Why is My Optoma Projector Flickering

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Optoma projector brand promise you to give the best viewing experience at home also in best bought, but when your projector starts flickering it deliver you bad viewing experience, this situation is more verse than late night hunger.

 to be honest when my Optoma projector start flickering my hearts want to throw the projector from top floor and dance on mom scolding. 

But not more in your case, because in today’s guide we shortlisted all projector problem that cause the Optoma projector start flickering. We also describe al their solution. You can use this solution and start use of your Optoma projector staying at home. 

The main reasons are;

  • Dust storage
  • No Enough Power
  • Current Surges
  • Low Frame Rates
  • Damaged of Cables
  • Problems with Video Source/medium 

Solution Guide

Now let’s start with problems which cause your Optoma projector start flickering with their solution. 

Problem 1: Dust Storage 

Most of the time when you use your Optoma projector for long time at regulate wages then dust start gathering in projector.

Most of the time the dust starts together on the color wheel, which is one of the most sensitive parts of your projector which delivers you high quality and stunning picture on projector screen. 

If the dust starts togethering on color wheel it distorts the high-quality image and convert the image in low quality and also Optoma projector start flickering which is so annoying.

But no more problem now, we already ready the guide from which you can remove that annoying dust from color wheel of your Optoma projector 

Now follow this guide carefully to remove the dust from color wheel;

  • First un plug your Optoma projector from electric socket 
  • Put Optoma projector on clean table and remove all the screw carefully and put it in small cup from where it can’t get displace 
  • Now put off the cover from your Optoma projector 
  • Now carefully put off the lamp from projector before this use the butter knife and pull out all parts above from lens (this process take time and give time with care)

Note: before remove the parts take picture from self-phone because when you reassemble the parts this picture helps you.

  • Now wipe off all the dust with the help of vacuum, be careful that power of vacuum cant heart any sensitive part of projector 
  • Now reassemble all the parts of projector and turn on the projector and see is Optoma projector stop flicking 

While doing this DIY solution be care full that none of projector part get damage. To clean the projector, better watch the video or outsource this work to trusted projector experts who might help you in better way. 


Reason 2: No Enough Power 

Another most common reason especially with new models of Optoma projector cause flickering is less power supply.

The less power supple main cause is use of Eco mode in new models of Optoma projector, on this mode your Optoma projector consumes less power than normal but these modes most of times cause projector flickering.

With use of Eco mode, the fan noise also gets loud than normal and give you bad viewing experience, so our recommendation is that if your projector start flickering while you are using Eco mode then stop using Eco mode.

Instead of using Eco mode low the brightness of projector and make your room pitch dark, from this your projector consumes less power with good viewing experience.

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Reason 3: Current Surges

Another cause of Optoma projector flickering is many be current surges, maybe it is the result of overload of electric current in power outlet or also happen from old wires.

The simple solution to this problem is that you can change the power socket of your projector or invest some amount to buy the surge protector which will also make you safe from future mishaps.

If you don’t want to buy the surge protector invest amount in new socket and enjoy your movie without flickering.

If you don’t want to invest in new socket then call your electrician to make necessary repair which allow you to use the projector again. 


Reason 4: Low Frame Rates

 May be low frame or refresh rate is another reason of Optoma projector start flickering. But now you can change the refresh rate from low to high and make your projector like new Optoma projector 

Follow these steps to convert low refresh rate into high refresh rate;

  • Turn on your Optoma projector 
  • Go to the settings 
  • Go to the picture 
  • Go to the resolution 
  • Now select the customize option 
  • Now in refresh rate counting high the refresh rate with 10 
  • After every refresh rate check is projector is working if itis working on 90Hz I think it is good. 
  • If on high refresh rate your picture gets distorted less the refresh rate with 5 and check is picture good and clear. 

Reason 5: Damaged of Cables

Sometimes the flickering is not the result of projector inner fault but it she faults outer medium which is used with Optoma projector 

Some themes the cable which you use with Optoma projector cause the flickering too. So, tighten all the cables which is connected with Optoma projector, if it can’t work then it seems another problem.

The problem you have to change your old wires like HDMI, if you are using still VGA with Optoma projector then i recommend you to upgrade it with HDMI cable may it stop flickering.

In last,

If you applied all the solution mentioned above and your Optoma is still flickering then I recommend you to buy new or give them a look from trusted projector expert. 

Here is the recommendation for you, if you want to buy new HDMI then I recommend you to buy this.

Highwings – Long HDMI Cable 

This cable delivered their best; that’s why it is also a choice of Amazon in HDMI cables. It is mainly designed for high quality projector. 


Thrilling technology:

The cable delivers 8k transmission, which is the most cutting-edge technology. This technology displays every particle with clearness and process every signal accurately. 

Boosted resolution: 

High-wing cable confirms the 2.0 version of HDMI. Its transaction speed so fast (48Gps), which is not supported by most of the typical cable. Cable also achieves advanced-level audio signal control, which does not get stuck or stopped while watching a movie. 

Game enthusiastic:

The HDMI cable is not limited to 4k regulations, but it breaks the wall of 4k and reaches 8k ultra-high image display. It also fulfils super smooth 4k@120HZ—the latest game mode support maximum refresh rate, which enhances your gaming experience.


If your Optoma projector is flickering and disturbing your movie, no big problem because we have the solution   and we already discussed above. If your projector starts flickering that’s not mean your projector is going to die, you can easily repair them but after Appling all the solution and projector still not responding then it’s time to buy new

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