Black or White Screen for Projector

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Although your image’s quality depends on your projector’s quality, screens also play a role in the image display. In the old days, only one-color option was available in the market if you wanted to buy a projector screen, i.e., White. The white screen is still at its standard position.15 years ago, a grey projector screen was introduced in the market, and in the last 5 years, the black color has hit the market. Now you are wondering which color you should go with. Well, the answer is neither. Both black and white color has their advantages and drawbacks.If you are finding black or white screen for projector, then you may get your answer here. These advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below.

Why a White Screen?

Although if we go back into the past, we get to know there was only one-color screen available for the projector, i.e., White. However, the white color screen does not make sense because the white color reflects the light and does not alter the projected image.  Because they have been trending for a long time, they are more commonly used than the other color screens. You can easily place speakers behind the screen because they have micro-perforations or acoustic waves.

If we talk about the price, it varies from model to model; basic white screens with 12o inches of viewing area are available for around 30$ on Amazon. More advanced models of high-quality material, finishing, and looks are available on Amazon for hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The white screen’s drawback is that it reflects light on the walls or ceiling. To overcome this reflection problem, you need a mighty lamp, or you completely darken the room like the theatre; that’s how you get a clear and brighter image. It’s challenging to get the high contrast image or deep blacks if you have a white screen. It would help if you had a high contrast ratio projector to get relief from all these problems.

Why Black Screen?

The black screen is most recommended for watching horror movies and playing dark theme games because the black projector plays a vital role to reproduces the black portion of the image. This thing increases the contrast of the picture. In addition, the black screen performs well in abundant light and doesn’t reflect that much light compared to the white screen.

The black screen performs excellently in dark rooms. Now let’s check the contrasting combo on a black screen. Well, the light color displays nicely on the black screen. How so? Let’s take the example of twinkling stars and the black sky, isn’t they look good with each other?

Now move towards the drawbacks; although every product has some disadvantages, the black screen has many flaws. Sometimes brighter image produces a shimmer or rainbow effect that irritates most people. Although the black color is the best heat absorbed, this color screen is not recommended for the hot area. The brightness level can sort these issues out.

Black screens have been introduced in the market these years, so you haven’t found many options for them. In addition, all the launched models of the black screen are comparatively pricy then the white screen even though it’s challenging to find a black screen for under 1000$.

Should We Go with Grey Screen?

The word for the grey screen is “high contrast screens” because it similarly affects the projector image. Grey screen is better than the white screen but of course not best than the black screen, because the black level and the contrast ratio of the black screen is much better them all the other 2 options. That’s why it’s mainly for those with low lumens of projectors.

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A grey screen’s main disadvantage is that it involves a little greyish texture in your projected image. But still provides a better experience then a white screen. You may find a grey screen under 500$ and even 400$ too.

Horrible Question! Do I Even Need a Screen for Projector?

No! You waste your money on hanging sheets if you want the cheap option. The best advice is to take a sizeable clean wall and paint it with High-Definition Screen Paint; that’s how you can turn any wall into a TV screen.

But if you invest money in buying the best 4K projector screen, you should purchase the good one.

List of 6 Best White and Black Screens

Sometimes we need clarification about which product or brand we should go with. That’s why we grab 6 unique options based on affordability and quality. Without further ado, let’s get straight into our list.

Best WHITE Screens for Projectors

Elite Screens Sable Frame CineGrey 3D

Elite is a 4K ultra-HD projector with 120 inches diagonal and 16:9 HD format Aspect Ratio, and its black velvet finished frame provides you with the best image. Its light-reflecting technology surprises you with outstanding display and smoothness.

Lejiada Projector Screen with Stand

You can enjoy 150 inches of indoor and outdoor screens with 4K HD technology. Its 160 viewing angle and 16:9 aspect ratio provide outstanding images with any sitting angle. Along with the screen, you get 150 inches projector screen stand and a matching bag so that you can easily fold it and put it into the bag; now is the time to enjoy camping or outdoor function anytime, anywhere.

Elite Screens Evanesce Tab-Tension B

Elite is included in the brands that produce good products. Its Evanesce Tab-Tension B screen provides you with the best viewing experience with its 120 diagonal, 16:9, 4K projector screen. The tab-tension system of this project maintains flatness and provides a spectacular viewing surface without distraction.

Best Black Screens for Projectors

VIVIDSTORM-Projection Screen

Vividstrom is one of the best choices if you are looking for a black projector screen. Vividstrom provides unique optical sawtooth structures and a light-rejecting filter to give you an incredible experience even in abundant light. It has 100 inches viewing screen size and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

XZCVC 4K Black Projector Screen

XZCVC projector provides a 16:9 aspect ratio with HDTV format, remote control, retractable features, and features without screen distortion. This projector screen is excellent for home cinemas, churches, classrooms, and family gatherings.

VIVIDSTORM-Office Presentation Tension Screen

 This Vividstrom has a motorized screen that provides you with a versatile solution, and it has a 16:9 aspect ratio and 100inches diagonals. This screen is suitable for 2500 ANSI lumens. With these unique features, you get a fantastic, outstanding experience without distortion.


What is the ideal size for a projector screen?

A:  100-120 inches are considered the ideal size.

What should be the aspect ratio for my projector screen?

A: If you use the screen for watching television, the 4:3 aspect ratio is good; otherwise, 16:9 is ideal.

Should we go with the cheap option?

A: It’s better not to invest money if you want to purchase a cheap screen. The best option is to paint any wall in your home.


You are here to find out which screen is good for you, white or black.   My opinion is you should go with the black option. Why so? Because the black screen provides you with better black levels and immersive images than a white screen. A black screen is especially recommended for your office or classroom because abundant light interferes too much in these areas, and the black screen can easily handle all these extra lights.

You also need a big budget to purchase the black screen because it’s hard to find a black screen under 100$.

Stay blessed, and Stay Safe.   

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