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Panasonic is a trusted brand in the world of projectors, and the LB10 series is no exception. In this article, we will be providing a comprehensive review of the LB10 series of projectors, highlighting their features, performance, and value proposition. Whether you’re a business user on a tight budget or an education user in need of a powerful and portable projector, the LB10 series has something to offer.

Panasonic LB10SVU LCD Projector

The LB10SVU is a powerful yet portable projector that delivers a bright and clear image with its 1600 lumens and LCD technology. It is a step up from entry-level projectors, and its price point is justifiable given its features and performance. With its exceptional warranty and monitor out feature, it is highly coveted by education users and business users alike.

Panasonic LB10SU LCD Projector

The LB10SU is the 2000 lumen version of the LB10SVU. While it is an excellent choice for those who need 2000 lumens in an SVGA environment, non-education users shopping for a true XGA projector may want to consider the LB10VU instead. The difference between 1600 and 2000 lumens is slight, and going for XGA resolution will make presentations look better and simpler.

Panasonic LB10VU LCD Projector

For the budget-conscious, the LB10VU is tough to beat. It offers 1600 lumens, a great price, and the best warranty of any major brand. Its small size, extra features (such as split screen and fast powerup/setup), and exceptional performance make it an ideal choice for mobile presenters. From a value standpoint, the LB10VU is our favorite of the series, and it can compete with any of the 2000 lumen or under DLP projectors in terms of performance and color.

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Panasonic LB10U LCD Projector

The LB10U is a powerful and innovative projector that combines very quiet operation, loads of features, and a cooling fan that runs even after the projector is unplugged. It is the first really small LCD projector that offers 2000 lumens and is likely the best seller of the series. There is no other projector that is smaller, lighter, and more powerful, and its price point is unmatched.

Panasonic LB10NTU LCD Projector

The LB10NTU is an excellent choice for those in need of wireless networking capabilities. Its basic networking capabilities can be set up in just a few minutes, and its fast throughput ensures that most PowerPoint slides are displayed in under a second. While the next generation of wireless networking projectors may offer faster throughput, the LB10NTU is still plenty fast for most users. Its features, performance, and price point make it a great alternative to the Epson 735c, and it is definitely worth considering.


The Panasonic LB10 series of projectors offers something for everyone. From the budget-conscious to the power-hungry, these projectors deliver exceptional performance, features, and value. Whether you’re a mobile presenter or an education user, the LB10 series has a projector that will meet your needs.

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