How to Use iPhone as Projector?

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Transform your iPhone into a portable projector with our comprehensive guide on “How to Use iPhone as Projector.” From recommended apps to essential setup steps, discover the convenience of projecting content from your iPhone onto larger screens.

How to Use iPhone as Projector

Explore the possibilities of turning your iPhone into a projector for a dynamic multimedia experience.

Unlocking iPhone Projection Features

  1. Select a Projector App: Choose from a variety of projector apps available on the App Store. Apps like Epson iProjection, Reflector, and others allow seamless projection.
  2. Connect to a Projector: Ensure your iPhone is connected to a compatible projector using a Lightning to HDMI or a wireless connection.
  3. Enable Screen Mirroring: Access the Control Center on your iPhone and tap “Screen Mirroring.” Select the connected projector to start mirroring.
  4. Adjust Settings: Explore the app settings and iPhone display settings to customize the projection according to your preferences.

Is there an app that makes your iPhone a projector?

Discover popular apps that can transform your iPhone into a projector for various needs.

Top Apps for iPhone Projection

  1. Epson iProjection: Ideal for Epson projectors, this app allows wireless projection from your iPhone.
  2. Reflector: This app enables wireless mirroring to a computer, turning it into a receiver for iPhone content.
  3. Projector: Photo & Video HD: A versatile app that supports photo and video projection with various customization options.
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Can your phone really be a projector?

Uncover the technology behind turning your iPhone into a projector and the benefits of this innovative feature.

Understanding iPhone Projection

Modern iPhones use advanced technology to project content onto external screens. With the right apps and connections, your iPhone can function as a portable projector, offering convenience and flexibility.


In conclusion, “How to Use iPhone as Projector” opens up new possibilities for iPhone users seeking a larger-than-life viewing experience. Whether for presentations, entertainment, or sharing content with a group, turning your iPhone into a projector adds versatility to your device. Explore the recommended apps, follow the setup steps, and enjoy the convenience of projecting from your iPhone for an immersive multimedia experience.

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