while the other guy cranks up the volume by using the projector’s controls.

Tell your assistant to stop turning up the volume when you believe it is just right.

Use Your Mobile Phone

The first technique is not the greatest for everyone because not all projectors feature buttons. The first approach won’t work for you if your projector has no other buttons than the electricity ON/OFF button.

If this is the case you can download an application that allows your phone to act as a remote. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Install the application from the Google Play Store by going there.
  • Run your downloaded program by opening it.
  • Place your smartphone in front of the projector.
  • Congratulations if the projector can accept it.
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Use RCA Mobile Application

The RCA Universal Remote Control created by Illusions Inc. is very simple to use and will give you the impression that you are using a genuine RCA Universal Remote Control since it has all the features that a regular RCA remote control would have.

For people with sluggish internet connections to install it without difficulty, the program was created to be the lightest on the AppStore.

It’s simple to configure the RCA Universal Remote Control App if you follow the two-step instructions given in the description.   You don’t need to activate this RCA remote control application for the same device after you’ve once done so.

The “Saved Devices” section makes it simple to locate this RCA Universal Remote software once you’ve set it up with your RCA gadget.

The following are the salient features of this software:

  • Simple to download
  • Easily pairs up
  • Supports numerous device configurations and is accessible from “Saved Devices”.
  •  Supports all the features that a standard remote manufactured by the manufacturer is capable of.
  • It is possible to turn on or deactivate vibration when pressing a button.

This application can also be used as a substitute of:

  • RCA TV Remote.
  •  RCA Remote Control.
  •  RCA Set Top Box Remote.
  •  RCA Projector Remote.
  •  RCA AV Remote.
  •  RCA Home Theatre Remote.
  •  RCA DVD Remote.

Attach another Speaker

Portable speakers may be used with current projectors, giving you access to better sound quality.

To enhance the sound quality, you may attach an AUX wire to your projector and link it to an external speaker. The fact that you may choose from a variety of options when utilizing an AUX wire is its finest feature.

External speakers can be connected to a projector if it is compliant with it. You may turn up the projector’s sound by turning up the loudspeaker volume at the same time.

Use Universal Remotes

A projector can be controlled using a universal remote. The right remote codes are all that is required because many projectors feature an IR sensor.

These controllers also include a learning feature that you may use to copy the IR codes from other remotes you already have. Therefore, if your projector isn’t included in their code library, you may quickly add the necessary codes.

Ideally, a universal controller should operate any TV or projector. There are some restrictions, though.

The manufacturer of the projector or TV comes first. Sometimes universal remote controls can only be used with a specific model of TV or projector.

Secondly, the TV or projector’s model is important. It’s not like every TV or projector model works with all universal controllers.

Finally, if a universal remote is compatible with a particular TV or projector depends on how that manufacturer has implemented it; certain TVs and projectors include special capabilities that cannot be accessed by a universal remote.


There is a workaround if your projector’s controller is missing and you need to change the volume. That involves changing it by navigating the screen’s audio settings.

Without a controller, there still are various methods to increase the loudness on an RCA projector. Just use the keys on your TV or speakers, or the keys on the projector directly.

These are the finest ways for raising the projector’s loudness without a controller. We frequently get into circumstances when we can’t use the remote control, or it’s broken.

Any of these techniques can be used to manage the projector’s volume, no matter the circumstance.

Please try the alternate techniques before your presentation to ensure that loudness is where you desire it to be.

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