Black Felt Tape for Projector Screen-You’ll Love 2022

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Most of the time you think felt tape is used for good looking borders of projector screen same like cinema screen but felt tape give you more than good looking screen.

when you hang your screen on wall without screen the screen get loose their real shape and give you blur border with un-rectangle shape.

Due to not perfect rectangle shape it also make crease which effect your movie experience because flat screen surface gives you high contrast and better picture quality then screen full with crease.

To get rid of crease and low contrast picture on projector we recommend to use felt tape for projector screen, also screen look better and expensive than normal same like cinema screen.

Felt tape convert irregular surface in to flat border surface and automatically screen also get flat same like border.

Top 3 Black Felt Tape for Projector Screen

After extensive research we found the best black felt tapes for projector screen which is best for your screen, don’t waste your time and money just pick one from list and enjoy high contrast and good-looking screen.

1.     ConClarity – Vibrancy Enhancing Felt Tape

This felt tape is especially designed for big size screen, it can also give you high quality of FELT. you can use it on any surface and anywhere. 


Huge Coverage:

As we discuss above this felt tape is designed for big screen, it is made with velvety type black material, it is dye with deepest black color and black color give more beauty to your projector screen.

High Contrast:

Tape comes with black color which is non-reflective material and give boost to picture quality on projector screen. The un reflective material also good for your eyes

Best Quality:

Its seller provide you bets quality fabric. According to him they don’t use low quality FELT (a textile material made after matting) that makes tape work long lasting.

Adhesive Back:

Tape comes with adhesive back which get fix to any surface for life time, they adhesive back also work in hot and humid weather. You can use it on every surface and everywhere.

Extra Feature:

This tape is not only designed for projector screen you can also use it under the feet of electronic, decoration pieces and also use it under sharp things and make your roof scratch free.


  • Installation Type: Wall
  • Compatible Material: Wood, Cement, Metal, Fabric
  • Adhesive Back: yes
  • Width: 8 inches


  • Enough for 230-inch screen
  • Pitch black dark (high contrast)
  • Velour material
  • Easily cut able


  • Price is little high but better the other

2.     NIERBO – Adhesive Back Tape

Tape comes with velvet material which give your screen more professional look than other tape, the adhesive back is so strong and help you to use it everywhere.


Velvet Material:

Tape comes with Black velvet materiel which cover professionally all staples used to install projector screen and screen look flatter and more rectangular in shape.

Open & Use:

Don’t need any type of glue to paste on the wall because tape comes with adhesive strong back and allow you to use it in second, just remove the cover and use it easily.

No Rough Material:

When you cut tape for any reason the tape still remain mate and clear. You don’t need to do more finishing after cutting because take material is so mate and clear.

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Most of the seller send you the tape in plastic bag which cause crease on tape before they reach you and that make it take totally rubbish, but this seller send you tape in high quality cotton which prevent it from any damage.

No Blur Edge:

When projector light fall on the edge of projector screen, it gets blur and give you bad viewing experience but this tape gives you best viewing experience because it can’t reflect light and make edge more clear than normal.


  • Installation Type: wall
  • Compatible Material: not mention
  • Adhesive Back: yes
  • Width: 2 inches


  • Clear edge
  • Pure black velvet
  • High contrast
  • Amazon choice


  • Not adhesive after one time use

3.     Elite Screens – Black Velvet Tape for Projector

Velvet tap is especially designed for projector screen, it can also work with very thick projector screen such as elite screen cut series.

Good Looking:

Velvet so cute and good-looking fabric which has awesome contrast with white screen. Velvet fabric is especially popular for their permanent color which did not get dim after some time, provide you high quality picture life time.

No Blur and High Contrast:

Fabric gives you high color contrast with screen and provide you best picture, due to perfect edge of screen the picture clarity gets sharper and provide you high quality image.

Do it Yourself:

Projector screen felt tape come with adhesive back you don’t need any other person who cover the tape with glue then you paste it. Just peel off the tape cover and paste it on your desirable place.

DIY Projector Compatible:

Screen also work best with DIY projector, when it works with DIY projector it provides you best color contrast and give you more better experience.


  • Installation Type: wall
  • Compatible Material: not mention
  • Adhesive Back: yes
  • Width: 2 inches


  • Work with DIY projector
  • Good material
  • Easy to install
  • Good price
  • 40 feet in length


  •  Currently unavailable.

Tips for Installation

Most of the time you think that installation process is so easy but some time it fails and your whole money go in rubbish. So, before installation must read these tips.


It you found tape with full of crease go back to Amazon center and return it because it will not work properly with screen especially adhesive feature died.

Peel off:

First peel off the cover from tape not from all. First stand on stool then carefully peel of small operation and paste it on screen and wall.


Paste the tape half on wall and half on screen, after you paste it on all side slide hand with force on all wall, from this method the tap tick with wall and screen better

Finishing Corners:

To give best finishing to corner follow these two methods:

  • Cut one then Another

When one tape cover another at edge cut one with 45 angels like that / and cut another same like that, now both give you best corner finishing. Do this method on the wall.

  • Cut on Table

This method is too long, first measure sides of screen then cut all side, now cut every edge like that / and paste them perfectly.

Mini Buyer Guide – Black Felt Tape for Projector

Remember these points while buying tape;

  1. Fabric

The tape come with different fabric, not all fabric is Good for projector screen, try to buy tape with best FELT, the best fabric provides you high contrast.

  1. Adhesive back

Buy tape with adhesive back from this you don’t need to do anything just peel of the cover from the take and paste it. If the is not adhesive it takes more time and money for installation.

  1. Size:

Try to but the tape with extra length compare to your screen size because if small part of tape get spoil you have extra for use.


In last choice is your but I recommend you to buy the con – calitry number 1, take because it gains best review on Amazon and it have thicker fabric, high contrast material which give you bets picture quality.

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