How to Connect Optoma Projector to Phone?

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Purchasing a brand new Optoma projector? Congrats! But why are you looking stressed? Don’t know how to connect it with your cell phone?

Well, worry not!

Because today be brought to you a complete guide that’ll not only teach you how to connect your phone with your projector but you may learn how to operate the different functions of your latest Optoma projector. Included operating volume, brightness, color temperature, frequency and lot more.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig into your query together!

Steps to Connect Optoma Projectors to Phone

With the help of following steps, you can easily connect your Optoma projector to your phone. Those steps are.

1.     Power Card:

In your 1st step you need a power card that play its role as an electricity transmitter form source to AC Adopter.

2.     AC Adopter:

AC adopter is an external power supply that primary purpose is to convert AC (Alternating Current) to direct DC (Direct Current) needed by the electronic device.

3.     Audio Cable:

The primary purpose of the audio cable is to transmit audible signals such as voice and music.

4.     USB Flash Disk:

USB disk, Flash disk or memory stick is used for storage, data backup and transmitting files from one device to another.

5.     Micro SD Card:

Micro SD card is usually used to expand the projector, smartphone, cameras, gaming devices storage systems.

6.     MHL Cable:

 The primary purpose of MHL cable is to connect smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices with HD (High-definition devices) like TV, projector or other display devices. Here we use an MHL cable to connect the projector to a smartphone.

How to Operate Your Projector?

After connecting your phone with your projector, the next step is to turn on your projector, and learn how to run the following other option like how to adjust the volume, image display, what’s in the main menu and how to go on 3D options all this knowledge will discuss below.

1.     Turn ON the Projector:

After connecting your video source with the Optoma projector, the next step is to turn ON the projector. You can turn it ON in just six steps. These steps are:

Note: Turn ON your projector before turning ON the source.

  • Connect the power cord with the AC adopter and a suitable signal cable to the projector.
  • Remove the cover over the lens
  • Press the power button
  • Connect your video source with the projector through the appropriate cable.
  • Now is the time to turn ON your Video source.
  • By default, this input source is determined by the previous input source; if necessary, change the input source.             

2.     If Screen is not Shown:

In the case when mobile screen is not shown on projector screen, follow the following steps.

  • Turn on the video source, whether it’s a computer or Laptop etc.
  • Insert DVD or any other video media; press the play button if necessary
  • Press the source search button or remote control to detect the video source
  • On the remote control, press the button of the video source

3.     Adjust the Volume of the Projector:

After the video display, the main thing is to adjust the volume. How to? Let’s discuss it! There are two ways to adjust the volume, one is through the projector, and another is through a video source.

  • Adjusting the volume through the Projector
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On the back of the projector, there is a control panel button which is labelled with volume. Through this button, you can adjust the volume according to your need.

  • Adjusting Volume through Video Source

If you want to adjust the volume through the video source, then it’s no issue; you can adjust it through the status bar.

4.     Great Image Display:

To get the proper and distorted free Image, you need to adjust the projector image by adjusting the height of the projector. Through three ways, you can get an excellent image display.

  • Raising the Projector’s Height:

Rise the projector height and use the front tile adjustment wheel to get the desired display angle.

  • Lowering the Projector’s Height:

Lower the projector height and use the front tile adjustment wheel to get the desired angle.

  • Adjusting the Projector Focus:

The third but not minor step is to adjust the projector focus by rotating the focus ring on the projector’s lens until the Image gets clear. The projector focuses from 2.82 ft. to 5.64 ft. (86cm to 172cm).

5.     Using the ON–Screen Display (OSD):

On the screen display (OSD) menu, the projector has multiple languages that can be displayed with or without an input source. The following steps are mentioned below to use the On-Screen Display.

  • To enter the main menu, press the menu button on the control panel or remote control.
  • To select any option, press the ­ and ¯ button on your remote control or projector control panel.
  • To adjust the setting, use the ¬ and ® buttons on the remote control or control panel.
  • If you want to exit the On-Screen Display, press the Manu button from your remote control or control panel.

6.     Get Into the Main Menu:

You can select the input source through the main menu, select the display mode, adjust the volume, and configure the brightness, set up settings and lots more.

  • Image Menu:

You can do various image settings through the image menu for better display, including color temperature, color space, 3D, format, zoom and many more. So, without further ado, let’s discuss them one by one.

  • 3D Image:

Sometimes people are unaware of the 3D image option, which is why they assume that this Optoma projector can display 3D Images. Now we discuss how to get a 3D Image.

  • After entering the image menu, turn the 3D function ON
  • Next, turn the 3D sign option ON or OFF if required

Note: the maximum support input timing in 3D support is 1024.768 @ 120 Hz.

When you select Image setting 3D/3D Sync, the invert cannot be changed.

  • Format:

First, you select the format to adjust the image appearance. So, the options are:

  • Auto:

According to the input source, maintain the image projector’s aspect ratio.

  • Zoom:

You can zoom in or zoom out the Image through the zoom option. Options are 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 175%, and last 200%.

  • Color Temperature:

Select the color temperature option through the image menu; the options are Warm, Medium and Cold.

  • Color Space:

In color space, the options are YUV, Auto, and RGB.

Note: The color space option only supports HDMI mode.

  • Frequency:

To match the frequency of your computer’s graphic card, you need to change the display data clock frequency. If any vertical flickering waves are shown, then use the frequency control to minimize the bars. This adjustment is coarse.

Note:  You can only adjust the frequency through VGA mode.

  • Display Menu:

You can modify the display setting through the display menu, like position and keystone.

  • Auto Keystone:

Adjust the distorted Image caused by tilting the projector by selecting the ON button.

Note: auto keystone can only be used for adjusting the image distortion vertically.

  • Keystone

This function can also adjust the image distortion caused by tilting the projector.


How to connect Optoma projector to Phone? Well, we mentioned simple steps through which you can easily connect your phone with your Optoma projector, not only that you can also learn to run other functions like manage volume, image, and main menu and display menu.

Stay Strong, Stay Happy.

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