How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker To RCA Projector?

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Mounting speakers to an RCA projector might be a nuisance. While there are efficient solutions for cordless video (such as remote HDMI modules and simply utilizing streaming sticks like Roku or Fire Sticks), audio remains a complicated business.

Bluetooth, a tool initially designed for mobile phones, has discovered a new purpose in home theatre projectors.

A Bluetooth microphone can be connected to a projector. However, because Bluetooth stereo is not common on all projectors, you must ensure that the projector you have or wish to purchase features Bluetooth media.

The challenging element of this will be confirming that the particular projector model you intend to use has Bluetooth.

Since it’s beginning to occur more frequently, this is optional for all projectors.

The best part is that there are also solutions if you currently own a projector without Bluetooth built-in.

Let’s start now.

Conditions Necessary for Bluetooth Connection

If your projector has assembled Bluetooth, you can easily connect it with an RCA Projector.

How do you, however, know that?

The brand page for the company that makes your projector should be the initial and easiest place to check.

Any Bluetooth features should be noted with the projector’s other technical specifications and information on all of its acoustic hardware (input/output ports).

There’s no certainty, but you might even see the Bluetooth badge on the projector body.

Check the product details for it.

How Does Bluetooth Work On A projector?

The operating mechanism of the Bluetooth-powered projector system that functions the same as normal projectors aren’t really complicated.

The sole difference is that traditional projectors use a video-wired connection, while Bluetooth projectors are totally cordless within certain small distances.

Data exchange between the computer and projector enables them to operate by your instructions.

UHF radio waves from ISM bands activate the Bluetooth system, allowing your projector to operate at frequencies ranging from 2.402 GHz to 2.48 GHz.

Due to this, anything you do on your computer’s monitor will be the same on your Bluetooth projector, implying that what you see on the computer is the same thing you have from the projector.

How to Connect RCA Projector To Bluetooth?

It’s quick and simple to connect a Bluetooth speaker if your projector has that feature.

However, it is vulnerable to interference from other electronics and wireless gadgets, and the sound quality is typically lower than with a cable connection.

  • Here’s how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your projector:
  • Open the pairing mode on the Bluetooth speaker and turn it on.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your projector and look for the speaker using the settings menu.
  • Accept the connection and, if asked, enter the pairing code.

In the future, when both devices are turned on, the speaker should automatically connect to the projector.

Do Projectors Require Bluetooth Capabilities?

One thing to remember is that projectors with Bluetooth capabilities tend to be more affordable and portable in design.

Some low-cost devices are equipped with screen mirroring for the film and Bluetooth for the audio, making them streaming options for watching videos on your phone while you’re on the road.

Even several expensive transportable devices can connect via Bluetooth, but if you’re attempting to put together a home cinema system, you definitely would prefer something other than devices that are primarily designed for portability.

But don’t worry there are bigger home theatre projectors available with Bluetooth as well. These models, however, lack batteries and aren’t meant to be carried around.

This is a strong candidate for your home theatre system, and the Bluetooth capability offered by this projector has the bonus of being capable to handle sufficient sound processing to make up for the projector’s high cost.

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It can imply that you can avoid a complex wiring design that would otherwise raise the cost of your projector.

How to Connect RCA Projector To Bluetooth Speaker?

The procedure should be similar to pairing a Bluetooth speaker with your phone or another device once you’ve confirmed your projector has built-in Bluetooth.

The only challenge might be the special options and buttons on your projector.

This is an example of situations when the user manual availability is helpful because it will undoubtedly provide instructions on how to travel to the screen where the projector’s Bluetooth system is located.

Go for the user handbook or quickly search Google for it.

From there, it’s extremely easy to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a projector:

  • Get your Bluetooth speaker and turn it on. Typically, you may do this by pressing down the power key for a short period or by activating a switch with the Bluetooth sign next to it.
  • The projector’s menu need should allow you to choose the speaker when it is in partnering mode.
  • If this doesn’t work right away, double-check your projector’s guidelines. If that doesn’t help, think about checking any other devices you may have attached to that particular Bluetooth speaker and physically “forgetting” the link on other gadgets.
  • Now that you’ve finished troubleshooting,  it should have your microphone linked to the projector, so go ahead and try it out.
  • There is nothing else to do if the sound quality is adequate.
  • If the sound is too quiet or “tinny,” the Bluetooth speaker may be poor quality and you may need to update it.

Given the excellent state of modern Bluetooth speakers, you should be set to go!

What To Do If You’re Projector Doesn’t Have Bluetooth?

What happens, though, if your projector isn’t already equipped with Bluetooth?

Projectors and many other devices can add Bluetooth functionality in several ways.

There are adapters designed specifically for this scenario that plugs into the 3.5mm jack on the projector and transfer the acoustic signal to Bluetooth.

Although they might not be able to handle a 7.1 stream of Dolby Atmos, these gadgets will at least transmit the left and right audio signals into the cordless spectrum, so your Bluetooth audio system can link to them.

Your experience may differ when it comes to connecting devices like these. Even though the lack of a display or other buttons can make the process a little challenging, you can still set up your speaker after reading a few pages of the instruction manual.

In almost all versions of this, the coupling mode for the transmitter and pairing mode for the speaker is activated in that order.

Both devices should automatically link when you do this concurrently on both of them.

Once you’re linked, you can utilize this configuration simply as the projector had built-in Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth emitter could require power, but if so, you can attach USB power to an available connection on the projector.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to the Projector?

The steps for connecting Bluetooth speakers to your RCA projector are listed below:

  • Turn the projector on.
  • Choose the projector’s menu button.
  • Select “setting” from the menu, then hit the enter key.
  • Press enter after choosing the HDMI link from there.
  • Find the “audio out device” and select it.
  • Press ESC to return to the setup option after selecting the projector.
  • Click Bluetooth once more, then select Bluetooth Sound.
  • Press ESC once more after selecting “on” and pressing enter.
  • When your speaker is ready to pair, choose “find Bluetooth device” from the menu.
  • After choosing your device, hit enter.
  • Finally, to come back to the home screen, press ESC.


You now likely have the information you need to move on.

If you want your current Bluetooth speaker to work with the projector you’re thinking about buying, consider one that has Bluetooth if you haven’t already.

Because you won’t need to manage another speaker system, you can save time and money.

And no worries if your projector currently exists but lacks an integrated Bluetooth chip.

Concerning Bluetooth transmitters, there are many aftermarket options available.

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