HDMI Audio Extractor for Projector – You’ll Love 2022

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Without mind-blowing audio, your movie is incomplete. To complete the missing audio, you need a speaker all around your room.

It is impossible to attach multiple speakers with a projector simultaneously, but new technology made it practical.

Now you can use multiple speakers with a projector at once using an audio extractor.

Using an Audio extractor, you can change your simple room in a heavy movie theatre.

Top 5 HDMI Audio Extractor for Projector

After towering research, we have found the top audio extractor for you. Don’t waste your time and money. Pick one from the list and change your standard room into a movie theatre.

1.    VPFET – Audio Extractor and Splitter

While using this extractor, you get fantastic sound throughout the theatre because this extractor gives you Dolby digital music.


4K Ultra HD:

Extractor has a 10.2 capacity of transmission that supports a high deficiency of audio-video signal. The device supports Digital Dolby, which gives you the best audio quality.

3 Modes of Audio:

These three modes of connection allow you to connect three popular devices: speakers, headphones and stereo, with a projector more easily.

Aluminium Metal Shell:

The box extractor is made with aluminium metal which is so solid and anti-dent. You can place this box anywhere.

Wide Compatibility:

Extractor works with every streaming app game console, e.g., Chromecast, fire stick, blue ray and many more. And allow you to enjoy more.


  • Product dimension:2.28 x 2.05 x 0.87 inches
  • Item weight: 2.85 ounces
  • HDMI cable include: yes
  • Supply voltage: 5 volts


  • Metal shell
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Three audio mode
  • 5.1CH


  • It doesn’t split to 5.1

2.    VPFET – Extractor and Splitter

Another best audio extractor delivers high-quality and strong audio signals and creates your movie more enjoyable.


Multi Devices Connection:

When it comes to connection, it gives you multiple device connections; You can connect the most popular three devices, e.g., stereo, headphone, and speaker, with them.

4K Resolution:

Using this device, you get 4k resolution displayed with a high healthy audio signal; 4k rules did not affect the audio signal.

Without a signal lost:

The kit supports audio and video; the video is about 4k regulation but does not affect any sound signal. The kit comes with an EDID setting, which automatically detects the proper movement and achieves the best connection.


Small in size, it gives you the best audio with no extra power needed; it works with every device and gives you the best result.


Product dimension: 5.71 x 4.17 x 1.54 inches
Item weight: 6.4  ounces
HDMI cable include: no
Supply voltage: 5 volts


  • Support 3D 4k
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easier to install
  • Metalhead.


  • PlayStation is not working.

3.    Hdiwousp – AUX Audio Extractor

Another cheap-price audio extractor for you which delivers excellent sound with AUX output support.



The Kit provides two audio output ports, allowing you to connect more audio devices and enjoy more.

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Wide range of application:

You can use this device anywhere and for every purpose. You can use this device at the office, conference room and meeting room, etc. you can enjoy sound everywhere around you.

Trouble-Free Shopping:

When you buy this device, shop it with no worries because the metal-made shell of the extractor defends the device and increases its lifespan.

Support Chat:

The seller provides you the best professional chat support. If you have any technical problem, you can directly chat with the seller and resolve your issue.

Supported Version:

The device supports every possible interpretation and even works with blueray and provides you with possible enjoyment.


Product dimension: 2.36 x 2.09 x 0.79 inches
Item weight: 7  ounces
HDMI cable include: yes
Supply voltage: no mention


  • Transfer both audio and video
  • Includes all cables
  • 3D resolution support
  • EDID setting


  • Ruko is not correctly working

4.    Video Links – Audio Extractor

The extractor comes with new technology, which ensures it gives you the best audio signal. Connect both speaker and headphones at one time.


Channel Transmission:

The signal transmission of the device is so strong because it can be extracted with optical, coaxial output.

Audio Extractor:

The device extracts both digital and analogue signals. The ACR audio converter breaks the wall of low audio. The ACR technology delivers faster movement.

Easy to use:

You have to connect the devices with this kit to change your audio; you don’t need any software or extra power for usage.

Wide Compatibility:

Kit work with a lot of devices, such as;

  • AC3
  • DSD
  • Dolby 
  • LPCM and many more.


  • Product Dimension: 5.67 x 3.94 x 1.22 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • HDMI Cable Include: yes
  • Supply Voltage: 5v


  • Coaxial interface
  • 5.1 CH
  • Three modes of audio


  • The picture quality was ok

5.    J-Tech Digital – 2.0 Audio Extractor

while using this extractor, you get a 4K resolution with HDR with EDID audio setting all these technologies give you. Best viewing and audio experience everywhere. So small in size that you can carry it in the bag easily.


Audio Extractor:

This kit de-embeds digital signal from HDMI to HDMI and gives you an ACR display. It can also extract digital audio signals into analogue stereo.

EDID Setting:

The device can use the EDID setting, which optimises your HDMI audio and send the correct audio format.

Chat Support and Warranty:

If you have any technical issues, you can directly contact with seller. The seller provides your lifetime chat support option with a one-year manufacturer replacement warranty.

Video Quality:

This extractor also transfers video with audio; while using this extractor, you get 4K resolution which gives you a mind-blowing viewing experience.


Kit provides you with multiple connection ports from HDMI to analogue port. All these ports allow you to use every device with an extractor, even blue ray.


  • Product dimension: 5.71 x 4.84 x 2.24 inches
  • Item weight: 8.4 ounces
  • HDMI cable include: no
  • Supply voltage: no mention.


  • Dolby vision
  • 4k Ultra HD
  • Audio return channel
  • EDID setting


  • It does not work appropriately with Chromecast

Buying Guide – Audio Extractor for Projector

So, let’s start with some essential points to ensure the best possible purchase when it’s come to bit audio extractor.

Return Policy:

Audio Extractor is an electronic device which is not tested by the seller before sending to you. So, make sure to buy from the seller who gives you a warranty, and from this, your money loss automatically falls.


Before buying this kit, make sure you first read the product’s reviews. This gives you information that this device will work with your device and buy the product with the best review.


During shipping and use in the home may, your device gets broken if it is made of plastic. Avoid extractors with plastic body try to buy devices with metal bodies to reduce the risk of cracking.


In the last choice, your sour, but we recommend you to buy the number 5 j rec extractor because it gives you every best possible feature at a reasonable price. It also gains the best reviews on amazon. If you have any questions, please, comment below.

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