How to Reset Optoma Projectors?

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Going to watch movie with ready popcorn, and when you turn on projector it can’t display anything 

It’s not a good thing, this is also common in my life when I’m going to use any electronic device. It can’t work especially when you are fully ready to use it!

When your movie or favourite match is going late and the projector can’t work, frustration!

Lot of times your phone can’t work properly, what you do is restart it— of course. 

So, it is the same case with the projector. You can easily restart and reset it, and tell them you have to work! Just like your teacher do (you have to complete your assignment, Borski)!

For this purpose, you don’t need to right jump in user manual.

Just follow our steps and reset and restart your projector asap! And enjoy your favourite movie, match and anything you like.

Resetting Your Optoma Projector

Before doing reset your projector you have to restart it, if it works — well done because if you do hard reset the projector loss all the setting that you made for your beds experience 

So, let’s follow these to restart your projector:

  1. To restart it, shut down the projector 
  2. Unplug the power cable from power outlet 
  3. Give few minutes of rest 

Note: while you plug out the cable first off, the switch because when you pull out the cable in active power it may cause spark and spark cause fire. 

  • Now plug the power cable in power outlet and turn on projector 

If it can’t work that’s mean you have to reboot your projector because reboot is better option the hard reset

Follow these steps to reboot your Optoma projector.

How to Reboot Projector?

If projector stop working during projection or can’t give you response on any function or it can’t work the reboot it 

Before rebooting the projector, ensure these fixes:

  1. first ensure that your Optoma projector is not on standby mode, if the power button of projector show orange light means your projector is on standby mode.

To turn it off use the remote, from remote press power and stand by button.

  • Check the power connection of projector with power inlet 
  • Check is there any damage in socket or power inlet 
  • Using remote control make sure battery are working 

After you check all fixes now it’s time to check is projector working— if still not working now it’s time to reboot it was

Follow these steps to reboot projector:

  • Shut down the projector properly 
  •  In plug the power cable 
  • Wait a least 5 min 
  • Now plug again and start it 

Cation: Make sure you connection with laptop must be fix, if you are using HDMI or VGA plug out it and plug it again— also restart your laptop.

After this all, projector can’t work— at this stage I recommend you to do the hard reset.

How to do Hard Reset?

ready to do a hard reset to your Optoma projector, it is hard for you because from this all settings you made no longer remain. 

Actually, hard reset, also known as factory reset, means all settings will change to factory setting. Mean all previous data which you add will be removed.

To do the factory reset follow these steps:

  • Enable OSD via remote control or from control panel if available 
  • Go to the main menu 
  • Go to advance setting 
  • Select the factory reset 
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On several Optoma projector models this method is different in this case we have the solution.

Different Reset Method 

Follow this method if your Optoma projector is different from above guide:

  • First go to the service mode 
  • Turn on the power 
  • Wait until logo disappeared 
  • Press power button 
  • Press left key twice
  • Press up key
  • Now you reach to service mode 
  • Now select factory reset 
  • And chose yes 

Your factory reset is done.

For this process you need a good condition remote. If you don’t have one or old remote is not working, I recommend you to buy this remote for your Optoma projector.

HONONJO – Remote Control for Optoma Projector

Using projector in mid night give you fantastic experience but when it’s come to use remote in dark may be tricky for you but not more. 


Bright Keys:

Remote comes with bright keys which get lighted in dark and help you to use remote in dark with no hassle.

Sensitive Button:

Key of this remote is so sensitive that they immediately give response on one click you do t need to press keys again and again

Power Saving:

Like other remotes this remote don’t drink the battery but use the battery. Remote comes with a battery saving feature

No Program Needs:

You don’t need any type of program to use remote just put the battery and use it 


  • Product dimension: 3.94 x 1.38 x 0.59 inches
  • Maximum range: 26 FT
  • Battery included: not included
  • Items weight: ‎2.29 ounces
  • Connectivity technology: infrared


  • Backlight function 
  • Strong signal by infrared technology
  • ABS white material
  • Look and feel like original


  • Not paired with Optoma HD141X

Before buying this remote make sure that it is compatible with your Optoma projector model.

Other Optoma Projector Problems — Solution 

Optoma projector is an electronic and electronic always disturb you because it needs you attention on their maintenance, so before they disturbed you pay attention towards this normal issue and know their solution 

  • If you feel the projected image is blurry use the focus ring and make sure you place the projector at the correct distance not too far. 
  • Make sure to cover the lens cover before using it, otherwise you try a lot but projector can’t project any things
  • If your projected picture gets discolored check if the HDMI or VGA do not bend or the lamp expires and then you need to change it. 
  • If your Optoma projector projected tilted image use vertical keystone correction it will give you flat screen
  • If your projector shuts down while working may be due to overheating, remove the things around it and make sure nothing is blocking its ventilation fan. 
  • If you Optoma projector lamp, flashing light in red or orange color means the lens will get burned and an indicator for you to change the lamp. 
  • If your Optoma projector start giving extra noise after long use it is indicator for you to give the projector minimum 10 minimum rest 
  • If your projector support dual HDMI and it can’t project anything, go on source option and change HDMI number  

Our recommendation for you!

Here are some recommendations for you;

  • Try to buy Optoma projector with noise less technology 
  • Try to buy Optoma projector with minimum brightness of 3500 lumens, it will allow you to use projector in day 
  • If you have eye problem then try to buy Optoma projector with less eye harm feature 
  • If you haven’t any remote then buy it, will help you to operate projector in far distance 


Hope you fins this article amazing and helpful. Save your money and enjoy your premium 3D movie at home with just one time investment. This will help you spend best time with your family at home without any extra cost!

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