13 Cool Tricks You Can Play with a Laser Pointer

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The unassuming laser pointer, often associated with presentations, conceals a world of exciting possibilities beyond the boardroom. Delve into these 13 cool tricks that will transform your laser pointer into a tool of fascination.

1. Laser Artistry

Craft intricate patterns and designs by moving your laser pointer swiftly through the air. Whether creating temporary masterpieces on surfaces or mesmerizing your audience with dynamic shapes, let your creativity run wild.

2. Pet Playtime

Engage your furry friends in an interactive game of chase by directing the laser’s dot across surfaces. Watch as your pets pounce and follow the elusive light, providing endless amusement for both you and your four-legged companions.

3. Stargazing Aid

Enhance your stargazing experience by using a laser pointer to trace constellations in the night sky. Share the wonders of the cosmos with friends and family as you guide them through the celestial display.

4. DIY Light Show

Transform any room into a dazzling spectacle by refracting the laser beam through prisms or reflective surfaces. Experiment with angles and distances to create your own mesmerizing light show.

5. Laser Tag at Home

Bring the excitement of laser tag into your living space by creating a DIY laser tag game. Set up obstacles and compete with friends or family members for a thrilling and safe laser tag experience.

6. Indoor Target Practice

Hone your aiming skills with a laser pointer as you create makeshift targets around your living space. Challenge yourself or compete with friends to see who can hit the most targets accurately.

7. Science Experiments

Explore the principles of reflection and refraction by using a laser pointer in simple science experiments. Witness the magic of light bending and bouncing as you conduct captivating demonstrations.

8. Interactive Storytelling

Elevate storytime by using a laser pointer to emphasize key elements of a narrative. Whether reading to children or sharing anecdotes with friends, add a visual element to captivate your audience.

9. Artistic Photography

Experiment with long-exposure photography to capture stunning light trails created by your laser pointer. Transform ordinary photos into works of art by incorporating the dynamic element of light.

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10. Morse Code Messaging

Learn and share Morse code messages using a laser pointer. Communicate discreetly or have fun sending secret messages to friends using this age-old method of encoding information.

11. Laser Keyboard

Create the illusion of a futuristic keyboard by projecting a laser grid onto a flat surface. Use your fingers to “type” and control virtual devices, adding a touch of sci-fi to your daily tech interactions.

12. DIY Holograms

Amaze your friends by creating simple holographic displays with a laser pointer, a clear plastic sheet, and your smartphone. Watch as images appear to float in mid-air for a truly captivating experience.

13. Educational Demonstrations

Enrich learning experiences by incorporating a laser pointer into educational demonstrations. From physics lessons to interactive presentations, use the laser to illustrate concepts and engage your audience.

What is the cool stuff to do with a laser pointer?

The possibilities for cool stuff with a laser pointer are limitless. From creating mesmerizing art to engaging in interactive play with pets, a laser pointer is a versatile tool that adds excitement to various aspects of life.

Unleashing Creativity

A laser pointer serves as a canvas for creativity, allowing individuals to draw intricate patterns, shapes, and designs. Whether illuminating surfaces or playing with light and shadow, the laser becomes a tool for artistic expression.

Interactive Entertainment

The interactive potential of a laser pointer extends beyond traditional uses. It becomes a source of entertainment for pets, an aid for stargazing, and a catalyst for DIY activities like laser tag and indoor target practice.

Educational Exploration

Harnessing the principles of science, a laser pointer becomes a valuable educational tool. It facilitates hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and interactive lessons, making learning engaging and dynamic.

What is a laser pointer good for?

A laser pointer, traditionally employed for presentations, proves to be a versatile device with numerous practical applications.

Versatility in Presentations

In professional settings, a laser pointer remains an invaluable tool for highlighting key points during presentations. Its focused beam aids in directing attention, making it an essential accessory for speakers and educators.

Pet Enrichment

For pet owners, a laser pointer transforms into an entertaining device, engaging pets in playful activities. The elusive dot becomes a source of exercise and mental stimulation for cats and dogs alike.

Educational Tool

In educational contexts, a laser pointer becomes a dynamic teaching aid. Educators can use it to emphasize concepts, guide students through visual materials, and make lessons more interactive and engaging.

Recreational and Creative Uses

Beyond its conventional roles, a laser pointer serves recreational purposes, offering opportunities for creative expression, DIY projects, and interactive games. Its applications extend to creating art, exploring science, and fostering imaginative play.


In conclusion, the humble laser pointer emerges as a gateway to a world of fascination and creativity. The 13 cool tricks presented showcase the diverse range of possibilities, from entertainment and education to artistic expression. Whether you’re looking to engage with pets, enhance presentations, or simply add a touch of magic to your daily life, a laser pointer proves to be a versatile and captivating tool. Embrace the myriad cool tricks and let the magic of the laser pointer unfold in your hands.

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