White Cloth for Projector Screen- You’ll Love 2022

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Using a projector for entertainment is the best option. It gives you a bright large viewing experience.

Projector throws the laser on the falling spot and gives you the best result. If your falling spot is not suitable for the Projector you get a bad result because the projector output shows their real result on falling material.

So, it is important to select the best falling spot for your projector. Most people think that a clean wall is the best option but it is not.

White fabric is the best option which gives you incredible results while using a projector indoor/outdoor.

Best White Cloth for Projector Screen

After extensive research I bother with the top 5 white cloth/ material which is. Easy for Projector screen. Don’t waste your money and time, choose the one from the list. So, let’s start with first

1.    Yandood – Projector Screen Fabric

This material is best for Projector screen Because it is made from EPPE material which give you best colour saturation. Which give you pleasant view experience.



This screen fabric is made from EPPE polymer layers which is different from typical projector screen material. This material is environment friendly and meet the EU testing standard.

High Contrast Colour Saturation:

This screen material gains 1.0 perfect restore colour which is best for dark environment.


This screen come with 3 layer of materials which give you 0.25 mm thickness which ensures the best reflection and colour contrast. You can fit this material on wooden frame for best results.

View Angle:

Screen material is made with mate surface which reflects light in all directions, giving you beautiful 160° view angle.


  • Product dimension: 4.65″W x 2.76″H
  • Item weight: ‎5.74 pounds
  • Material: EPPE
  • View angle: 160°
  • Size: 130 inches


  • Little tough surface
  • Best DIY material
  • 4k resolution
  • Black flocking free tape


  • Some people find it with little crease.

2.    ASHATA – Outdoor Projector Screen

Wanna enjoy movies outdoors? Not a big deal. Use the projector with this simple projector screen for best result.



Screen is made with high quality synthesis Polyester fabric which is best for outdoor entertainment.


Screen is specifically designed for outdoor usage. You can fold it easily and use it anywhere. Screen is made with Polyester which ensure the screen crease-plane after folding.


Screen material is translucent which allows you to enjoy projection on both sides of screen.

Easy to Use:

Typical screen come with wholes from which you pass the wire and then fix it on frame. But this process is so long and time taking. You just use the clips to attach this screen with any frame, more easily.


  • Product dimension: not mentioned
  • Item weight: ‎2.11 ounces
  • Material: polyester
  • View angle: 160°
  • Size: 120 inches


  • Light weight
  • Easy installation process
  • Best fabric
  • Back front projection
  • 16:9 contrast ratio


  • Not more stretchable

3.    Elite Screens – Designer cut Series White DIY

Another best multi-layer fabric screen is there which give you 8k ultra-HD resolution.

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Typical screen fabric gets a lot crease when you fold   it and creases give you a bad viewing experience. But this screen is made with highly thick quality fabric which gives you a smooth and clean surface after folding.

Tension Mate White Surface:

The outer Surface of the screen matte white which is made with multiple layers of PVC thick fabric. Full black back eliminates light penetration.

Cut Series:

This screen is included in the designer series which gives you a custom solution according to your need.

Green Guard Certified:

This screen gets green guard certification meaning the product with low chemical combination and improves human health. If you are healthy and curious then choose this screen.

ISF Certified:

This screen also has ISF certification which means the product gives you the best experience day and night. And the investment of buying is profitable.


  • Product dimension: not mentioned
  • Item weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Material: front
  • View angle: 160°
  • Size: 135 inches.


  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Best certification
  • Best DIY options
  • Wrinkles free


  • They give a 123 inches view

4.    Yosoo – Projector Screen Cloth

A portable White cloth which is specially designed for outdoor projection and is easy to use.


Portable and Foldable:

This screen cloth is specifically designed for outdoor use. You can easily carry it out. You can fold the screen in a small size and put it in your suitcase.

Projection Capability:

The smooth and clean surface of the screen cloth enhances projector quality. It supports front & rear projection also


The installation of this screen is so easy. You can just fix it with Frame or hang it on the wall. Screen contain whole which help you lot in installation process.


Screen cloth is highly suitable for outdoor projection. You can enjoy an open-air movie on this translucent screen cloth. This cloth provides you with a front back projection.


  • Product Dimension: not mentioned
  • Item Weight: 0.3 Kilograms
  • Material: Synthetic polyester
  • View Angle: 160°
  • Size: 100 inches.


  • No folding crease
  • Sticky hook
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple to install


  • Less reflection

5.    Elite Screens – Designer Cut Series

This screen has best features such as it gives you 3D projection with 4K ultra best resolution.


Cloth Material:

Screen cloth include 1.0 gain. Transparent front projection material gives you 4K ultra-HD resolution with 3D active projection.

ISF Certified:

This screen cloth is also ISF certified which ensure that this product work all day and the investment of customer is profitable for himself.

Green Guard Certified:

This screen gets green guard certification meaning the product with low chemical combination and improves human health. If you are healthy and curious then choose this screen.

Customer Support:

Its seller gives you a life time chat support option. You can discuss any issues with them. Seller also Offer you the call support.


This screen cloth gives you best 4K resolution. Angular waves give more effect while presenting warm colour. This fabric also allows you to set speaker behind them.


  • Product dimension: not mentioned
  • Item weight: 0.3 Kilograms
  • Material: wrinkles free
  • View angle: 160°
  • Size: 135 inches


  • Best certification
  • Easy to carry
  • Best resolution
  • Best fabric quality


  • No little extra fabric

Buyer Guide – White Cloth for Projector Screen

Now, let’s start with some essential points to ensure the best possible purchase when it comes to white cloth for Projector screen

High Image Resolution:

Best projector screen cloth is designed to give you best resolution. The projector resolution only visible on screen white high resolution. So, buy the screen cloth with minimum 4k resolution.

Size Matter:

Before buying the projector screen, first select the size of the screen according to your projector size. Ideal size is 100 to 120 inches


Buy the screen cloth with the best fabric which is not see through. See through fabric decrease the colour contrast ratio.


In last choice is you but I recommendation is to buy Elite Screens-designer cut series white DIY because this screen cloth gain top review with best fabric quality. If you have any query comment below. Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s article!

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