Best Amp for Projector – You’ll Love 2022

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For a better overall experience, have your TV and sound system operate in conjunction with your Blu-Ray/DVD player, cable box, and even your game consoles via an amp for projector. What issues does the Amplifier directly resolve? The sound quality.

The excellent sound systems in theatres elevate surround sound to a new level by being linked throughout the entire space. To begin to replicate the magic of a movie theatre at home, you need a system that enhances your audio quality.

5 Best Amp for Projector

Here are the top 5 Best Amps for projectors, as well as some essential features to look for in a new system and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

1.    Yamaha – RX-V385

Your love of excellent sound is shared by Yamaha. As one of the biggest manufacturers of musical instruments and audio equipment worldwide, we have extensive experience in creating cutting-edge items that reproduce sound accurately for your enjoyment.


Easy Sound Optimization:

To deliver the finest sound for your room, YPAO carefully adjusts numerous audio parameters after analyzing the room’s acoustics and your system.


HD Audio may be played back using the unique Yamaha Cinema DSP technology, which offers spacious and natural sound imaging. 

Bluetooth and a Music Booster:

The Compressed Music Enhancer from Yamaha has been upgraded for Bluetooth audio transmissions. 

4k Support:

With 60 frames per second pass-through, this AV receiver transmits 4K video. 


  • Weight: ‎16.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎12.4 x 17.13 x 6.34 inches
  • Wattage: 100 Watts   
  • Number of Channels: ‎5


  • high-quality audio
  • constructed expertly
  • Mixing technologies and virtual aspects were also present.


  • DTS:X and Dolby Atmos are not included

2.    Marantz – NR1510 UHD AV Receiver

This Marantz product is yet another remarkable model that helps you become fully immersed in all of your media by providing excellent visual quality and superb audio fidelity.



Full compatibility with 4k ultra HD TV technology – Boasting 60Hz full-rate content, pure color subsampling, BT.2020, HDR, HLG, eARC, Dolby Vision, and eARC decoding.

Input and Output:

With 6 HDMI inputs and 1 output as well as complete HDCP 2.2 copy protection functionality, this 5-channel discrete power amplifier has a lot to offer.

Hands-free Operations:

Use your preferred voice assistant, such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa, to make a request.


All of your audio sources are connected to the stereo amplifier receiver via the simple-to-use setup assistance.


  • Weight: 14.5 x 17.3 x 4.1 inches
  • Dimensions: 22.8 pounds
  • Wattage: ‎50 Watts
  • Number of Channels: 5   


  • a fair price point
  • Bluetooth is active.
  • use all the major media sources


  • Only 5.1 channels

3.    Integra – DRX-5.3 Home Audio 9.2

Your bedroom, workplace, TV, cabinets, and more may all be quickly improved and transformed with the 16 million RGB colors at your disposal.


Integra Power:

For precise, noise-free signal processing and high-current power for active speaker control, use the DRX-5. The DAA from Integra can handle 40 amps of potent effect current while producing 130 Watts per channel.

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Dolby Atmos:

Without the use of extra surround or height speakers, the Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer offers an immersive listening experience by simulating a surround and height effect.


By THX, certified Select2 Plus. To make sure the DRX-5 can fulfill demanding audio and video quality measures for a base value, distortion-free playback and contains THX Loudness Plus technology, THX tests over 2000 data points. 


By eliminating the pulse noise created during D/A conversion, Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC) enables extraordinarily high-fidelity sound wave reproduction. 


  • Weight          ‎35 pounds
  • Dimensions   ‎‎18.19 x 22.05 x 12.6 inches
  • Wattage          130 Watts
  • Number of Channels    9


  • 6 HDMI inputs
  •  Works with Sonos systems
  •  Auto room calibration


  • Not designed for minimal setups

4.    Denon – AVR-X8500H Flagship Receiver

This is one of the greatest amplifiers for home theatre systems if you’re seeking the best. 


Voice Control:

Using Amazon Alexa, you may voice-command the volume control, track switching, and input switching.

Endless Connection:

Includes 8 HDMI In / 3 Out, 2 Digital, 6 Analog, 2 Coaxial, and 1 Phono Input for connecting different audio sources, including CD Players, Blu-ray Players, Turntables, and more. 

Clear Sound:

Full-range clarity and powerful bass are provided by Audyssey Dynamic EQ & Audyssey LFC for an exceptional audio experience, while Audyssey MultEQ XT32 dynamically optimizes all speakers to your listening levels.

Wireless Streaming:

Using Wi-Fi, Airplay 2, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies stream music from well-known services like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music HD, and more.


  • Weight          ‎‎51.6 pounds
  • Dimensions   ‎‎17.08 x 18.7 x 7.72 inches
  • Wattage          150 watts
  • Number of Channels   13.2, 7.1.6, 9.1.4


  • 8 input compatibility
  • incredible sound and visual quality
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and airplay enabled


  • Much heavier than most amplifiers

5.    Onkyo – TX-NR797 Channel Receiver

The Onkyo TX-NR797 can be a fantastic choice if you’re searching for something with great sound and video at more reasonable pricing.


THX Certified:

The THX Certified Select receivers must pass 2,000 bench tests containing 14,000 data points in 75 different areas. The certification ensures that the volume level is the same as that of a commercial theatre.

Chromecast Built-in:

From your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Mac or Windows laptop, Chromebook, or any device with Chromecast support, you may control playback. Therefore, you won’t need a second Chromecast.

Works with Sonos:

Simply connecting the TX-NR797 to a Sonos Connect, can become a part of your current Sonos Home Sound System or serve as the foundation for a new one.

Dolby Atmos:

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X localize or allow audio to freely travel among your speakers and around the audience in sync with the action on screen. 


  • Weight          ‎‎‎‎27.3 pounds
  • Dimensions   ‎17.13 x 14.94 x 6.83 inches
  • Wattage          ‎220 Watts
  • Number of Channels     9


  • THX-certified
  • Superior video and sound quality
  • dynamic range and flexibility


  • Over time, the sound will stop functioning.

Buying Guide – Amp for Projector 

In a hurry? When choosing an amp for a projector, bear the following points in mind.

  • Decide what you will be connecting the amplifiers to.:  An amp is what you need if it’s for surround sound in a projector. The amplifier performs admirably if it is being used for both music and home theatre.   
  • Enough channels:  Five channels are a minimum need for surround sound.  
  • 3 HDR formats: Make sure the receiver you choose can support HDR10, DV, and HLG formats to help your future-proof your system.   
  • Multi-room: Some receivers let you perform two, three, or even four things at once, such as stream music while operating your home theatre system’s surround sound in one room.    


The three best amp for projector are Yamaha, Marantz, and Integra, according to our recommendations. The setup of amplifiers requires effort and time. To set up your new system, we suggest blocking off a full day. Giving yourself more time, even if it doesn’t take that long, will prevent unneeded frustration from setting in as you try to rush to get to something else. We hope this helps you a lot.

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