Best Portable White Screen for Projector

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Having a projector is the best option to enjoy. But when it comes to outdoor entertainment, using a projector may be a little tricky. Because for outdoor projection, you must need a prominent smooth place to get entertained. For this purpose, having a portable White Screen for Projector can be your best choice. You can use this screen everywhere in your home, outdoors, backyard, and basement gaming.

A white screen gives you an excellent contrast ratio with a clear, smooth picture and reflects the light well, which doesn’t alter your projector image.

A screen provides you best high-quality image with light reflection. But using the wall is not a good choice because the fence doesn’t reflect light, and the wall has flaws and cracks interrupting the picture quality.

Best Portable White Screen for Projector

After extensive research, we found the five best white screens for the projector, which give you the best result while using. So, let’s start from first.

1.    FULLJA – Projector Portable Screen

FULLJA portable white screen has 100 inches of screen, which allow you to enjoy your movie in full HD resolution.


Projector Screen:

The screen provides you with a clear image and bright color. The screen is made with high-quality natural polyester fabric thicker than others.


The screen is designed for outdoor trips. Easily foldable. It is fixed in a suitcase without any damage. Take less space.

Washable Screen:

Washable fiber gives it the bright look ever. Don’t wash in the machine. Iron after wash for the best experience.

Theatre-like Experience:

 The screen is best for indoor/outdoor entertainment—the best gift for family and friends to enhance the relationship by spending time together. Give you a cinematic experience outdoors, backyard.


  • Product Dimensions: 87.01″W x 49.21″H
  • Material: Polyester
  • Display Dimensions: 100 inches


  • 1080p HD resolution
  • 4k display
  • Crease free
  • Washable


  • No tripod

2.    PHOPIK – Projector Screen with Stand

The screen has a 160° view angle with an aluminum stand, no worries about where to hang the screen. I can set it up in a few minutes.



They are made with high-quality thin polyester fabric. Projection is sharper than others. No wrinkles formed when also folded brighter than others.

Easy to Carry:

A screen comes with an aluminum stand. They are packed in a straight slim bag, which is easy to carry with other luggage.


 Screen all content you want: indoor and outdoor trips, backyard and commercial entertainment.

Empty Sandbag:

The screen has an empty sandbag, ensuring that tripods stan in one place. Mainly when you use it outside, you just put the sand in the bag according to your need, keeping the stand in one place.

Easily Assembled:

To assemble the screen is so easy. You fold the tripod and put out the fabric from a tripod. For this purpose, you don’t need any tools. Assembling and disassembling take 5 to 6 minutes.

Note: read the handbook to follow the steps of assembling and disassembling


  • Product Dimensions: 120″W x 64″H
  • Material: Polyester, Aluminum
  • Display Dimensions: 120 inches


  • 160° wide angle
  • Backdrop clip
  • Lightweight
  • Metal whole


  • Not Bear the blow of wind

3.    SKYYLEGS – Projector Screen with ropes

Using a projector for outdoor entertainment is a unique experience, especially on a projector screen, but what about the wind blowing around your screen and not allowing them to stand? I have a solution. This screen comes with ropes and yard stakeholders.

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No Dirty Screen:

A dirty screen affects the brightness of the video. If your feel screen gets dirty, wash it in the machine, and iron it for the best result.

Premium Steel Pipe:

The screen stand is made with premium steel, which is not easy to bend and is also lightweight for outdoor travel.

Best 4k Image Display:

The screen is best for 3d and HD images, enhancing your experience. Screen fabric is so thinner, providing sharp and high-resolution images.


This indoor-outdoor screen is packed in a 42OD Oxford bag. The bag is less weight so you can carry the net everywhere.

No More Wind Effect:

This screen comes with ropes and yard stakeholders. You can use this thing to fix the screen in one place. This wind will not affect the stand. 


  • Product Dimensions: ‎110 x 15 x 87 inches
  • Material: Nylon, Aluminum
  • Display Dimensions: 120 inches


  • Screen surface double side
  • Not see through
  • Flat rectangle shape
  • Easy to carry


  • The stand is a little lighter

4.    JWST- 120-Inch Three-layer PVC Screen

This is another best screen for a projector with 3 PVC layer fabric. It is also Amazon’s choice of the net for the projector. This cost is a little high, but it is worth of price


Three Layers of PVC Material:

This screen is genuinely not see-through. Another brand also said their mesh is not see-through but is. This screen is made differently if upgraded with three layers of PVC material, which is not see-through and gives you the highest quality picture everywhere.

Stable for Outdoor Use:

This screen comes with the best tripod stand. In this stand, windproof ropes ensure you stand in one place. You have a triangle buckle design to help the tripod to stand in one place.

Best Image Display:

This screen gives you active 3D and 8K resolution with 160 view angles, providing you sharp, high-resolution images

Easy to Carry:

The Tripod stand is not too heavy. You can easily take this screen everywhere you want. This screen is packed in a soft padded carrying bag, which is well protected.


  • Product Dimensions: ‎110.6 x 37 x 88.5 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Display Dimensions: 120 inches


  • One-year manufacturing warranty
  • Upgraded fabric.
  • Ground peg fixed tripod.
  • Windproof rope


  • Some people find a dirty screen which is washable

5.    Elite – Screens Yardmaster 2 Dual Projector Screen

The screen comes with dual front projection material, providing superb image quality on both screens with no loose picture quality.


No Rust:

This screen is designed for outdoor and is anti-allergy from water because the components used in the tripod are stainless and aluminum.

Screen Material:

Screen material provides high a resolution color balance image, and black masking enhances the pictures’ contrast. The screen is made from three flexible layers of PVC material, giving no see-through experience.


The screen comes with a soft padded carrying bag that protects the product from damage and includes ropes, stakes, and supporting rings for stability.


  • Product dimensions: ‎‎87.4 x 1.97 x 49.21 inches
  • Material: Front; ear, Aluminum
  • Display dimensions: 100 inches
  • Brand: ELITE screen


  • 150° vide view angle
  • PVC flatness
  • Three-year warranty
  • Active 3D ready


  • Some people find dirty screen

Buying Guide – White Portable Screen for Projector

Let’s start with some essential points to ensure the best purchase regarding a white projector screen.

High Image Resolution:

The best projector screen is designed to give you the best resolution. The projector resolution is only visible on screen white high buy the screen with a higher resolution.


Before buying the screen, select the size and choose the size according to your projector size. The ideal length is 100 to 120 inches.


Buy the screen with the best fabric, which is not see-through. See-through fabric decreases the color contrast ratio.


But the screen with the frame gives you the best rectangle shape image output with ease of use in outdoor use.


The last choice is yours, but if you said what my recommendation is, I recommend you JWSIT- 120 inches 3-layer PVC screen. Because this projector screen has bet review on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, comment below.

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